a design retreat. in pictures.
Friday, April 19, 2013 by {darlene}

I know. I know. All week I have been blabbing about this amazing retreat I went on last weekend. But, friends. Have mercy on me.

I am recovering.

I find that I am trying to re-acclimate myself to deadlines. and homeschool. and clutter. and cooking. and noise. and ugly views out of my back window. and the sound of traffic instead of rushing water. and boys that grunt at me, instead of engaging in an exciting & deep conversation.

and I must be honest. It’s hard to adjust.

The blessing of friendship must not be underestimated. So, to Angela {the supermodel-artist-witty-sweetheart who graciously opened her stunning home, and shares my same nerd-humor, resulting in silly silly texting}, and to Sheila {my local awesome bestie, who I met via blogland, and am now SUPER blessed to have her as a part of my life. I was SO happy to be ‘trapped’ for two 8.5 hour drives with her … so we could chat – uninterrupted – to our hearts content!}, and to Edie {my friend for nearly 4 years, who has a heart big enough to mother everyone she meets, and who I just met for the first time a month ago – but have known my whole life}, and to Nester {my first bloggy crush, who has woven encouragement into my life and heart, and who has the softest, kindest spirit}, and to Shannon {a punch color design genius, who is down to earth with a huge smile and even bigger heart, and MAD skillz with a sharpie and a blow torch}:

To you, dear friends, I say:

you inspire me deeply. you bring goodness to my life. and I love you and I am SO thankful you are in my life.


A Design Retreat . In Pictures . :

About to become bachelors for the weekend. I thought I would show you the “sad” picture. NOT the one where they were cheering:

design retreat

The hard-to-believe, pics-don’t-do-it-justice, view at the Cottage: design retreat

And the feast of good times with even “good-er” friends: design retreat

design retreat 17

design retreat 6

design retreat 19

design retreat 3


design retreat 18

design retreat 15

design retreat 14

design retreat 24

design retreat 8

design retreat 2

design retreat 12

design retreat 9

design retreat 4

design retreat 5

design retreat 1

design retreat 21

design retreat 22

design retreat 13

design retreat 7

design retreat 11

Angelas cottage 3


design retreat 23

My heart is FULL.

Girls. I will never forget it. Thanks to all of you for making it happen.

Do you have a set of friends that you need to be with? Is it time to carve out a time and place, and sacrifice your time and money and schedule to pull it all together?

It is worth it.



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