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Wednesday, April 17, 2013 by {darlene}

Starting with Color


Of course, I have already been dreaming up ideas for a chic girl’s bedroom/ nursery.

This is the first time we have found out the gender of our baby, and it has been really hard to put my decor dreaming on hold! With my boys, I got busy creating neutral-friendly nurseries right away, and it was a joy. So, now that I know, my mind is starting to sort through all of my design choices.

Usually, when I design a room in my own home, I tend to start from two base points:

1. A room inspiration photo, or two, or five…


2. starting with color inspiration

Most of the time, I do tend to use an inspiration photo or two to get started. I typically approach a room in the way that I approach my Ditto posts. I find spaces that I love, and then I get serious about bringing similar elements into my own space.

So, I thought it would be fun for me to break down a different method: for this space, my very first bit of inspiration was COLOR!! HOW FUN!!

It all started when I was gazing at these beauties that sit in my bedroom:

starting with color

The fuchsias. And the reds. And the oranges. And the navies. And more. I was sold on the idea of these very colors together!

But it was the combo of fuchsia and red that really called out to me. And you can see glimpses of that in my Girl announcement post

So, I started “curating” a collection of images on my brand new Pinboard “Inspiration My Girl’s Room,” {containing my squeal!}…

which led to me sharing this post, chock full of Fuchsia and Red images…


…which led to me buying THE MOST AMAZING piece of art of Baby Girl’s room, that is going to completely be the decor-heart of the nursery.

This particular piece was not an easy decision because I really think it was overpriced. When I was away on a girls’ weekend in the mountains, my stylish and wonderful friends hit a few antique places in Asheville, NC. I found this at The Screen Door {which I thought was chock full of WAY overpriced goodies, with a “NO NEGOTIATING! SO THERE!!!” policy}. It made me long for the country roads and back roads of America, where you can find lots of underpriced goodies. Artsy cities are not the best places to snag a deal.

So, I had to swallow my “deal pride,” and I am SO thankful I had great friends to help me determine the true worth of this piece. Even though it came from the same booth that held a lamp, formerly from T.J.Maxx, that had been marked up to $135.00 to “fit in” at The Screen Door.

starting with color

Instagrammy Pic: The Nester helped me think through whether or not to buy this piece, and here she is helping me carry it up to the front of the antique store. So thankful for the help of my peeps. Miss you girls already!!

I can’t wait to show you a full-on image of what I scored, but alas, it is pitch black right now, and I don’t have a photo studio in my house for taking a decent picture… you will just have to check back in, because I promise to share!!! But I am telling you, it is awesome! And I NEVER would have spotted it if my mind had not been chock full of Fuchsia and Red.

So here are a few things to think about if you are planning on Starting With Color, as you design your space:

Starting with Color


Starting With Color: Decorating Tips

1. Fall in Love. Don’t pick colors you like. Pick colors you LOVE!

2. Allow yourself to be inspired by a photo. Maybe an image of a brilliant bouquet or a matroushka doll or a tribal dress. If you love the image, use it as a courage-builder for getting gutsy with color.

3. Pick a few colors and dwell in them. Think about them. Look for them everywhere; especially combos of them.  And, if you dwell on the colors, you will begin to notice them in all sorts of places!

4. Pin like it is your job. Pin the living-daylights out of them. Search for them on the web. Cut images out of magazines that have your colors. {I did searches on Pinterest entitled the following: “fuchsia and red,” “red and pink,” “pink and red rooms,” “fuchsia and red rooms;” and then Pinned to my heart’s content}.

5. Then, have the guts to pull the trigger! Start making choices for your room based on your new FAVE color scheme.


I can’t believe I am leaving you hanging without a pic of my artwork…

Well, stay tuned, it’s coming!!!

Have you ever Started with Color to decorate a space? What colors are you totally digging right now??




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  • I can’t believe you’re leaving us hanging, either! Understandably so, but still! I think the teaser photo is making it worse. I knew what you were thinking of for a baby girl nursery based upon the TONS of similarly color-schemed photos that showed up in my pinfeed from you :) Made me really excited to see it all come together!

  • Oh how lovely!!! I loved Peacock blue for years and that was the color I saw for my little girls nursery. I am sticking with he same color scheme for her big girl room (already planning and she is 17mos). I actually purchased bedding for it she she was 6mos old!!! I might be a little crazy but when you LOVE a color and find something in that shade you got to grab it!!!

  • Haha, you didn’t get ME. As soon as I realized you weren’t going to show the artwork, I *left* and didn’t come back until you posted the picture. I didn’t want to lie in bed at night wondering. So now I’m all ready for today’s post AND had a good night’s sleep!

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