Bébé bébé bébé Nursery :: Emily A Clark
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Bébé bébé bébé Nursery

Bebe bebe bebe nursery series

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Thursdays is the day for the Bébé bébé bébé Nursery series here at FHD: featuring Girl Nurseries designed by some of the most gifted designers and creative decor bloggers from around the web. {Need some boy nursery awesomeness? Check out Bijou and Boheme‘s Baby Baby Baby Nursery series.}

Today’s designer is the truly-kind and ever-stunning Emily A Clark, author of the Emily A Clark Blog, and design guru extraordaire. I have always loved Emily’s style. In fact, I have even ditto-ed one of her beautiful spaces. I love that her design aesthetic combines glam and practicality, as well as do-ability. I have not yet met Emily {we were supposed to do a panel together at Haven this summer, but sigh, I had to get all big and pregnant!}, but I just know our paths will cross soon and I can’t wait. If you are not following her blog, I know you will just love her posts and tips! Head over for some gorgeousness! And now, I am so excited to share with you what Emily has dreamed up for my Bébé! Please make her feel welcome here at FHD!

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After having five babies, you would think I’d have designed my share of nurseries.  But, my only real effort was with our first back in 2004, and my tastes have changed—a lot—since then.  By the time babies number four and five came along, there was no time (or space!) to even think about designing a real nursery.

So, when Darlene asked me to participate in her anything-goes nursery series, I was excited about the opportunity to dream up a space for baby that could easily convert into an older kid’s room or guest room down the road.  I love a mix of playful and pretty, with plenty of storage for diapers, clothes, blankets and everything else.

Emily A Clark




paint color




bean bag

wall sconce



brass lamp

ABC art

brass lamp (similar)


Thanks to Darlene for letting me do a little nursery scheming and dreaming.  Best wishes with your new bundle of joy!


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I love nurseries that don’t ‘dumb down’ for babies, and this is certainly a gorgeous space that would be just at home in a family room. You have heard me say it before: I love good design for children that GROWS with them, and Emily strikes gold in this department. Such a classy space!

My favorite features? I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with that fun, but sophisticated, wallpaper from Thibaut. Greige walls make me happy because they really set the stage for rich decor. And time after time, I am drawn to black and white stripes set off by brass or gold accents – I knew I loved you, Emily! An armoire for a baby room… what a brilliant idea! And with my baby girl’s closet – already overflowing – I could use all the storage I can get!! Is it always this way with girls? I am used to being the only one around here who has to steal closet space from the boys…

Thank you so much, Emily! I love this livable, growable, and classy nursery design!

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I am having so much fun with this series. You will definitely want to check out all of the amazing designs to be endlessly inspired. What fun to be planning a nursery in a time when the choices are endless, gorgeous and flexible!  My girl’s design board may be done already, but the GORGEOUS ideas just keep coming! Thank you to all you amazing gals for such great designs.

Be sure to leave some comment love here for Emily, sharing your thoughts on this beautifully designed space!

What elements from this design would you use in your own home??






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