inspiration :: above ground pool
Wednesday, July 10, 2013 by {darlene}

Inspiration :: Above Ground Pool

Our family enjoyed a fantastic week at the Lake Cabin last week. We try to make it there once or twice a year, ah, but it is always hard to say goodbye. {and hard to recover. hence my lack of a ditto post this week}

In the middle of the summer, in the middle of Indiana, in the middle of the country, days are quiet and country and pure. If you don’t like the weather there, they say to wait 10 minutes, and it will change.One of my favorite days was when an all-out downpour brought the entire family into the screened porch, where we watched the lake disappear into a fog of gray, from sheets of falling water. It was beautiful. And the sounds and smells were purely summer.

The boys are always in heaven when we head to the Lake. And, at Nana and Pop Pop’s home, there is also a pool. Our toughest decision of the week is usually, “Is it a pool day, or a lake day?” Usually, for weeks before our visits and weeks after, I get to hear the classic childhood cry, “Can we get a pool??????”

With the maintenance of a 180 year old farmhouse like Fieldstone Hill, I am rarely tempted to take on any more “maintenance burdens,” like, oh, say, a pool. But after a leisurely rest, with Midwest Living Magazine in hand…. and the echo of my boys’ pleas in my ears…, I was nearly brought to the dark side by one single magazine image…

And I never would have thought that it would be an above ground pool that has me dreaming! {Truly! Check out my usual in-ground pool obsession in this post}

But, magazine in hand, I soaked in the simplicity of this beauty.

Is this not the most wonderful above ground pool you have ever seen?

above ground pool

{image via Midwest Living}

What I love about it/ What I would ditto:

1. It is fully integrated into the exterior look of the house, with siding that matches the home’s exterior shingles. Whether or not you have a nantucket look to your home, you could easily use this same technique with lots of different siding choices.

2. It is a part of the decking that attaches to the house.

3. It is simple. A basic rectangular shape that remains classy.

4. It boasts an accompanying patio with a wood-burning fireplace and an outdoor-shower {can you see it to the left of the fireplace? Fabulous!!}

5. Because it is woven into the exterior in so many ways, it feels like just another part of the deck.


No. The truth is, I don’t think I am ready to jump into pool land. But, don’t you think?

Isn’t this the coolest above ground pool ever?

Would you ever add a pool to your home, despite the maintenance burden?




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  • My kids would LOVE to have a pool! The answer is still no, but I can see how you were almost taken to the dark side. This is gorgeous! :)

  • Oh, my word. I can hardly believe how lovely that is! I’m going to check out that article. We have a large back yard, but the expense of a pool has always stopped us from seriously considering it. Something like this, though? Hmmmm!

    • I know, right!!? My suspicion is that all of that amazing deck-work and surrounding siding may make it cost the same as in in-ground, but I would love to know if you find out otherwise! We all would!

  • The pool and patio area are just beautiful…love the fireplace…that would certainly make very cozy evenings of swimming…We have always had a pool up until this home….we miss it.

  • Okay, I have to admit, at first I had to admit I thought you had lost your mind…an above ground pool. I had visions of my friend’s above ground pool as a child that we loved as children but I can remember more than once it leaning to one side or the other! But that one is drool worthy! That’s what an above ground pool should be. I love that it is integrated into the patio itself. I could live with that! : )

  • I really like the look of that pool and how it blends into the house and landscape. Very cool

  • We already have an in-ground pool which I do love. It’s worth the maintenance and expense for how much we use it. And floating around out there, looking up at the trees and listening to the birds, I feel like I’m on vacation!

  • Julia @cuckoo4design

    Love this above ground pool! I saw an above ground pool on Pinterest that had glass walls and it was beyond cool too. This one would be a little less maintenance than the glass ;)
    And yes I would totally get a pool if I’d have the room in our yard. It’s so worth it to me!

  • That is way cool, want it in my back yard but pools are a lot of work!

  • That is the nicest above ground pool I’ve ever seen! I love how it’s integrated. I think that’s why I like it so much! Not very many homes in our Seattle area have pools, the weather isn’t usually consistently nice enough to warrant one, but I’d love a pool (and the nice weather to go with it!). It’s been gorgeous here the last couple weeks though, so I’m not complaining. Hope you’re feeling good and pregnancy is going well! :) Sharon

  • This is a dream for everyone! I love it, too.

  • Thanks for sharing and allowing us to pin it!

  • I wonder what that would look like inside of a patio? I really like the idea and how clean it looks with the rest of the house.

  • I really like the look of this but how big is that pool? doesn’t look like you can put a bunch of people in it. Would want it to be a little bigger.

  • It is definitely wonderful. I honestly don’t like how above ground pools look but this one is an exception. This one is really visually appealing. Above-ground pools just need a deck to look nice just like the one featured here. The house looks nice just as well.

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