project nursery :: my girl’s nursery design board reveal {!!!}
Monday, June 10, 2013 by {darlene}

My Baby Girl’s Nursery Design Board Reveal

Folks. I am starting to get plump over here.

A few weeks ago, I was all cute and snazzy-bump and stuff. Now… not so much. The word puffy comes to mind. As of tomorrow, I have only 12 weeks left – and from now on, I will gain water-weight like it is my job.

So, while I don’t do pregnancy like a rockstar, I DO rock the Nesting part.

Like a drill sergeant, even.

So, starting many many weeks ago, I began gathering inspiration and making girly Pinboards. Then, I hopped on Photoshop, and began cutting and pasting and dreaming and crafting, and I came up with a design that makes my heart sing. {And makes my voice sing too, which is a good thing, because my Brahms’ Lulluby was getting rusty.}

and then, of course, I promptly began shopping. Because I rock the Nesting part.

Design Board Reveal, anyone?? May I present to you:



For the Baby Girl of Fieldstone Hill; The Nursery Design Board:

design board reveal

{some links below are affiliate links. True story. Thanks, lovelies.}

Sources {part 1}:

Peruvian print: but you can find a similar one here

Curtains – Indian block printed, front layer

Curtains – pom poms, rear layer

Eames Reproduction lounge chair from InStyle Modern {can’t wait to tell you more about this goodie!}


Side Table

Table Lamp




Moses Basket and sheet



Dresser, a family piece {thanks Mom and Cheryl!}.

Not all sources are listed here, but more coming soon in part 2! I may, or may not be jealously guarding some things until I make those last few purchases. And I MAY BE secretly wishing that some awesome sponsors will send free stuff my way…. that’s a totally normal thing to wish for, right??!

{Note: Like any self-respecting blogger, I accept beautiful and free stuff. Also, true story.}


* * *

Well, folks. There you have it.

Baby Girl’s nursery.

My heart is on my sleeve, and my truest design craft is there for all of you to see – all personal-like. So tread gently. This board represents so much of what I wish for my sweet little baby girl: vibrancy, color, love for life, a heart for grass and flowers and God’s good earth, and a compassionate heart for the people of the world.

I will keep you posted with progress, and purchases, and construction updates.

These last 12 weeks are going to be crazy!!!!!  And I am SO SO glad you are along for the ride!

* * *

Visit InStyleModern for top-quality modern replica furnishings.


 * * *

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  • LOVE it! You are so awesome. And I bet you are the farthest thing from puffy! Many blessings wished for these last weeks of your pregnancy!

  • Beautiful. Love that it will grow with her.

  • If a heart could unfold before our eyes, this would be our gift. I am already seeing the smile of your baby daughter.

  • Love the Eames chair and Juju headdress! Beautiful global styled room – so colorful…your baby girl will love it!! Pinned!

  • Beautiful. Full of life, culture, color. She will adore this room. Way to go!

  • Oh, Darlene, it’s beautiful!! What a lucky little girl. I’ve been eager to see how you’d design around the Peruvian embroidery…you’re so creative! I love how it’s girlie but not juvenile, classy but warm. Many memories to come! Congrats to your family!

  • First of all, the nursery is absolutely beautiful – I knew it would be when you first revealed the peruvian print that you bought a couple months back, but the thing I love the most is all the meaning behind it and the love you put into it.
    Second, I love reading your posts. You always make me chuckle – snazzy bump! So cute. I think pregnant women are beautiful.

  • I just adore it (and you, but we’ll focus on the nursery for this post)! My favorite part is the chair and side table but the pops of color are just as wonderful! Fantastic job!

  • It’s beautiful and fabulous!! Very “you” :) So, I’m scrolling through the links looking for one in particular…what no rug link?? Checked twice before I read the rest of your post. Must be one of the jealously guarded ones :) Can’t wait to hear the story behind the lounge chair, too.

  • I love it! So unique and wonderful!! I love how you mixed pieces and I love the modern design touches. Enjoy your nesting!!

  • Beautiful nursery design! Loving the Indian block print curtain panels and Eames lounge chair. Can’t wait to see more!

  • It all works so perfectly with your original artwork from your retreat a few months ago!

    My baby will just be moving into our bedroom, and then into a room shared with siblings, but our hopes and love are just the same. I’m due on Thursday, so if I stop commenting for awhile, you’ll know why!

    • Yes! Our second born moved into an empty room! But the love was just the same.
      We have a lot of space between our boys and this girl, so I know that accounts for my overboard nursery tendencies right now.
      But, I just LOVE that you brought this up! Design is for enjoyment and inspiration, NOT guilt or to make you feel like less of a person if your home is not “just so.” Thank you so much for another great comment.
      And prayers for a wonderful, healthy, safe, easy birth!

  • Darlene!!! It’s absolutely beautiful and a true reflection of LOVE!! I am wholly partial to the check mattress cover (you know, I have a buffalo check affinity that cannot be tamed…), but the colors are stunning and warm, feminine yet not overwhelming…and I adore your motive to have your baby girl love Gods creation…this world and His people…beautiful motivation!!

    So happy for you and thankful you shared it ALL with us!!!!

  • Beautiful design for your sweet little baby girl! I love all the gold accent prices and vibrant colors! The trim on the curtains is so cute and an unexpected touch! Well done! Excited to see pictures of the room as it comes together!!!


  • I love how this room so beautifully represents you, your family, and your dreams for your baby girl! It’s all-around stunning.

  • Gorgeous room! Love it, I’d be thrilled to have those curtains and lounge chair in my bedroom.

  • Oh, I hope that didn’t come across as a comparison or snotty at all! I just meant, “I’m excited for you!!! And I know you’d be excited for us, too!!!” I didn’t mean it like we should have done more or you should have done less or anything. I really just meant we’re both celebrating our babies and isn’t it exciting how they are just as celebrated and loved and prayed for.

    I’m just happy for you and your family as you anticipate her arrival! :D

    • I did not take it that way AT ALL!!! I could tell you were excited! But, here at FHD, I have such a love for fineries, while being ever conscious of the fact that beautiful things are just a bunch of stuff… so, I wanted to be sure my readers knew that! Your comment spurred me on and I got excited to point out that: this is all just stuff!! Right!??
      The babies… now THAT is true beauty.
      I am SO SO excited for you!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for your sweet comments and especially your well wishes! Keep us posted on baby’s arrival!

  • Darlene, this is such a cool mix. I look forward to seeing the room come together. Hang in there! The countdown is on :)

  • All the comments are beautiful! And I love your design, it’s everything pretty, feminine, artistic, caring for the world, happy, etc and I think that you thinking of other cultures and the beauty around the world, shows that your baby is lucky to have a Mom like you!

  • Aw I love it! I’m sure my girl on the way won’t end up with nearly such a beautiful room as that, but I will sure try!

  • You have got some serious style. I hope I can be as great of a mother as you.

  • Oh, Dar, it is PERFECT! The best mix and sweet inspiration from the embroidery piece you found. This little girl is gonna have it made in the fieldstone shade.

  • It’s absolutely gorgeous! I love how different it is. It’s all yours.

  • Darlene,
    I have been away visiting my sweet daughters and I return to see this amazing nursery vision. Its wonderful, unique and so creative. Putting it together will be a great distration from the end of pregnancy discomforts. Enjoy the process. Its just beautiful.

  • Such a fun global feel! How excited you must be, Darlene! Hope you are feeling well! ;} You’re in my thoughts and prayers!

  • It is so VERY beautiful Darlene!!!!!

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