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Wednesday, March 20, 2013 by {darlene}

How to make a Luxury Bed

How to make a luxury bed

Sometimes it is the little things.

And today I am chatting about a little detail in my life that makes me SO. STINKIN. HAPPY.

my bed.

What? You don’t have daydreams about your own bed all day long? Really? Yeah, well. I totally do.

I love my bed. L.O.V.E.

I mean, just gaze upon her loveliness {cue heavenly violins}:

How to make a luxury bed

I could crawl right in. {and recently, I have been doing that a lot!}

The bed itself is mid-century, given to us with love from my parents.

The mattress is one of those extra deep, foam-topped-totally-worth-every-penny, mattresses.  Sadly, it may be reaching the end of its lifespan, but it has served us well.


But today, I want to chit chat about what is on top of my bed! And, how exactly I make my bed. And not just any bed, but a heavenly luxury bed, inspired by the very few luxury hotels that we have been able to visit. I did not see any reason why I could not have a bed that felt as wonderful for my every day. So, I studied every comfy detail and set out to create European bed luxury in my own home.

So now. My secrets?

 How to Make a Luxury Bed {the simple and easy way}

1. Down duvet{s}. {down alternative can be used if you are allergic. otherwise, go with down!}

2. I don’t use a flat/top sheet at all.

3. I intentionally buy deliciously soft fitted sheets,

4. and an equally deliciously soft sheet duvet cover.


The pic below shows the elements that make up my bed:

How to make a luxury bed

The details:

1. Fitted Sheet:

  • My fitted sheet is microfiber and comes from Butterfly Dreams and is incredibly, incredibly soft. I usually wear socks to bed, but since I got these sheets, I take them off as soon as my feet warm up… these are toe-worthy sheets, totally different {softer} from any other sheets I have had!
  • When looking for a sheet, I try to make sure the thread count is ridiculously high or that the sheet is incredibly buttery soft to the touch. When selecting a fitted sheet, do not skimp on softness! This is key to making a luxury bed!

2. The duvet and cover:

  • My down duvet insert itself is a “year round medium weight” down comfortable, like this one with baffle weaving. This weight means it can be used year round, even in the summer. Just toss on a sheet-weight duvet cover…
  • The sheet duvet cover that I have is also from Butterfly Dreams. Equally amazing softness, from microfiber. I usually go with a duvet that is all white, and is actually nothing more than a sheet. This particular duvet has a little extra dressy touch that I love: a classy chocolate piping border {I ordered the ivory, with chocolate brown embroidery}.
  • We sleep directly under the duvet and its “sheet” cover. No top sheet. Just fitted sheet and duvet. This is probably the biggest secret to our luxury bed. This way, the fluffy down is the layer under which we sleep directly.
  • Definitely do not skimp on quality and softness when selecting your duvet cover. This is what you will get to wiggly your toes in every night! Be sure your sheets and sheet duvet cover are soft.
3. The decorative cover:
  • This cover is optional for warmth, but I think necessary for good bed design.
  • This cover can be nearly anything that you would like to fold up and put at the end of your bed, as long as it is lovely. This is  a great chance to add color.
  • Our tomato-orange duvet cover is from Mateo {unfortunately, it is 5 years old and is no longer available}. Inside, we have another medium weight down comforter/duvet. This extra down keeps us warm on the coolest of nights, otherwise, we simply take it off of our bed at night.
4. Pillows:
  • Behind our decorative pillows, we have 3 down pillows, with simple white covers {soft of course!}. Mine is super soft because I am a stomach sleeper. My husband is a back and side sleeper, so his is stuffed more thickly.

One amazing benefit of this set up is that it makes bed-making a super easy chore. All you do is toss up your duvet, and guess what? Bed made!

But truly, the best part is that, if you make soft sheets a priority, along with a fluffy down comforter, you can easily have a luxury bed that feels like you are staying in a five-star hotel…. every night!

how to make a luxury bed

I hope you will try this easiest-of-ways to make a luxury bed!

Let me know if you do!



And if you want to try out the same sheets we have, I have a discount code for you!

Head over to Butterfly Dreams and use the  code “INTRO” for a 20% discount*. Plus, free delivery to USA & Canada. *{final sale on discounted items.}

how to make a luxury bed

*I have made my bed using just a fitted sheet and luxury duvet for about 10 years. Our most recent set of soft sheets and duvet cover was provided by Butterfly Dreams, with no obligation to give them a review. I chose to share them with you because, for real, they are delicious! I am pretty convinced you will love them. {I do not receive affiliate compensation for purchases.}







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  • Darlene, I don’t use a top sheet either and I thought it was my deep, dark secret! I’m happy to hear that it’s not only kosher but also the secret to a luxury bed. I bought a down alternative comforter this year and it’s SO not the same as down. I’m saving my pennies for a great down duvet, perhaps in time for the fall. Thanks for sharing your insight on this one, glad to know I’m not a heathen for not using a top sheet!

    • Carrie, you might want to look on overstock for down bedding. I found some on the for a pretty cheap price for a pretty good quality. You just have to check back often to see if there are any sales. My sister also found one at Ikea for a great price. Good luck, I know they can be expensive!

  • this is helpful–I hadn’t heard of the idea of loosing the top sheet, it does sound nice. I also have a wonderful mattress that was worth every penny, and LOVE it! One thing I can’t figure out: How do you keep the duvet from sliding down inside the duvet cover? I have problems with this and so annoying!

    Also, congrats on your exciting news!! I hope you get lots of naps in this cozy bed.

  • Hi Darlene!!!! I’m SUPER excited about this post today! It was JUST in time! I went straight over to order the sheets but the promo code says it is invalid?? Just wondering if it is just me? I’m kind of stupid when it comes to computers…but I know I’m typing it right? Any input would be great! I’m DYING to order these!!!! Annnnnnd, CONGRATS on your precious baby news!!!!!! Sooooo exciting!!!!!!!! THanks again for any input on the promotion code :)

  • Thanks SO much Darlene!!!! I have to wait now because I forgot my stinking Paypal password and my login time expired ;( See, told you I’m not techy….I love my hubby because he does all this for me :D Sooo, just paaaaatiently waiting my two hour time limit to log back in and get those sheets!!!!!!! Thanks thanks! Now, no more talk about your bed so you can get your work done!!!

  • $295 for a king duvet cover??!! Wowzers.

    • yes! definitely high-end. I am a Save-for-the-awesome-stuff-and-only-buy-it-once kind of gal. Now, most of us {me too!} can’t have most things high-end… but sometimes saving up for a luxury is worth it. I enjoy these sheets every single night of my life. :)

  • How often do you wash your duvet? I always thought the purpose ofmamtopmsheet was to help keepmthenduvet or blanket clean. It sounds like a lot of work to take the cover off every week to wash it!
    Congrats on baby #3!!! You are a truly amazing designer!

    • Thank you Terry!
      Well, I do not wash it every week {hope that does not gross everyone out, but its true!}. Our bottom sheet/pillows gets washed a lot more. Every 3 weeks or so I do the whole thing, sometimes more in the summer. Making the bed with a flat sheet takes a lot of time too, don’t forget :)
      I don’t like having a comforter on my bed/person that rarely gets washed, so this works great for us!
      Hope that answers your question!

  • We are a no-top sheet family, too! It is the best to snuggle under that sheet duvet cover every night…in fact, I should be in there now. Your bed is so lovely. I love the pink with the orange. Nitey-nite!

  • Lovely!!!! I’m in the market for some decorative pillows for my bed and maybe a quilt too….oh but I think I maybe have to save for an oven instead…mine is on its last leg. Dang the necessities over the pretty and beautiful things!!!

  • One of the BEST things from living in Europe was bringing home duvets!!! We have flannel for the winter and soft cotton for the summer! They are oh so very cozy! btw, I should have guessed there would be orange on your bed too!!! G

  • I love a comfy, luxurious bed as well. Will have to try Butterfly Dreams. Thanks for the information.

  • Looks so beautiful and comfy. Nothing beats a luxurious bed, and I agree it’s worth the splurge!

  • This was the very best “how to” I’ve seen. Since staying in an amazing place in Santa Barbara we’ve been hooked too. Thx for the tip on Butterfly Dreams. Tah-tah…off to shop.

  • I have a question about the sheets. It says the thread count of the sheets are 350 but wal-mart sells 350 thread count so what is so different about butterfly dreams?

    • GREAT question. So, I am NOT a sheet expert, but from what I understand, thread count simply means the number of threads woven together in a square inch. If the fabric that is being woven together is junky fabric, it does not matter one lick what the thread count is. BUT, if we are talking excellent quality fibers, then by all means, the higher the better. So, sheets with 200 thread count that are top quality cotton would feel better to your skin than cheapola cotton at 500 thread count. BUT, good quality fabric at 500 thread count would make you one-happy-sleeper!
      Sadly, my experience OVER and over again is: the pricier the sheet, the more magnificently wonderful it is!!!
      Butterfly dreams sheets are microfiber sheets. I had never tried them before, but I tell ya, they are YUM! I had guests here last week that were petting my bed, haha!!!!!
      Good luck in your quest… and while Walmart sheets might be the best choice for you, I can promise the feel will not compare to high end sheets. Isn’t that the way with everything?? SHUCKS!

  • Whoa, I had no idea that you didn’t have to use a flat sheet with a duvet! This will solve all our problems: Hubby can sleep with unconstrained feet and I(the bed nazi) won’t have to fix them every morning. Thank you!

    • this truly made me BUST out laughing. My hubby, {size 14 feet}, is in COMPLETE cahoots with your hubby, the bed-nazi!!!
      You will need to buy a washable sheet duvet-cover to put on your duvet, so you can protect your duvet and keep your bed – ahem – clean!!

  • Thanks Darlene! For the record I totally agree with you! I’ve always heard the highter the thread count the better the sheet. I’ve bought 800 count from Kohles that were pricey but I LOVED so when I seen the 350 count at Walmart for $20 and then 350 count at Butterfly Dreams for $100 it threw me off.

  • We have moved to the tropics tried duvet, too hot. The bed looks so flat without, any ideas. Maybe just a sheet, then I have to take everything off to sleep, must be a better way.

  • Just a caution for readers with regards to Butterfly Dreams. So first I made the mistake of not understanding that these were microfiber sheets. So they feel like suede. I’m sure most people wouldn’t mind this and would like them a lot. I have really sensitive skin and need to sleep with natural fibers. So my mistake. But the company won’t let me return them because they say that the discount code counts as a special order or sale. So just make sure you place your order correctly and know you’ll like them because you can’t return them!

    Your bed is beautiful though, Darlene!

  • Darlene, I know this was a post of yours from last year but girl I am in love with your wall color! Any chance your paint can is lying around? ;)

  • Good ole’ Martha. Her Buckskin color is a favorite of mine. Thanks for sharing! Have a lovely, luxurious night. ;)

  • I have gotten hooked on sheets from Bed Bath & Beyond. They are made from the fibers of the beechwood tree rather than cotton. i cant think of the brand at the moment but its regularly in stock. they feel like silk but breathe like cotton. and the more you wash them the softer they get!

  • I normally do not comment on blogs but I think that the revelation that using a top sheet is not required may well have just changed my life. There is nothing that makes me crazier than fighting with that bottom sheet on a daily basis! Thanks for the great post :-D

  • How do you keep your sheets white? How often do you replace the sheets entirely?

  • Fantastic blog post ! I Appreciate the facts ! Does someone know where my business might locate a fillable FL 12.928 form to type on ?

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