A haiku :: Labor Day
Monday, September 2, 2013 by {darlene}

Labor Day

Labor Day is now

The pun is not lost on me

Come sweet little girl.


A few instagram images of my days lately, including a few Sneaky Peaky Nursery Pics. Lots of waiting. I covet your prayers, sweet friends!!

Fieldstone Hill 2013 summer instagram


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  • How exciting!! Hope to see pics of your little baby soon!!
    In other no so important news, I ordered my sconces following your advise I can’t wait to see them on my wall and I got a good price not too pricey.
    Thanks Darlene!! prayers for you and your little baby

  • Hee hee hee! I realized this morning when I woke up that I finished typing out my birth story last night after midnight, which means on Labor Day. Must’ve been a subliminal influence.

  • So excited for you and my prayers are with you. As a mother of two boys, I missed not having a girl. You will have the best of two worlds. But, I did end up with a beautiful,talented, and inspiring granddaughter. The Lord is good! Can hardly wait to see your baby girl.
    Happy Labor Day.

  • Favorite nursery ever! May even be one of my most favorite rooms ever! I love it so much!

    • awwww!!!! shucks!!!!! You can come hang out there ANY time and rock my Bébé girl! Or speak in grown-up language, so I don’t lose my mind!!!!
      Now, little sweet baby girly, COME ON!!!!!!!

      Love you, friend! xoxo See you soooooooon!!!??????

  • Darlene, thinking of you in these final days before your sweet baby girl shows her face! Can’t wait to see her. Wishing you a nice easy delivery….you are in my prayers!! I was due on Labor Day with my first, it seems like yesterday but it was actually 15 years ago :)

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