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Tuesday, July 16, 2013 by {darlene}

balanced mobile

A Balanced Mobile

Hello dears!

How I have missed hanging out here with you. But I am guessing your summer is full of good and busy things, as is mine.

If you tried to get on Fieldstone Hill Design blog over the last 3 days, you will have discovered that it vanished, thanks to my web server {grrrrrr.}. Finally, thanks to my amazing Heather, all is well again. So two whole weeks without a Monday ditto?? That is a record for me.

But maybe not for long.

I can feel, with every fiber of my being, that I am going to have to start making room for baby. Time-wise, Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Once, a friend told me that a family is like a hanging mobile.

And when you add a new family member to the mobile, the delicate balance is disrupted for a while – whether it is a permanent house guest, an ill parent, an adoption, a baby, a foster child, etc.

But with a little bit of time, the mobile does adjust, and your family finds its balance again.

balanced mobile

{mobile can be found here. This is the mobile inspiration for my Baby Girl’s Nursery Design Board}

* * *

My mobile is tipping.

I am due with baby girl in 7 weeks. SEVEN!!! My heart’s desire is to wrap up my client projects, prepare my home, launder baby clothes, set up a diapering system {I will be doing cloth for part of my diapering, when we are not out and about}, and begin homeschooling so that I can take a solid 6 week maternity leave. Our family focus is changing as we lovingly prepare to welcome a new “mobile-member.”

Here at the blog, I won’t be going anywhere. You are stuck with me {wink}. I will still be sharing my tips and passion for design.

But what I mean to do, and what I can actually get done…. well, those are two different things! For example, I meant to have a nursery update for you this morning. Instead, I slept for 12 hours last night. True story.

And, I imagine that the not-getting-things-done bit won’t change for a while.

Or at least until our mobile finds its balance again.

{hoping to have a nursery update for you tomorrow! hoping. For now: off to ed-u-ma-cate my two precious boys and get some serious snuggle time and a HUGE bowl of yogurt}


Missing you! Hop over to the comments and give me your thoughts on the family mobile, balanced mobile or unbalanced or both!





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  • That’s an accurate analogy, and really sums it up perfectly. Congratulations !

    I’m going to check out Heather’s site too! The person I *thought* was helping me is MIA.

  • TKraft Art & Interiors

    As always your blog was well worth the wait. Enjoy this wonderful and beautiful journey you’re on with your family as you prepare and welcome your new “mobile-member.”

  • 12 hours? Fantastic! It sounds like you needed it! All the best as you prepare for your newest family member to arrive!

  • I’m so glad your site is up and running again! I’ve had that happen once but luckily my hosting site got it back up within 48 hrs!

    This is such a great analogy about a Mobil and I’ve never heard of it before. I find with just one toddler that seasons have changed so much in just 20 months of her life and I have had to adjust along the way. Right now, we are in a groove but I’m guessing soon there will be changes up ahead!!

    Get all the rest you can now!!!


  • I like your analogy with the mobile – that mobile will be spinning like crazy for the next few months! I can’t believe its only 7 weeks away! (BTW, love that gold mobile). I always enjoy seeing my Fieldstone Hill emails in my inbox, not just because of your beautiful design work, but because of your thoughts and perspective on life. It’s sunny and elegant and real all wrapped up in one blog. :) Sharon

  • Mobiles and balance — love that concept for evolving family life. Good to see that you are taking it a day at a time. You know, if you posted once/week, that would be plenty! But some weeks, that might seem like overload. Less is more. Truly.

    Blessings, Darlene.

  • Julia @cuckoo4design

    You know what? You should be sleeping 12 hours every night! I can’t even begin to imagine how you do it all.

  • So glad you know we are stuck. = ) And yay for 12 hours of sleep! (I’m just a little jealous)

  • What a beautiful metaphor! I also homeschool, and have only recently started blogging (for business) and I an nervous about doing both in the fall.

    Just followed your blog on Blogger. Looking forward to getting to know you better.

  • I think the mobile analogy is perfect. Every baby changes everything, but pretty soon we find the balance and everything is in harmony again.

    I normally feel a little stressed while the balance is off at the beginning, but this time I remembered that it ALWAYS feels that way, so just wait it out and things will feel normal again as we settle into the new routine. It’s just a new and different normal!

  • True story about the mobile! Rebalancing efforts over here have taught us all a lot n such good ways. I wish you even more sleep and snuggles to prepare for your journey :)
    PS – so exciting to hear you will also be cloth diapering. There is seriously nothing more cute than a colorful little cloth diapered bum!

  • […] My goodness. This makes for lots of slow moving and plenty of napping. As I was chatting about in this post about shifting focus, it is really amazing how your focus changes when you are expecting a little one. My last 2 years, […]

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