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Wednesday, February 27, 2013 by {darlene}

Images Of Outdoor Rooms

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Is anybody else dreaming of outdoor living and outdoor rooms? Spring. Come quickly.



Source: via darlene weir on Pinterest







Source: via darlene weir on Pinterest






Source: via darlene weir on Pinterest




Someday … sigh…. that pile of bricks and stone in my backyard shall be transformed! In the meantime, I shall patiently dream!

Which of these spaces speaks to you? Are you ready for some Outdoor Living?


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  • I am just loving the one with the chairs around the fire pit! It is rainy and cold in NJ today so I really loved seeing these images!

  • I think I love them all! It certainly makes me long for outdoor weather.

    Our screen porch is damp and unpleasant, year round, and if I could find a way to change that, I would. We just use it to store pool supplies for now but I’d love to really be able to LIVE in it. Our yard is lovely, green and flowery around the pool all summer long and we do spend a LOT of time out there, but the indoor-outdoor space of the screen porch leaves a lot to be desired.

  • These are gorgeous spaces, Darlene. We have a small screened porch (and oh, how I wish I could enlarge it! I LOVE a screened porch!)

    Although my front porch ( doesn’t compare with these spaces, I do love it. We treat it as an outdoor living room, for sure. It’s exciting for the weather to be warming up so that we can use it regularly again. We’re all ready to be back outside, and we haven’t even had a hard winter–I can just imagine how friends in other parts of the country are feeling!

  • Yes!! Any ideas/pics for attractive but not too fancy windbreak?

  • Oh geez I am a nature lover and I love outdoor and I would really really love to stay outside with that setup, any of those would do.

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