Bébé bébé bébé Nursery :: Angela of The Painted House
Thursday, August 8, 2013 by {darlene}

Bébé bébé bébé Nursery

Bebe bebe bebe nursery series

{preggers update: In the final countdown. 4 weeks left! Guess I’d better be ready!??!! Working on the finishing touches to baby girl’s nursery. A big reveal is coming soon!}

Thursdays is the day for the Bébé bébé bébé Nursery series here at FHD: featuring Girl Nurseries designed by some of the most gifted designers and creative decor bloggers from around the web. {Need some boy nursery awesomeness? Check out Bijou and Boheme‘s Baby Baby Baby Nursery series.}

Today’s talented designer is my friend Angela of The Painted House {tphblog.com}. I want to gush to you all about how wonderful she is…. but truly, I am afraid you will just think that they are words. The truth is, I think Angela is one of the dearest, most talented, most lovely women I have ever met in all of my life. She is a first class artist, first class designer, first class style-maker, and first class person. Simply radiating beauty inside and out. I feel so very blessed to call her friend. And – oh friend – when I read her sweet words below, she definitely got the preggo tears a-flowin.’ You MUST hustle over to Angela’s blog, and follow her creative genius as she is about to redo an entire house in true Angela fashion. And I am pretty darn sure you do NOT want to miss it.

* * *

The first time I met Darlene was at an Atlanta hotel as she passed through town. I was waiting in the lobby when the elevator doors parted like curtains on a stage to reveal a gorgeous svelte woman with dark bombshell hair and a killer smile. It was no coincidence that this girl had stage presence, drama, star quality. I would soon find out that her life journey includes performance–as she told me in a voice as sweet as honey. As I wonder about the gifts God is instilling within the daughter he is giving Darlene and her husband, I can’t help but think she will love the stage like her mama. Because when the red velvet curtains part to reveal a whimsical painted set of woodland creatures and a rosy sky of stars and glowing celestial orbs and the first notes of music rise, it is hard not to be captivated by the fantasy of the theater. And that fortunate little girl will alight upon that magic every night as she drifts off to sleep to her mama’s soothing lullabies.

The Painted House


Wallpaper mural

Vintage lighting




Lucie Paruskie poster

Rigoletto poster

Madam Butterfly poster

Flamingo bust


Pink pouf



Black chair


Brass side table

Black pedestal table

Stacked boxes

Bronze and marble lamp

Aqua pillow

Floral pillow

Scalamandre fabric

Designers Guild fabric

* * *



Opera posters? Red curtains?? Fairy tale scenery backdrop? Gold and stars and drama?

Are you meaning to tell me that this little baby girl is going to be a part of her momma? That we may even share some of the same passions? That I am going to have a baby GIRL????!!! {oh, there go the preggo tears again.}

See. This is what I love about design. It captures the heart of things. It can be deep and poignant and full of meaning and life. Not just a bunch of pretty stuff in a room. Angela SO gets that. And this nursery completely reflects that. AND, it just so happens to be filled to the brim with pretty pretty things. Like, come on… that STUNNING wallpaper mural? And DO NOT MISS those sconces. They would totally rock any room! That star rug!! And…I happen to be a complete and total sucker for dramatic drapes. And, it is just like a sweet and awesome friend to rock my pink and red obsession for me!

* * *

I am having so much fun with this series. What fun to be planning a nursery in a time when the choices are endless, gorgeous and flexible!  My girl’s design board may be done already, but the GORGEOUS ideas just keep coming! Thank you to all you amazing gals for such great designs.

Be sure to leave some comment love here for Angela, sharing your thoughts on this beautifully designed space!

What elements from this design would you use in your own home??






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  • this is my kind of room- stunning, classic, yet whimsical! love the design and colors!

  • LOVE the pink and red – beautiful!

  • Oh wow – what an impact this nursery makes! Love the red curtains for such a classy pop of color! Total ‘Ooh-la-la’ Room!! Angela your design is stunning and your description of it and the reasons behind the design are so beautiful – I’m in tears myself! I can see why you just adore this nursery Darlene!! Hopping over to follow your blog Angela!! Pinned and shared! xo Heather

  • Wow! I haven’t done much blog reading lately…and I guess I had no idea you were getting so close to your due date! I am so happy for you to be having a little girl. I am sure the nursery will be delightful!

    Love, and Best Wishes!
    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  • Such a beautiful design aesthetic she has! I love the mural especially

  • I love Angela and I love her take on this beautifully striking nursery. I think I would have known her distinctive style without reading the post!

    Beautiful job by a beautiful friend!

  • My jaw just dropped to the floor. That is one amazing nursery! The drama! The sophistication! It takes someone pretty brilliant to put all those pieces into place. I’m off to check out The Painted House right now!

  • Four weeks what the..? Angela just floors me with her talent! Beautiful room, I think just I found side tables for my living room. I’m going back to stare at that wonderland room, dreamy.

  • What good is a friend if she can’t make you cry? :)

    And my cheeks are on fire with such a sweet, thoughtful post and these sweet comments! Make ME cry!!!!

    Again, smug that I was with you when you found your Peruvian inspiration piece for the BEAUTIFUL REAL nursery that Miss Little FHD is lucky enough to enjoy.

  • That is STUNNING. I love the starry rug and the red + aqua combo!

  • I do believe Angela’s design is my favorite in the series! Love the contemporary sconces paired with the distressed dresser. Pale blue accents along with the gold and black are FABulous! Love Love it all. And Darlene – I literally recently had a dream that I made dinner for you and you were holding your baby! :) I would if I could!

  • Julia @cuckoo4design

    WOW, that wallpaper mural is beyond amazing. Love the room!

  • Oh, that is BEAUTIFUL story-inspired design. Ok, I majored in theatre as an actress and I now have a 3 month old daughter (our firstborn) who I love to bits. That is enough to make me tear up reading wht your friend wrote about you two. However. Seeing as how Miss E just STOPPED sleeping through the night and is now waking up 3-4x a night… “as she drifts off to sleep to her mama’s soothing lullabies” AHAHAHAHAHAAHHHH!!! I might be a little sleep deprived there. Blessings to you, Darlene. It is worth every annoying moment when that little girl grins at you as I am sure you already know.

  • Oh my goodness…this is so beautiful- LOVE what Angela put together!!!

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