Designer Recommended Whites
Tuesday, June 25, 2013 by {darlene}

Designer Recommended Whites

Picking white paint colors can be like pure torture. Who’s with me?

So, silly me. I decided to incorporate white walls into BOTH of our current room projects: Project Library AND Project Nursery.

For the Nursery, I am wanting to paint the walls {and accent moulding} a rich, creamy white, with a slightly lighter trim and crown.

For the Library, I am going with a deep gray-blue on the cabinets {Down Pipe by Farrow and Ball}, and then white on the small remaining amount of wall space.

And while I do have a favorite white {you’ll find it below}, I am going to have fantastic moulding in these spaces, and want to play around with trim, crown, wall and moulding whites. More than one white needed… sigh.

So, I called in the Calvary for their awesome input: to save me from myself, and to rescue me from White Over-Analysis Insanity.

Have you met most of these talented designers? And do you follow along with their brilliant blogs and Pinterest boards?

The ‘Must-Follow’ Interior Designers

Must Follow Interior Designers on Pinterest

They gave me the down-low on their FAVE designer recommended whites,

and now you get to be in on the secret too!

Designer Recommended Whites

 These talented designers will help you with the Oh-So-Daunting Whites. Tuck these Designer Recommended Whites away in your files!

Lauren Liess

Lauren Liess of Pure Style Home Blog and Lauren Liess Interiors:

Designer Recommended Whites

“For white I like Benjamin Moore White Dove. But for soft ivory, (or walls that look white but really aren’t),  I love Benjamin Moore Seashell.  Then, for a little more yellow in it but still ivory (and my fav!!) is Benjamin Moore Ancient Ivory.”

Designer Recommended Whites {via Pure Style Home. Benjamin Moore Seashell on the walls. Interiors by Lauren Liess}

* * *

shannon berrey

 Shannon Berrey of Shannon Berry Design:

Designer Recommended Whites

“I love Benjamin Moore White Dove and China White for trim; and for a really warm white with no peach undertones and just a hint of gray–I love Sherwin Williams Natural Choice {7011}”

* * *


Jenna Burger of SAS Interiors:

Designer Recommended Whites

“I used Benjamin Moore Snowfall White for all my mouldings and woodwork. It’s a great creamy, crisp white!”

* * * designer recommended whites

Nancy Marcus of Marcus Design:

Designer Recommended Whites

“I’m a Benjamin Moore lover at heart. Cloud White has a touch of yellow and black in the paint and is great for moulding. I have also used Chantilly Lace which is even warmer than cloud white! I love them both.”

* * *designer recommended whites

Christine Dovey of Bijou and Boheme:

Designer Recommended Whites

“I’m with Nancy…Benjamin Moore Cloud White is my go to- especially on walls with moulding.”

* * *

designer recommended whites

Erika Ward of BluLabel Bungalow:

Designer Recommended Whites

“Marshmallow White by Glidden is a great white with a slight touch of pink you almost miss it! Love that it’s sophisticated and not syrupy sweet.”

* * *designer recommended whites

Sherry Hart of Design Indulgence and Sherry Hart Interior Design:

Designer Recommended Whites

“I am a huge fan of Benjamin Moore White Dove….but I just painted the outside of my house Benjamin Moore China White and I love it so much I want to marry it….not a bright white…very chalky….”

Designer Recommended Whites {via Flickr, Walls are Benjamin Moore China White}

* * *

designer recommended whites

Lisa Mende of Lisa Mende Design:

Designer Recommended Whites

Designer Recommended Whites

“Benjamin Moore White Dove, Behr Swiss Coffee and Benjamin Moore Simply White OC117 are all consistently good for trim and work with most color palettes. Sherwin Williams Alabaster 7008, Sherwin Williams Marshmallow 7001, and Farrow & Ball (1/2 formula) “Lime White” are my go-to whites for creamy white walls. Not sure how deep you want to go but these are very neutral. If you want a deeper, creamier white, I love Sherwin Williams Casa Blanca 7571 for walls too. It is soft, creamy and luscious.”

* * *
designer recommended whites

Holly Mathis of Holly Mathis Interiors:

Designer Recommended Whites

“Farrow & Ball Clunch. My client was struggling to find the right white or neutral as a background in her home.  White seemed too sterile, and neutrals like my fave BM revere pewter didn’t feel right either..Clunch by F&B provides color but still feels clean and neutral – the next best thing to white. She actually spotted a room by Loi Thai of Tone on Tone, and we emailed him to inquire about the color. He told us it was Clunch..he is so nice!!!”

Designer Recommended Whites {image via House Beautiful, Walls are Farrow and Ball Clunch}

* * *

Lori May of Lori May Interiors:

Designer Recommended Whites

“I also love Benjamin Moore Simply White. It has no blue undertones and can be used in both traditional and modern spaces.”

designer recommended whites

Amanda Eck of Amanda Carol Interiors:

“Yep, I’m with Sherry on the Benjamin Moore White Dove- especially for trim. I also love Sherwin Williams Steamed Milk- a great warm white.”

* * *designer recommended whites

Dayka Robinson of Dayka Robinson Designs:

“Sherwin Williams Alabaster 7008 for walls;
Sherwin Williams Snowbound 7004 for walls (this is a white white that’s cool. I’m in this really white phase for walls, so I love this one…it’s actually in my dining room below the chair rail & wallpaper);
Sherwin Williams Creamy 7012 -walls or trim for this one;  and you might like Sherwin Williams Antique White 6119 if you want a creamy warm tone.”

Designer Recommended whites {image via Houzz, trim paint is Sherwin Williams Alabaster, Benjamin Moore Halo on walls. Design by Brian Watford}
* * *

designer recommended whites

Kristin Jackson of The Hunted Interior:

Designer Recommended Whites

“I’m an Alabaster by Sherwin Williams girl too. My entire house is almost all Alabaster now.”

* * *

designer recommended whites

Darlene Weir of Fieldstone Hill Design {oh hey. that’s me. and my sassy new picture}:

Designer Recommended Whites

“My favorite white ever is Sherwin Williams French Ivory 8017 from the former Martha Stewart collection, which can still be mixed at Sherwin Williams. I love it because it is 100% creamy, but 100% crisp at the same time. Not a shred of dinginess to the yellow-cream undertones. And, it is the best trim color because it makes every wall color look richer and more sophisticated. Every time I put this color one the walls, I mutter to myself: ‘I just LOVE this color.’ I also love the Farrow and Ball whites because of their depth. You can’t go wrong with F&B Pointing for a classic and classy trim color – it works with everything.'”

Designer Recommended Whites

{via Farrow and Ball. Wall color is Farrow and Ball Pointing}

* * * * * *

I hope you feel well-equipped to start your Favorite-White-Ever search!

Designer Recommended Whites

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So, now that you have a sea of White Amazingness to get you started, how in the world do you narrow down your whites? Be sure to stop back in tomorrow to see my step-by-step process for picking out a white you will love.

For more information:

Check out yesterday’s post about the moulding inspiration for the nursery

Check out this post about some favorite colors I have used here at Fieldstone Hill


Do you have a favorite white or cream paint? Be sure to share your all time fave in the comments!







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  • Julia @cuckoo4design

    Interesting! I have been toying with the idea of painting my downstairs white. My moldings are already a semi-gloss bright white.
    Love all these white-ideas!

  • Yes…I can tell this took a lot of time to put together!!! But oh so helpful!!! Thanks for including me Darlene:)

  • So fun to see all of our blog ‘friends’ white paint choices!! Great post!

  • Lovin the sassy new picture of my gorgeous friend!

  • Thanks for including me Darlene! Can you tell I like to use white?

  • Thank you for creating this. I’m totally inspired to freshen and paint my livingroom.

  • I want to paint my kitchen cabinets white and want to match the color to my white appliances. In the kitchens I see, the white appliances look much whiter than the cabinets. Does anyone know which white would match the appliances best? Thanks!

    • I too am trying to find a white for kitchen cabinets that blends with my white appliances. Did you come up with an answer? thank you so much. carol

  • The light in the room and the other colors used always help me to decide.

  • I just completely renovated our beach house. I read on Tracery’s blog that they had painted the entire Southern Living Idea House Sherwin Williams pearly white. My go to white up to then had been SW Natural Choice. They are very similar. I painted the entire house (ceilings, walls, planked walls, moulding) Pearly White and it’s PERFECT! A great go to white. Love the post! Going to try a few of these whites on my next project.

    • I’m curious Vikki, is the pearly white pretty white or is it a creamy white? I am debating between Pearly White and Natural Choice for our kitchen cabinets. We have stained trim in the room with off white/cream walls. And how would you describe the undertone of each? Thanks so much!

    • I’m trying to decide on sw pearly white or bm white dove for kitchen cabinets, trim and walls. Also considering bm dove wing. I have a cabinet door that my cabinet builder sprayed white dove but I’m afraid it’s too stark. Really struggling! I know your post was from long ago ….just wondering how the pearly white feels?

  • Thanks for including me in your round up, Darlene. I found a new white I love this weekend–Origami White, by Sherwin Williams. Going up in my living room this week!


  • Ooh, white is so hard for me to pick – it’s either too sterile or too yellow and I will sit there for what seems like hours trying to pick the right one – my husband just looks at me and says they’re all the same, but they’re so not! I’ll definitely have to pin this and keep it in mind for next time I pick out a white. I also love the color you chose for the library cabinets. That will look divine! Another thing that looks divine – your sassy new picture – gorgeous sassiness! :)

  • I adore white dove by benjamin moore!

  • My kitchen is painted in SW Marshmallow 7001 (mentioned above) and I love it. The whole time I was painting it made me crave vanilla milkshakes (even though I think most milkshakes are darker in color) because it is such a beautiful creamy white. :) But an old favorite is SW Classic White Buff 0050. I’ve used it on trim and walls and have always received compliments on it.

    Definitely saving this post!

  • Great post! Who knew there were so many shades of white?

    I recently went through my pile of BHG magazines I have hoarded and ripped out my favorite articles and inspiration. I ripped out EVERY page of your feature. It was beautiful and I loved every element.

  • SO Helpful! I especially like the room pictures – if you find more, please add them in! Really helps me to see what these ladies are talking about.


  • BM Dove Wing – reads white, no weird undertones, but more depth than BM White Dove.
    Most of our house is SW Alabaster in oil based satin on the trim and BM Dove Wing Aura finish on walls. BM Seapearl is pretty too.

  • I painted one of my rooms white in satin finish. It looked flat compared to my colors in satin. Do you recommend using semi-gloss on the walls for whites? If so, should I paint the trim in a different white with both semi? Or have the trim hi-gloss and the walls semi?

    • I always use a washable flat on my walls. I prefer the flat look on my walls. Then I use a semi-gloss on my trim or built-ins. I only use high gloss when I am going for a very specific lacquered look.

  • Whites are baffling…. When we remodeled, I found I kept going to Frazee “white”…. It’s the only white in my house (I do have some colored walls), it works well for wall and trim, and in north or south exposures. However, I do have BM “Seashell” in a west facing room and with a sky-light and window is very light. I have Seashell in a less lighted area and it looks like another color, which I still like.

  • What a terrific and helpful post! Thank you so much!!

  • Do you have anything you can mail with this article of fav whites or something related? Thanks!

  • Thank you so much for this post, Darlene. I needed suggestions for the trim color in the home we’re having built and now I feel well-equipped to make a choice. Again, thanks. I always find great information on your wonderful blog. Love it! ~ Nancy

  • I love these recs, thank you! I am looking for a white color that will go with brown hardwood floors and a pewter chandelier. Any thoughts?Laura

    I like SW Origami White but it looks like it has too much grey

  • Sherry Hart, would you use BM china white inside on walls, trim and ceiling? I’ve had decorators white on trim so long and dark walls, I’m interested in a one color option for a nice change.

  • I am ready to repaint my living room, hall and entry. Our house is very shady. In fact you can only see about a fifth of the roof from the air. Which would be a good white for a very shady room.?

  • Fabulous! MC

  • Thank you so much for this information! We are having built ins made right now and the contractor asked me which color of white we wanted. I didn’t even know there were options like this. SO helpful!

  • Oh, so pleased to have found your recommendation for SW French Ivory 8017. I’m looking for a white that will work in a bedroom that doesn’t get much direct light, and I wonder if this could be the ticket!

    The previous tenant painted it a putty color and it looks so dingy, but the landlord wants white only.

  • Excellent article. I’m going through a few of these issues as well..

  • Hi,
    I am struggling to choose a white for the exterior of my house. We live in Oakland California, and the house is an old folk victorian farmhouse style. I want a crisp white that wont look at all yellow or look too blinding. I have tried: SW swiss coffee, snowbound, alabaster and ibis white. All too yellow. I love the Ibis in shadow, but in the sunlight it looks really flat and weird-not sure why. Everything online discusses interior whites, not how they look on the exterior….

    Does anyone know what white would work best for the exterior of a crisp simle farmhouse? Our trim is dark brownish greenish grey.

    Thank you so much!

  • It’s an remarkable paragraph in support of all the web viewers; they will
    get advantage from it I am sure.

  • thanks for this! I have newly painted Behr lollipop clapboards and my SW Greek Villa trim turned out green! What to use for exterior trim? I am looking at SW white flour, white gallery, and pure white. Would white gallery age too yellow? white flour has just a drop of gold and pure white has just a drop of raw umber. Which with creamsicle orange? Thanks for the read.

    PS Calvary is Good Friday, cavalry is extra help :>)

  • what white do you recommend for walls with cloud white trim?

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