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Monday, May 20, 2013 by {darlene}

Today’s ditto | a room I love* post features a small, but brilliantly creative, bedroom. But it is SO fantastically layered and narrow. Brimming with smart, fun choices. And completely inviting.

*{Ditto | Room I Love posts demonstrate a great exercise for you as you continue to develop your own personal style: using your own favorite pictures, and making a quick list of what you actually love about the space. If you study what you love about a space, it helps you to bring what you LOVE into your own home!}

This is a room I love. Do you love it?:

layered and narrow

 {via apartment therapy}

WHAT I LOVE {What I would ditto!}:

1. Its narrowness. Lately I have been loving snug little rooms like this one. It is like living in a treehouse… and it takes complete ingenuity to make the space function well.

2. The lack of clutter and the ruthless editing of STUFF!

3. The rich velvet-y goodness headboard.

4. The simple white bedding and duvet, topped with a stunning ikat bolster and a velvet pillow to match the headboard.

5. The beautiful gold elements that move around the room: one wall has gilded frames, then the far wall has gold sconces, and the dresser is topped with {YUM!} a gold lamp with a gilded lampshade.

6. The bench that adds texture, but also offers a lot of seating in a tiny space.

7. The colorful modern art.

8. All wall items are hung at varying heights. I love the interest that brings to the space.

9. Layers upon layers upon layers, without being crowded. There is a lot of texture happening in this narrow but clever space.

*** And introducing, a new addition to some of my ditto posts ***

You CAN {ditto} it!

 layered and narrow

{I made that cute image above Pin-ready; just hover over the image to Pin}

* if you are interested in trying the liquid leaf that I mentioned above, you can find more info here.







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  • Hey Darlene! As usual, I am loving your eye and thoughts! Two thumbs up on the ‘you can ditto’ addition to the blog, I think it is a fantastic idea/tool for those of us who wish we could do what you see and do. I plan to pin from you constantly! Thanks again for the continuing inspiration.

  • I am in the middle of a complete renovation and re-styling of our beach house and I love creating a layered look like this! Beautiful. The velvet pillow is one of my favorite velvets: Bella Notte Ocean. You always share the most beautiful spaces, Darlene. – Vikki

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