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Tuesday, June 4, 2013 by {darlene}

The nursery/formerly known as the school room is empty.

The library shelves are ALMOST built.  I am so excited. The organizing and sorting possibilities will be endless! And that makes a pregnant woman sing for joy.

hot mess

And then there is my foyer.

Well, it is a hot mess.

When we welcome someone into Fieldstone Hill, this is what they get to see! Homeschool/baby/bookshelf explosion:

hot mess

and I am glad to report that it does not bother me a bit! As long as I hear hammering downstairs and I am sorting away upstairs, this nesting woman is happy. After YEARS of pulling together operas and musicals, this lady knows the truth:

“4 weeks you rehearse and rehearse.
3 weeks and it couldn’t be worse.
1 week! Will it ever be right?
Then, out of the hat, it’s that big first night!”

Besides this pile has a crib box in it, and new changing pads, changing covers, crib sheets, etc. thanks to my Mother-in-law, who basically gave me an entire baby shower over Memorial Day weekend. Think we are excited around here??

13 weeks people.

13 weeks left…

{planning on a nursery update post this week!!}

What is a hot mess in your home?? DO SHARE!!

Take heart! Hot Mess = Progress!!



{Consultation UPDATE}:

I am super excited to report that I finally got my testimonial page in order. Somewhat! I hope you will check it out. Although Design Boards are still on hold as I prepare for baby, my clients are loving my Skype consultation service! Could you use a fresh designers vision to kick start a home transformation?




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  • The hot mess in my house migrates to the places I refuse to be. Like my husband’s closet. Right now, the glorious knotty pine den from 1977 is where all that stuff lives.

  • Where is there NOT a hot mess in my home! Actually the garage is next on my list. We’ve got it cleaned out (mostly) and I’m on a tear to carve out a little studio space for myself. Chomping at the bit to get it done! Glad everything is coming along there!

  • My closet is the hot mess right now. We can’t find a dresser we like for our 3 yo so her clothes are in there. We had a huge grad party this weekend for our oldest and today is her birthday so we have gifts and party detritus in there too. My husband’s birthday is also today so his gifts are tucked on there as well, and my ten yo will be 11 on Thursday, so there are things for her in there, too. Our foreign exchange student friend turns 18 this weekend and goes home to Thailand, so we’re having a party for her, and that’s all in there too. I’m supposed to be having a baby next week and we’re planning a home birth, so all my birth supplies are on that closet, as well.

    It’s not progress as much as the hub of temporary storage! The idea of a remodel absolutely overwhelms me, honestly!

  • My school/play room is a bonafide disaster zone right now. I’m getting ready to clean out and paint the closet; trying to organize new books & stuff with limited space … sigh! I have a plan, but new bookshelves aren’t in the budget right now, so the plan is on hold! Your space is coming along brilliantly!

  • My bedroom, sadly. It’s just not the love nest I envision.

    My gold tables are nearly finished. We had a rain delay. :)

  • it’ll all be worth it! right now my office is the biggest hot mess because we just throw random junk in there whenever. it’s tough to tackle because i don’t even know where to start. your shelves are looking awesome!
    — jackie @ jade and oak

  • My office is a complete hot mess. I need to give it a makeover. In the meantime, I just store junk in it. Good work.

  • Love the progress happening! My bedroom continues to be a hot mess no matter how many times it gets cleaned. It seems that all laundry baskets, clean or dirty, get placed here. I also have been rearranging my walls in my entry so there are picture frames everywhere!!!


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