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Tuesday, May 28, 2013 by {darlene}

It gets worse before it gets better

I wish I had taken pictures of my home this weekend. My house was in complete, disastrous, beautiful upheaval.

Friends, I was completely psychotic this weekend, and picture-taking was not on my Nesting Agenda. Truth be told: I have pretty much have lost my mind. Lets just take a sampling, shall we??:

On Saturday morning, by 8:45 am, I had emptied our pre-organized “former” school room, taken 20 boxes downstairs, cleaned out the kitchen junk drawer, organized all of our state quarters into 3 piles {for all three of our kiddos to save}, and consolidated all of the toothpicks in our home into one lovely container {you know. a nesting ESSENTIAL. freak.}.

My Mother-in-law and I also ordered so much baby stuff off of the computer this weekend that I am surprised I did not crash my computer. The UPS man is going to totally love me this week. He shall rain packages of stork-y goodness down upon my home.

The fact of the matter is, my house is a TOTAL disaster, and yet, it is exactly how I need it to be. Because: It gets worse before it gets better! Because messy, messy homes often mean that things are getting DONE – Work is IN PROGRESS!!!! Music to my ears and my gestating belly.

With the last week and a half I have:

1. Organized all of my boys’ school work from the whole year and put it all away in binders. That really helped me clear out the school room, and was definitely step one!

2. Organized nearly every book in our house.

3. Organized, rearranged, and packed up and washed all of my boys’ clothing {dressers and closets}.

4. Made major nursery purchases {I know, I know. I promise! I will share EVERYTHING!  GORGEOUS things are in the works}.

5. Cleaned all of the baby clothes I have. Pulled out anything that was gender neutral. Put clothing away in freshly scrubbed and lined drawers. Gave away some baby boy clothing.

6. Hot-glued 2 large wool rugs together {it TOTALLY works!}. Post soon to come – sometime in between mothering, working on client projects, and cleaning the baseboards.

7. Went to 2 fabric stores. Went to carpet store and picked out carpet for the Library.

Oh, yes. there is much, much more. But I must stop there for risk of incriminating my insane self. I was definitely being led by a force that is far out of my control. Just pray for my husband, okay?

* * *

In other news: Project Library! There is still much to be done in this space, but our contractor is starting to see the light. The painter is supposed to be here next week. Guess I had better pick my colors, hmmmm?

Here are recent pics from Project Library:

I need to get you a further-updated pic because half the bookshelves are built!!:  Project Library : it gets worse

 The portrait lamps are purchased. These babies can be SO pricey. I found some at Ethan Allen, on sale, and snatched 5 of them up – despite the fact that they are a little large and I really wanted a little bit less “traditional” look. But I am happy with them, and they will add SO much to the bookshelves: Project Library : it gets worse

Project Library : it gets worse

And, the fridge has been moved. The built-ins help minimize the monstrosity of this behemoth that “came with” our home. But we are thankful to have an extra fridge in the house when feeding two growing boys…. and a growing mommy too!:    Project Library : it gets worse

Oh, y’all. I owe you so many more pictures. LOTS is getting done around here, especially on Project Library which is simply phase one of Project Nursery, and I cannot wait to share!

In the meantime: You guys had me cracking up the other day when you shared some of your nesting stories in the comments. I am dying to hear more of them!!!

Help a crazy girl out: Tell me some more of YOUR crazy nesting stories!




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  • Had to laugh out loud at the organizing of the toothpicks! Isn’t that just like a pregnant woman?! So I already shared the story of the nesting that didn’t happen because we did a total DIY gut & remodel of our kitchen in the last 10 weeks of pregnancy #3, but I did do some crazy nesting-type things with that pregnancy. It was just all outside. I painted & stenciled terra cotta pots and hung them (with special pot hangers) around our porch overhang – WAY too many for the size of our porch. I also bought a portable sized crib for our 9×10 bedroom and sewed the bumper pads for it…sewing through my finger for the first and only time in my life (at 39 weeks). I always remember when I’m due for a tetanus shot :)

  • Well, if it looks worse before it gets better, my house is gonna look amazing by the time I’m done! I hauled everything out a couple weeks ago to go through and get get rid of stuff but life happened and there it still sits.

    Nesting stories are so fun! I decided to paint a Pottery Barn dresser/changing table that I found at the Salvation Army before Little Man was born. Me, 9 months prego, on my hands and knees on the concrete floor out in our shed. In December.
    And then the day before he was born, we had family coming in for Christmas, I’m running around cleaning with energy I have never known, and then decide as everyone is arriving that I have to start painting a shelf for his room. Fun memories!

  • I was in organizing mode this weekend too, but nowhere near mama-nesting mode! You have SO much going on, but it will turn out great. I’m also so curious about you gluing wool rugs together. Can’t wait to see what that’s about! And I love those lamps, can’t wait to see them in your room. Okay Darlene, have a great day, looks like you have your hands full. :) Sharon

  • I am SO glad that you finally got to those toothpicks! They were buggin me BIG TIME!

  • I love this post. I’m right there with you Darlene! (Did I tell u we found out its a boy? This makes girl, boy, boy–so fun!) today I had a bit if nesting frenzy bite me too. I cleaned out the entire mudroom, sorted all the coats and boxed up all the shoes that are now too small for my 2 and 4 yo. Then I reorganized the guest room closet, including my husband’s big collection of hunting gear (I don’t know what half the stuff is for but it rivals duck dynasty I think). This was all after reorganizing all the files in our library. this point I had to lay down, and before falling asleep for a blessed 5 minutes in that monstrous but comfy easy chair, I remembered three more things to add to the “prebaby/summer bucket list” —must make matching boy quilts for their future shared room. Then I thought of more things I wanted to gild before next weeks link up.

    Ps–love the library lamps!!

  • So great!! You are not at all crazy because we have all been there. I’m not even pregnant and already starting to think about baby #2 and preparing our home for that! I think it’s just in us all!! Can’t wait to see more pictures of the nursery and library!!!

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