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Wednesday, July 24, 2013 by {darlene}

Dining Room Dreaming

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Our dining room at Fieldstone Hill is our main eating area, and is very very used and lived in. I dream of knocking down more of the stone wall that separates our dining room from our kitchen. But all in due time!

Either way, I believe dining rooms should be


2. Comfortable

3. Lovely, of course

I also don’t happen to believe in having a formal dining room for show. I think it is a thing of the past, and it sure is a shame and a waste to have to dust something you use once a year. {Wondering more? You must snag this awesome book by Susan Susanka}.

* * *

A little bit of high-gloss glamour.

A little bit of farmhouse simplicity.

That is the dining room I long for.

Have fun dining room dreaming:

{all images via Inspiration Dining Room}

dining room dreaming

dining room dreaming 6

dining room dreaming 4

dining room dreaming 5

dining room dreaming 7

dining room dreaming 9

dining room dreaming 8

dining room dreaming 10

dining room dreaming

dining room dreaming

Which one is your favorite?

What is your philosophy about the dining room?




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  • Damewood Technologies

    It is always fun to dream about these things.

  • Beautiful rooms! I love your philosophy. I have both a breakfast nook and a formal dining and we rarely use our formal dining room be sure it’s so separated. Maybe I just need to make it more fun!

  • Yes, I can definitely dream and maybe someday create a dining room as beautiful as one of these pictured!

  • I think I like the loft dining room the best, mostly because I love the huge window and exposed brick wall! They are all lovely.

  • Oh gorgeous! I am loving dark walls lately so my faves are the first one and last one. But the one in the middle with the round table, wallpaper, and red leather chairs sort of makes me weak in the knees. :) These are all gorgeous! I agree with you that dining rooms should be used, and I’m trying to figure out a way to update both the combo living room/dining room we have to be more usable. Great post, Darlene!

  • Hmmmm, I bet you could guess my favorites. That’s right, plural! I can’t ever pick just one:). I also love Brooke Sheilds’ dining room, so sophisticated and love her chairs against the wallpaper mural. Have I told you lately that I love you Darlene??

  • The rooms look cool, but I’m not sure about a fur rug for a dinning room…

  • I love all of these images! And I agree with your philosophy about how a dining room should be used. My fave here has to be the last one from Angie Hranowsky. The color! The mix of finishes on the table and chairs! It just feels like a really great room I would want to be in.

  • I sadly am one of those that rarely uses their dining room as an actual room to sit down and have dinner in. If mine was a beautiful as one of these, I think I’d make more of an effort!

  • My favorites are image 2 and 4, the image 2 because of the open space and big window and image 4 because it’s cozy and with that long table. But they are all beautiful!

  • #2, the Atlanta Homes. It would never work in our ranch style house, but I LOVE it!!

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