June :: {ditto} DIY link party; plus next month’s project reveal!
Monday, June 3, 2013 by {darlene}

Welcome to the June {ditto} DIY challenge, where your favorite bloggers are doing inspired design challenges every month {and you too!}

Once each month, a group of very different bloggers are attempting to recreate, for their own homes, a project or design element inspired by a haute couture design – selected by moi. This gives us all simple, bite-sized ways to add fine design elements into our own homes – a month at a time! Next thing we know, all of our homes will be filled with gorgeousness!! {For more details on what {ditto}DIY is all about, check out this post.}

{ditto} DIY: Inspired Design for the Rest of Us

The ten hosting bloggers include:

Darlene @ Fieldstone Hill Design
Ruth @ Living Well Spending Less
Cindy @ Skip to My Lou
Jen @ Balancing Beauty & Bedlam
Edie @ Life in Grace
Rachel @ Surviving the Stores
Karin @ Trophy Mom Diaries
Lauren @ I am THAT Lady
Kelly @ View Along The Way
Melissa @ The Inspired Room

This month, we were challenged to Go for the GOLD in our homes, and this was our inspiration photograph:


{Art and design by Samantha Reitmayer Sano of Style/Swoon.}

The {ditto} DIY Challenge:

Gild something, or paint it gold! Then use it in a lovely display.

* * *

I cannot wait to see all of the awesome GOLD {ditto}DIY projects from this great group of bloggers! Be sure to click around and see what they have dreamed up.

AND!! I can’t wait to see what YOU ALL have created. BE SURE TO LINK UP BELOW!!!!!

* * *

But first! Now that you have done all of that hard work, adding some gorgeous gold into your home, here are some designer tips for getting the most out of the golden glow!

Designer Tips

 incorporating gold into your home:

1. Not feeling brave about gold? Have bad memories of brass overload? Just remember, this is not your grandmother’s gold. Each time a trend comes back around, it comes with a modern kick. So start small and fun, like putting a gold nugget chunk on your coffee table, or adding a gilded serving spoon to your table scape, or framing your next piece of art in gold.

2. Have mostly silver in your home? Never fear!! Mixed metals is a beautiful look. Take a deep breath, get brave, and take heart that mixed metals can be nothing short of GORGEOUS!!!

3. If you don’t love gold: that’s OKAY!! Gold is enduring, and I would not really call it a trend… nor would Cleopatra. But, still, that does not change the fact that, if you don’t love it, you don’t love it. And I would NEVER encourage anyone to decorate with something they don’t love. But, it doesn’t hurt to TRY… as long as it is with something low-commitment. Like a {ditto} DIY project, for example!

{for more on discovering your own personal decorating style, and decorating with what you love, click here}

4. Love gold? ME TOO!!!! I think it is simply GORGEOUS! Don’t be shy!! Start adding bold dashes of beautiful gold! Gild a chair. Or paint the back of a bookcase. Or try out one of these awesome gold projects!

 * * * 

Next month (on Monday, July 1st) we are inviting you to join the NEXT {ditto} DIY challenge!:

Announcing the July {ditto} DIY challenge:

July ditto diy

{ditto} DIY

This month’s Inspiration, selected by our interior designer:

A framed pair of Ikat fabric art. Image via Neiman Marcus.

The {ditto} DIY Challenge:

Frame some Fabric!

Designer Thoughts:

“Finding quality art to add to our homes can be a huge – and expensive – design challenge. I love the idea of using beautiful fabrics in gorgeous frames to add stunning and creative art. No more bare walls! Also, this is a great way to finally display that fabric heirloom instead of keeping it crammed in the corner of your closet. I especially recommend framing large fabric pieces, or doing a display “en masse” of several cuts of the same fabric. This gives you maximum impact and “large groupings of art” is definitely a trick from interior designers. Bring it into your own home! “

* * *

Start thinking of gorgeous ways you can frame fabric and create instant art in your home.

And then be ready to join in on the Link-up fun JULY 1st! Your project will be linked up to each and every awesome blogger on the list!



And now comes the fun part for THIS month’s challenge!!

It is time to link up your own fabulous Go for the GOLD projects and join the {ditto} DIY party! It wouldn’t be much of a party if you didn’t stick around, so be sure to check out as many projects as you can! The link up is for everyone, so if you don’t have a blog, you can still join us over at our Facebook Page and link your project there!




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