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Friday, April 26, 2013 by {darlene}

For those of you who hang with me over at Pinterest,

I am sorry.

I have been flooding your feed with girly girl Fuchsia and Red inspired fabrics.

The best I can hope for is that:

1. You really love Fuchsia and Red, so you don’t mind.

2. You are just so tickled that I am getting my girl, so you don’t mind.

3. You also happen to be planning a Fuchsia and Red Girl’s Room… {but what are the odds?}, so you don’t mind.


4. Things don’t bug you. You generally love life, including your Fuchsia and Red Pinterest feed, so you don’t mind.

But, I tell ya. I am having SO much fun. And I have not officially started my design board for this cutie-pie’s nursery, but I am feeling quite inspired!

Feast in some fabric dreaming:























As of today: It’s that very first poppy fabric that makes my heart sing.

And yet…. there are some others that are close contenders too! {stay in the loop over on my Pinterest board: Inspiration My Girl’s Room}

Do any of these make your heart sing?

What say ye? Which one would YOU pick for a baby girl nursery?





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Hello CUTE nursery. LOVE Layla Grace. They have EVERYTHING!!

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  • Darlene, first of all, I’ve been neglectful in offering my congratulations on your precious girl! How exciting for you! I had three boys first, then I got my girl – and two others – so I know the anticipation and excitement that comes with it. So fun! I am loving these fabrics. So much whimsy without being too cutesy. I really like the second-last one, white with red birds and floral, although when I clicked through to the source, it says it’s out of stock. Do you know who manufactures it? Am looking forward to seeing an inspiration board for Little Girl!

  • Of course, we care! About this baby, about your decorating scheme for her bedroom/nursery, about your joy to welcome this beautiful gift. You give us reason to care even if we had randomly clicked on your blog this morning. You are designing this child’s first world and we are watching and participating in this creation by giving you feedback when we’re asked, by responding to what makes our hearts sing. And we’re learning in the process, how to combine shades of red/fuschia in patterns, textures and with other elements. I’ve always been a pop of red and fuschia is good for the spirit kinda gal. I like number nine, the natural print from Not sure how I would use that in a child’s bedroom but it could be very sweet, even in a pillow.

  • Total SWEETNESS!!! Lovin’ the color palettes! I love the vibrant florals and the little girls best. :)

  • Adorable1 Love that pink toile and that little stick figure of a girl. Maybe you can just frame a square of that and use it on the wall…all way too cute!! Look forward to seeing what you choose. BTW..nothing is as special as a little girl:)

  • SO many be-U-ti-ful fabrics!

    If it were me, I’d have to use one of the buffalo checks…I LOVE me some buffalo check in any color or form :) I’d to the Buffalo check in pink/fushia with the red bird fabric on the inside or tied together…with some solid color in there somewhere…both the birds and checks have my name all over them!

    I know YOU”LL come up with something outstanding for your munchkin…cannot wait to see (and you can never pin too much red and fushia…love it)!!

  • These are so fun!! I like the geometric or florals- not the checks so much- because they seem to reflect the cultures of the art pieces you’ve collected. Little Red Riding Hood is really cute, but maybe just as an accent fabric for a pillow or little purse.

  • I am not a red and fuchsia lover…or lover of anything close to pink. In fact, if I ever have a girl, I will probably do mint green and silver or something like that, BUT the twin beads up there with the paisley curtain headboards caught my attention. I could go for a little girl’s room like that. Still glad I had a boy! :)

  • No need for apologies here (for reasons 1, 2, & 4 – wishing it was also 3, but alas, being 42 with 6 children does not a nursery-planner make!). I love your phrasing – “makes my heart sing” so much because that’s exactly how I would put it! The first one that did that for me was the “rivoli girl in grey” fabric (which I can’t find anywhere upon searching!), but then the louder song was the one right below it: Swavelle / Mill Creek Crazy Ol Bird Sunrise Fabric – LOVE it! Another love is the red and white bird fabric near the end…although another commenter said that’s also out of stock. I sure know how to pick ‘em! I’m just that type – a day late and a dollar short. I’m forever falling in love with things that are nowhere to be found. Please, keep the nursery ideas/plans/dreams coming without apology! I can live vicariously :)

  • Hi Darlene,
    Congratulations!! I didn’t know that you will be having a baby girl!! They are so fun and cute!
    About the fabrics I like image 14 the curtains and pillow fabric and 16.
    I am sure whatever you choose will be great!!

  • I smile every time I see one of your girlie pins! I can’t wait to see what you decide on!

  • Umm…yes!!!! I loved all your Pinterest board inspirations!!! I am so excited you are having a girl and cannot wait to see the room unfold!!



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