A tour of Edie’s home { BHG digital with FHD design boards!}
Friday, May 3, 2013 by {darlene}

FHD in BHG digital

A tour of Edie’s home

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I am finally pulling together all of the images from when my designs were featured in the print edition of Better Homes and Gardens, January, 2013.

The amazing home of Edie Wadsworth was featured as the main design spread this past January, and it really was a thrill. One thing that is so amazing with a BHG subscription is the digital version that comes with it. The coolest part is that there is extra content – quite a bit more!

In the January feature, the BHG digital version shares more info about Edie’s family, additional images and design vignettes, PLUS the cool feature of being able to click on a room and see the original design board that I created for it.

It is so much fun to see how Edie used the design board’s exactly in some rooms, and then in other rooms, she used them as a grounding jumping point.

So today, I thought I would share the BHG digital article in entirety. All images are from Better Homes and Gardens. Photography by Beall and Thomas. Enjoy!


FHD in BHG digital 2013

FHD in BHG digital 2013

FHD in BHG digital 2013 FHD in BHG digital 2013

FHD in BHG digital 2013

FHD in BHG digital 2013

FHD in BHG digital 2013

FHD in BHG digital 2013 FHD in BHG digital 2013 FHD in BHG digital 2013

FHD in BHG digital 2013

FHD in BHG digital 2013

FHD in BHG digital 2013 FHD in BHG digital 2013 FHD in BHG digital 2013 FHD in BHG digital 2013 FHD in BHG digital 2013

FHD in BHG digital 2013

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To get a back issue of BHG’s January 2013, featuring designs by Fieldstone Hill Design, click here.

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  • I got this issue as soon as I saw it! It’s an amazing start to her new home what a beautiful job done with such spirit. Totally a happy house!

  • Amazing! Congratulations! I would be doing a happy dance for days. I’m so proud of you and I barely know you. :-) That’s one of the best parts of this blogging world–watching others succeed and cheering them on. Well done!
    Abby M.

  • Darlene,
    I just now realized that it you whom design that beautiful home! I read the magazine and loved that house it felt so free and special to me.

    I guess I was lazy to do more research about the designer (you) and I now I see that it was you and I am so excited to meet you!

    Congratulations beautiful job!!

  • Jennifer Stark

    I haven’t been a subscriber very long. It’s funny that when I saw those designs in BHG and read the pointers it reminded me of your blog, then I figured out that it was you. I felt good and a little proud about my choice to follow your blog, and like the comment above, proud of you and I don’t even know you personally. It’s like having this little connection with a star. I hope more “stardom” will come your way, and thus ours. :)

  • WOW! Your design bords are really lovely, but to see the finished room is absolutely breathtaking! Just gorgeous! Wonderful job!!!

  • I got that issue just because of you! Looks great!

  • Very beautygul pics, dashboard cupboard and bedrooms are awesome . i like it

  • I loooove this house..I could live there, for sure.

    I especially love this line: pick things you adore, and make them work together. Now if I can just figure out WHAT it is I adore, and how to make it work!
    We have such a mish-mash of furniture, we both had fully furnished apartments before we got hitched and bought our house. I am slowly but surely learning how to make it all look like ‘I did this on purpose’ instead of ‘it’s a big ugly mistake’.
    I am so glad I found your blog for help and ideas!

  • Beautiful kitchen setup!

  • Hello. Loved the design of the house! I was hoping you could tell me the color of blue used on the back of the bookcase. I’m having a difficult time finding “the right shade of blue” for a dresser and bookcase in my house. Thanks!

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