Inspired To :: be elegant
Tuesday, March 12, 2013 by {darlene}

Inspired To:

be elegant

Inspired to :: be elegant

{image via My Thing For The Runway. Come follow my obsessive Pinboards}


  • be elegant.
  • think about elegance in my home.
  • walk with lovely posture and confidence.
  • LOVE on some more silk velvet. LOVE on some more fuchsia.
  • leave off the necklace.
  • be thankful that if I ever need to go to the Oscars, I now know what I will wear.
  • find another spot to add some fuchsia. And more fuchsia!
  • Remember that simplicity equals elegance.
  • smile!! This lady would be ten times more beautiful with a smile in her eyes.

So. What does this picture inspire you to do/feel/create/think…… I would love to know!

What are you Inspired To?



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  • I’m popping over from email to say if you ever go to the Oscars, you would look stunning in this dress, Darlene!! Maybe even just for date night with your husband….I think you need it! I would love a little pop of that gorgeous color in my house somewhere….I see some flowers coming home from the grocery store with me today!

  • Gorgeous, gorgeous!! This picture inspires me to dress up a little bit more often. And to somehow star in a movie so I can sneak an invite to the Oscars :) I also really want to go out and buy some lovely fuschia color pops to add to our home decor.

  • Love that dress, girlfriend, but I’d rather have it in GREEN! I’ll leave the fuschia to you brunettes. :)

    Here’s a tip for you from an almost-50-year-old: ALWAYS protect the skin of your decolletage with sunscreen. That neckline wouldn’t be nearly so lovely on skin covered in spots!

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