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Monday, February 18, 2013 by {darlene}

Project Library {the School Room}

{first things first: thank you all so much for your sweet comments on my latest design board last week! All of your thoughts are so appreciated!}

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Well, It has been a long time since I have heard the exciting bang of a hammer and whir of a drill in our home…

and I am excited to tell you about the newest renovation project going on at Fieldstone Hill:

A new School Room.

or  we could call it a Library Multi Purpose Room, which sounds much more sophisticated!

Floor plan and sketch-ups are soon to come, but today, I wanted to share with you the Room Before Pics, and also, the inspiration images that I am going to be using and ditto -ing.

We do love our current school room, but we have some new things in-the-works for that room {deets coming soon. promise!}, and we have long wanted to finish up the great “L” shaped room in our basement.

Enjoy these greatly disheveled Befores of our unfinished basement room, which show remnants of the room’s glory days as the boys’ Play-Room-Destructo-War-Zone-Space. Alas, I will miss having a space like that… the kind where I can happily send my kiddos off to burn their boy energy with nary a care in the world. The kind where you can simply shut the door and mutter, “Whew, am I ever glad that space is unfinished!”


school room befores

school room befores

school room befores

school room befores

I know you didn’t miss that quick glance at my amazing sofa. Because you are slick and stylish like that.

Here she is. And if you follow me on Instagram, you know the story of how I got her for F-REEEE!

school room befores

{Not sure yet if this beauty is going in this room, or in our Living Room. Although… I haven’t shared those ponderings with my husband yet…. Maybe I should do that, hmmm? Either way, this girl is ALL Hollywood and comfort, and I adore her. And this room will have a sofa either way, tucked in a happy little nook.}

* * *

So, on to some Ditto Thoughts.

I have been gathering ideas from my favorite renovation book, and diving into my huge collection of decor inspiration boards Pinterest, of course, for all sorts of ideas.  So, now, I have a collection of images just for this space, and I am excited to pull the ideas all together. Here is what I am thinking:


Ditto -ing: the overall feel of these pics:

Ditto -ing: bookshelf and sofa-nook inspiration from these pics:

Ditto -ing: A seagrass or soft-jute rug, wall-to-wall:

Ditto -ing: One big table of “Little House Like” School Days {one can dream, right?}:

school room

Ditto ing: the Portrait Lamps at the top of the library shelving:

Ditto -ing: the calm feel, large table, and basket-filled nooks in this space:

It is going to be a great School Room! And I am particularly excited to have a lot of bookshelves {with storage cabinets on the bottom} and a new large closet to store ALL OF THE STUFF that comes with having an actual school in your home.
The truth is… it’s the the books. So many books….

So excited you are coming along with me on this space renovation! What is your favorite inspiration pic?

If you have any amazing inspiration pics you would recommend, or want to send my way, I would totally appreciate that!! You could always leave a link to a Pin in the comments {readers, take note: you will probably find some great new peeps to follow on Pinterest!!}. Thanks!






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  • Perfect timing for your inspiration pics as we are considering home schooling and I’m pondering a schoolroom area in our home! Love, love, love that sofa, you lucky girl! The shelves of books in the inspiration pics are my favorite, I love books, makes me a little sad that they may go away one day and be replaced with reading on electronic devices. So excited to see your plans and to watch this room come together, thanks for sharing!

  • Darlene can’t wait to see the finished school room, how about a chalkboard wall somewhere? My kids desperately miss real chalkboards (they only have white & smart boards at school now) and they constantly play with their chalkboards.

  • I’m currently helping a friend redesign her schooling area, this is great timing!

  • I can’t wait to see your finished design! I love the images you chose as your inspiration. The book shelf and sofa nook are fabulous.

  • Ahh, I love the sound of a hammer and drill…usually means something good is a-happening.

    I can’t wait to see your schoolroom, I mean, library (said in my best British accent, which is also my worst British accent). I love what you design for others, but it will be especially fun to see you designing for yourself in this space.

    Lucky duck on that sofa!!!

  • ok, i’m sooo excited to watch you decorate this room! I love schoolrooms. And all of those inspirations pictures are so great, I don’t know how I’d decide. Love that stunning sofa, too. beautiful!

  • We are a homeschool family, so I am very excited to see your new space.

    Our school room has built in shelves and cabinets, but I suffer from design and decision paralysis. I purchase things I love for the house and cannot seem to make them work. sigh

  • OK, I had to laugh. I have a sofa very similar from my mother in love. Only mine is covered in white silk damask. It is very prissy and not my style (bless her and her pink and blue French Rococo style) but when I saw yours, I I got ideas. Maybe covered in gray…..or chocolate brown. I might be able to pull this living room off yet. I have delayed this room for so long because we so rarely use it but I don’t think it reflects our style at all. Seeing as it’s the first room you see when you come in the house, it would be nice to have it pulled together better and make a statement. Thanks for the inspiration. Love the school room. We have a small library in the house and I adore the sweet, cozy room where I meet with the Lord each day.

  • What a great space (and sofa!!). We have built-ins in our school room, too, thanks to a helpful hubby. A few of my own inspiration spaces are pinned here: http://pinterest.com/farmgirlfollies/homeschool-ideas/

  • I can’t wait to see the final room. I don’t have any pins or professional sites to share, but I love that we share some of the same ideas for a school room. So, I’ll share a post. Just be forewarned. These are not the best of photos, nor is there anything new in terms of design. Just one homeschool mama’s love of a learning space to another. My husband has been planning for years now to build a L-shaped sofa under the white board and window (where the chairs are now), and I think showing him your post has inspired him to move forward. (huge smile) http://www.awalkalongtheway.com/2012/09/the-atelier-room-update.html

  • I love this post! I spent so much time reading, browsing, bookmarking, and checking out all of the great links. We have an almost 15 mo old boy and will soon be working on designing his room. He currently stays in ours. I want to set up a “school space” for him in our big living room, too, even though he is currently in day care. Maybe….. But even if I have to continue working, I’m a school counselor so I get some time off that I can do some good school stuff with him. I got so many ideas and so much inspiration from your post today! Thank you!!

  • I forgot to tell my favorite part of the post. It’s the Great Wall map that blends into the light blue wall. I want to do that!! Also love the little bookshelf underneath. So perfect!

  • Love the many bookshelves, clean white walls AND one dark colored wall!

  • I love all the bookshelves and the one with all the globes. We use a globe so often, it’s an essential to our school!

    Our schoolroom is one of my favorite places. It also serves as my art studio, craft center, and sewing room, so it really is multipurpose.

    It’s rarely clean, either, because we always have a lot of projects going on at once and only clean them up on Saturdays. Right now I have two sewing projects, a scrapbook in process, and a scattering of blue and green bead, while one of my kids has an AP psych poster she’s making, diagramming the effect of opiates on different parts of the human brain and another has some charms she’s constructing of bottle caps, mod podge, and road maps, while another has made a big sign where we’re all supposed to write out our favorite Princess Bride quotes. It’s always on the verge of being declared a federal disaster area.

    May your schoolroom always be loved and lived in, too!

  • Yes, I am reading your overcoming decorating paralysis series. The information is wonderful, but I simply cannot move forward. I feel like I am stuck and so longing for our home to come together (at least one room would be terrific).

    I am hoping your homeschool room will include a plan for Legos. They are a bit of an issue here (always on the floor). I would love to find a durable storage option to plastic bins.

  • Such cool book case rooms! I love how they make the room look.

  • Nice interior furnishing and home interior designing!

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