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Tuesday, June 18, 2013 by {darlene}

This time of year, I dream of the lake house.

My in-laws have a small cabin on a small lake in a small town. Where we tube, and water ski, and sit on swings on screened porches, and eat and rest and smell fresh air. We laugh and enjoy nothingness and are happy that our cell phones don’t really work well.

The kids are in their element, and hours are spent skipping stones, blowing bubbles, and paddling water.

When I sit on that porch, weights and years come off of my shoulders.

And when I fly around the lake on that tube, I laugh and laugh and feel like I am flying. I cannot stop smiling. I have pure fun. And so does my hubby as he tries to get me to fly off.

Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of living in a stone house. I pinch myself when we pull into the drive of Fieldstone Hill. But, God willing, my next home {probably a long way off} will be a lake house.

In the meantime, when the stress gets high, I start dreaming of lake living:















Do you have a place where stress melts away? Do tell!!

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  • I love a lake house. We have a “seasonal view” of the lake since it backs up to our neighborhood so I just pretend :)

  • My relax place is the cottage…especially with 5 other inspiring, beautiful women (you know who you are). ;)

    You and I are going tubing next year…won’t baby girl look adorable in a little ruffly swimsuit and sun hat?

  • We are closing on our lake house next week – as the sellers. So sad. But God has led us in a different direction. We still have our boat, and so we’ll find other ways to have summer days on the water. It is our dream to one day again own a lake house – even if it’s just seasonal occupation, and yes, even it’s just a camper trailer. Time will tell. LOVED every single one of those pictures. My peaceful, happy place for sure.

  • My aunt is trying to sell her Lake House and is having trouble doing so. It has been completely rebuilt on the inside and is winterized too.
    It is a beautiful piece of land and quiet. I will miss it when she sells.

  • These pictures make my heart happy! I immediately melted when looking at them. Ahhhhhhhh, I can feel the nothingness of long, lazy, lake days!

  • Oh….my favorite thing too. I grew up a bike ride away from Lake Michigan and have fabulous memories of sparkling waters, sand between my toes, and walking the pier. My favorite quiet place is thinking of laying on the sand, listening to the water lapping at the shore and hearing the breeze blowing through the beach grasses. Heavenly.
    We dream of a retreat cabin somewhere…water would be perfect. And though we thought we’d have one by now…God has had other plans. His adventure is more exciting (though a little wild right now)…but the dream still exists.
    I love the little lake trip you provided here today Darlene! :)

  • We have a lake house three houses down from your second picture. That is actually their guesthouse/boathouse. The main house is gorgeous. The owner is an architect. At Home Arkansas magazine did a great write up on it that is available at their website.

  • Such beautiful photos! I grew up going to a lake every summer for one week and staying on a house boat. It is such a lovely and relaxing vacation! I just love being surrounded by nature and water! I’m pretty lucky to get to live in Oregon right next to two beautiful rivers that I can walk to!!!!

  • If I like to be peaceful and have very relaxing place I’d go to this lake house. A very tranquil place.

  • The picture of the great living room with lots of blue. That belongs to designer (HGTV) Sarah Richardson I believe.

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