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Saturday, April 27, 2013 by {darlene}

One thing I did not expect about the news that we would be having a Little Girl:

All the memories that are flooding back to me about being a Little Girl myself.

Like, Strawberry Sue, for instance.

A few days ago, it suddenly occurred to me that I am decorating my future little girl’s nursery, especially in reference to the fabrics, JUST like Strawberry Sue would.

Strawberry Sue! Thank goodness for my childhood friend Nancy. You see, there was this paper doll we played with… over and over and over again.  I desperately Facebook-ed her with the odd request: “Remember those paper dolls…..???”

She totally came through for my Inner Little Girl, and remembered the name of our childhood paper friend. When I pulled up images of the beloved doll, it was as if I never left.

There I was.

A little girl.

Playing with Strawberry Sue.

little girl

little girl little girl little girl little girl

{affilate link to get your very own Strawberry Sue}

There she is.

All sassy and confident in her espadrilles and her strawberry boy shorts.

That girl knew how to ROCK a pattern, I tell ya.

Well, if you just take one look at my post from yesterday, it is easy to see that Strawberry Sue worked her sassy little style right into my Little Girl Heart.

Uncanny, no?

I love thinking about the random influences that shape our hearts and minds and our STYLE!


How has your inner little girl {or little guy} shaped your style?


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  • Do you plan on framing any of those to use in the room?

  • Now I’m wondering if I also played with Strawberry Sue??? Some of those outfits look awfully familiar.

    Off to prance around in my berry boy shorts and espadrilles…

  • Oh my word! I looooooved Strawberry Sue!! I remember getting in trouble at church for bringing a half-naked paper doll. Honestly, I think they overreacted.
    I bought my niece a book of paper dolls for her Easter basket this year, and she wasn’t interested in the least! So, I played with them instead ;)

  • Love Love LOVE. I had forgotten about this. I only remember two dresses (probably the only ones I ever used)- the birthday party dress and the blue ruffles. How fun!

  • Hi Darlene…I have not been reading very many blogs lately…and so I am checking out some this evening…and I read that you are expecting a baby girl!!!! That is awesome! When is she due? Congratulations!

    Love, Linda @ Truthful tidbits

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