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Thursday, March 14, 2013 by {darlene}

Images Of Stone Gardens

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My last “Images Of” post featured outdoor living and outdoor rooms. Today, stone gardens. Can anyone here say: “Spring Fever??”

Friends, I have had a pile of brick and fieldstone sitting in my backyard for 5 years. FIVE years. You see, there is always another project {or trip, or car dying, or major appliance to replace, or now-or-never room project} that seems to sweep away my dream of finishing my backyard brick and stone patio project.

But that’s okay.

Because good things come to those who wait. I’m counting on it.

And in the meantime, you had better believe I am having just as much fun dreaming about a patio! {maybe even more fun…}. And this isn’t even my first time.

And ahhh, the Stone Gardens shall be glorious! I can see them now….
















There is something so magical and old-worldly about Stone Gardens. As if time can just stand still among the rocks of the ages…

How about you? Do you have a love affair with Stone Gardens?



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One of my favorite books ever. It reminds me of why I battle the love affair with our stone home/money pit.

Stone Houses: Traditional Homes of Pennsylvania’s Bucks County and Brandywine Valley

stone gardens

So sad that this is out of print, but maybe you can snag a pricey copy from Amazon, or get super lucky at your local used bookstore.

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  • Oh my goodness–I’m going to have to come back and pin all of these! Our home is a large cottage on the lake, and my husband and I recently discussed how stone would suit the exterior better than brick. (Though we are certifiably obsessed with beautiful southern brick). We were dreaming and scheming of future stone patio/raised bed plans just a few days ago. He’s an avid gardener and we’ll have a greenhouse with a knee-high stone base for all his citrus and wintering. Of course, all this is at least a decade away, but one has to plan ahead…now to start collecting stone…where did you find yours?

    • We are in an unusual situation: fieldstone literally comes out of our soil. That large pile was collected from “up on the hill” here at Fieldstone Hill…. {get the name??}, and our house was literally built by men who dug the house out of the ground it is sitting on! It can make it hard to plant a tree in places, as you can imagine! Thankfully, our lowlands are good, fertile soil.

  • So beautiful! They look so charming and English…

  • You need to get hubby to dress like the above gent and tote your firewood and ax. :)

  • Darlene,

    I having been dreaming of the same thing in my backyard. I love each and everyone of these photos. Beautiful and so inspiring! I cannot wait for the warmer spring weather to come so I can start planting flowers and maybe convince my husband of putting down a stone walkway :)

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