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Thursday, June 6, 2013 by {darlene}

Bébé bébé bébé Nursery

Bebe bebe bebe nursery series

Thursdays is the day for the Bébé bébé bébé Nursery series here at FHD: featuring Girl Nurseries designed by some of the most gifted designers and creative decor bloggers from around the web. {Need some boy nursery awesomeness? Check out Bebe’s brother series: Bijou and Boheme‘s Baby Baby Baby Nursery.}

Today, I am so thrilled to welcome Joni of Lay Baby Lay to FHD, and even more thrilled that the Queen, and I mean QUEEN, of Nursery Designs is dreaming up something wonderful for my baby girl! {Such a lucky little baby girl! Completely spoiled by good design already!} If you have not yet dreamed away for hours over at Lay Baby Lay, checking out Joni’s amazing designs, prepare to OOH and AHH over the cutest dang nursery designs you ever did see {total perk: they are organized by boy AND girl AND neutral}.

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I’m so thrilled Darlene is expecting a girl!  She is a striking person of beauty, grace and character, and it is so fitting for her to have a little girl to bestow those qualities upon.  As a mama of two little darlings myself, I know the joy it is to have a bit of pink in one’s life!  When I first met Darlene, I recall her talking about her love for fuchsia and mentioning the possibility of having a pink sofa; and in her inspiration for her nursery she is focusing on red and fuchsia, so I went in that direction.  This is a room for a little lady, with bright, happy hues of lipstick red and hot pink and polished details that will grow along with her.
A Little Ladylike:
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Joni’s sweet words about me and my daughter made me cry. Thank you, SWEET girl!!

That design board!!! Of course, you know I was thrilled to see the fuchsia and red color scheme when I first set eyes on this gorgeous design board! So full of life and fun and girlish joy. And, can we just discuss that rug for a moment? TOTAL SWOON-NESS GRACIOUS! I mean really. It has red, and fuchsia AND orange? Be still my beating heart. I am head over heels for every detail in this room, but my faves are the rug, the contrast piping chair, the gold lamps, and the fuchsia dresser! Yes, please.

I love love love this design, Joni! Thank you so much for sharing your Nursery Genius with us!!

I really hope you are loving this series as much as I am! I am so blown away by the talent of my friends, and SO thankful to share cyberspace with their brilliance!

Be sure to leave some comment love for Joni, sharing your thoughts on this lovely and ladylike space!



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