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Wednesday, May 22, 2013 by {darlene}

Okay. I realize that not all of you are in nursery mode. But I am here to declare: Nursery gorgeousness can be enjoyed by all!

Because, when a room is well designed. Well. It is well designed.

And therefore, there is much we can learn from these spaces.

So put your ditto hats on. Whether or not you are in the market for a nursery, you will surely find much to love in these gorgeous spaces:
























Now that is true Nursery Gorgeousness AND true Design Gorgeousness.

So…. in the title of my post I announced that a new series is coming tomorrow….

it may include awesome designers from around the web.
and. It may or may not involve the awesomeness of Christine Dovey, of Bijou and Boheme. {That last nursery? In the last 2 pics? Her design. Yep.}

And. It may or may not be doting on a sweet little baby girl who has yet to enter the world…

Come back tomorrow and see!!!!

Need more nursery inspiration? Find it here.

From the list above, which nursery was your favorite? AND,

What would you ditto, nursery or not??




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  • bitohoney (first one) , sasinteriors (Yellow and white) and the orange and white one by lilys notebook are my favorites. All of them are unique in their own way. I will say some of those rooms are BIG and somewhat unrealistic for many homeowners as far as space is concerned. However, you could totally get the mood and feel of the rooms. Sweet love!

  • Nurseries are so much fun to do! Your little girl is so lucky to have a mom like you to make her room extra special. These rooms are beautiful.

  • These are the most unbelievable nurseries…ever. Love the gingham curtains in the one, the orange dresser in another and the DARK walls on the first picture….but truthfully, they are all stunning!!! You must share what you are leaning towards…dying to know ;)

    P.S. how are you feeling? How many weeks now?

  • I may not be in nursery mode any more, but these were beautiful to look at! My favorite I think is the second one but I also love the one with pelican artwork. Gorgeous rooms! I feel like I want to incorporate a little sheep in my house now. :)

  • Jennifer Stark

    Love the last one, but the rocker doesn’t look very comfy. Love the curtains and rug on the wall of the Sasinteriors.

  • Oh dear, what a great collection! I thought for sure I’d be able to pick a favorite, but when I scrolled back through I couldn’t! (Have I mentioned that finishing your “bootcamp” is on my summer list? Got to nail down what I love and why.)

    Anyways, my favorite element of all of them was the unexpected. That’s something that always gets me in design. I want to see or do something that’s unique; to look at a picture and think, “Wow, I’ve never seen that before! What a great idea!” All of these rooms have a moment like that for me.

    Can’t wait ’til tomorrow! = )

  • So many great rooms!! Definitely design gorgeousness. The pelican painting has to be my favorite, though. It totally took me by surprise!

  • My favorite is the one with the flowers wallpaper and the orange dresser, is the one from highstreetmarket.blogspot is just so simple and happy and I think that’s where I see myself more. But they are all beautiful and special. I am dyeing to see yours!

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