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Thursday, April 18, 2013 by {darlene}

Yesterday, we had a chit-chat about how I am Starting with Color as I approach the decorating process of my next home project: a girl nursery!

I have been keeping my eyes open for Fuchsia and Red inspiration, and as a result, I happened upon THE MOST stunning and interesting piece.

I just knew it would make a killer Focal Piece

– you know; that thing in the room that draws in the eye and simply MAKES the room.

Despite its hefty price tag {overpriced!}, I decided it would make such an impact that it would be worth it.

Fortunately, I had the most amazing friends with me – and I would trust these gals with my life AND my decor! So, they helped to confirm the fabulousness of this find {PS – a post about my great trip with these gals is in the works. Lots of photos to edit! In the meantime, check out Angela’s post, The Nester’s post, Edie’s post, and Shannon’s post. Clearly these girls are much more organized than I am!!}

So without further ado, check out the Stunning Focal Piece that will bring my girl’s nursery to life:

Use a Stunning Focal Piece

and I am just swooning over the details:

Use a Stunning Focal Piece

Use a Stunning Focal Piece

This piece has all the ingredients for a FOCAL PIECE STUNNER:

1. It is unique and interesting. And beautiful!

2. It has excellent craftsmanship.

3. It fits! It can hang in a spot in the room that is seen from the moment you enter the room.

4. It supports the color scheme, but introduces other fun colors into the mix.

When you are wondering “What is my room missing?” Ask yourself, do I have a stunning focal piece? { <— Tweet this}

Use a stunning focal piece And, to get your wheels turning: here are a few of my fave rooms that use stunning focal pieces:

ditto-ed here:

GKedigian downtown loft dining

ditto-ed here:

pop of art

ditto-ed here:

katie ridder living room

Get gutsy with your Focal Piece!

What room in your home could use a stunning focal piece?? Do Tell!!





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  • I adore it! Can’t wait to see the finished room :)

  • You did the right thing. If you swoon over such a unique piece (especially one so far from home!), you’ve got to buy it! It really is fabulous!

  • Love your new art (focal piece). I love to find treasures like that. I’m swooning over 2 pieces of art I found in a consignment store, I may just go out and get them-they are a steal. So glad for your posts, especially this one. I was recently in a store and the decorator told me that if you walk in a room and your eye is drawn to one thing, then the whole plan is out of balance. I just knew she was wrong but needed some verification. Thanks for giving me that.

    I have always loved to walk in a room and see something that makes me want to explore that room. I want to be drawn in. Keep up the good work. I love a bit of whimsy in a room.

  • That piece is amazing. Colorful, unique, and great for a nursery but also a piece that can grow or go anywhere in the home when baby girl is older. I could go with a focal piece in our family room. We have a mirror above the fireplace, but its really scaled too small. I will hopefully be updating our fireplace this year and will think about a new focal piece for that area now!

  • So worth the overnight wait!

    Okay, question for you, then, about focal points:

    My living room has a HUGE blank wall. Over/behind a couch, with a vaulted ceiling. People have come over for the first time, looked at that wall, and asked, “are you moving?” Truly. I’ve planned on a huge piece of artwork for up there.


    That wall is 90* from another wall. A wall completely taken by a stone fireplace flanked on either side by tall windows that have gorgeous views of the yard, the woods beyond, and the ridge beyond that. That wall is really a focal point all in itself.

    I don’t want to have two focus points. So the wall stands there, blank and needy.

    Maybe still go with the huge piece of art, but make the art more neutral? Not a statement piece? I like soothing, beachy colors (as you pointed out once) like sand, gray, light blue so maybe something like along those lines?

    Anybody have any ideas? I know you all have good taste because you follow Darlene’s blog.

    • Gyen, if you like beachy, how about a big piece of driftwood? I love the look of driftwood on a wall, and on a stone wall I can imagine it would be great. Tricky mourning, but might be really nice.

  • SO SO pretty!…just like YOU!

    …and ummmmmm JEALOUS over that girls weekend!!! ;)

  • So I was totally excited you had metrushka dolls for this little one’s room because when you announced the baby was a she, that was one of my first thoughts: I hope she bought some dolls in Russia! :)

    This piece of art reminds me of a Gymbor.ee line they had out about 5-6 years ago. I think it was called Peruvian doll or something and it used a lot of reds and pinks…I don’t normally keep that stuff current in my brain, but we just went through tubs of clothes to find clothes for the little lady. ANYway, this will look fantastic and I’m so excited to see you pull it all together!

  • I won’t be able to look at pink and red without thinking of your nursery! Saw this on Pinterest and thought it looked just like you! :)


  • I agree with Pam@simpledetails. I put on my red & pink sweater this morning & thought of a certain someone. What an Awesome inspiration piece! Unique, textural, whimsical. LOVE.

  • Darlene, its gorgeous. And interesting. And colorful. And handmade. And unique. Love it. Can not wait to see the room you create around it.

  • So pretty and a little unexpected for a nursery but that’s what I love most about it!!!!

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