When I see this, I see God.
Wednesday, February 13, 2013 by {darlene}

When I see this, I see God:

When I see this, I see God. The audacious beauty of Design.

{via haute avenue paris, design by Atelier Versace}

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Maybe it is an odd thing to say, but it was my very first thought when I saw this design:

When I see this, I see God.

I see creativity and handiwork of a man-Creation that is unlike any other Creation that walks this earth.

I see a body of balance, delicate lines, symmetry and careful craftsmanship. Beautifully designed. Fearfully made.

I see detail and imagination that never existed before, was made brand new in this dress, … was Created!

and captured but for a moment in this image, yet another Creation.

I see something impossible…. yet so.

I see echoes of the things that have already been Created.

I see music, and art, and oceans, and all that has been Designed.

I see the Audacious Beauty of God.

And, When I first saw this creation, I though of the master designer Versace, who created this House of Fashion….

and I immediately wonder if he knew his own grandness?

That Versace himself was grand. Masterfully Crafted. Audacious in Beauty. Stitched with symmetry, and color, and form and curves, and delight…

by The Master Designer.




For more inspiration like this, check out the Master Designer Pinterest Board: {this is beautiful}, a collaboration of inspired images.

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