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Monday, September 30, 2013 by {darlene}

Today’s ditto | a room I love post features an idea packed corner that has made its way around blogland. But most people have been focusing on the fabulous fiddle fig in the corner. Meanwhile, this small glance of a room’s corner offers tons of great design ideas, packing quite a decorating punch!

{Ditto | Room I Love posts demonstrate a great exercise for you as you continue to develop your own personal style: using your own favorite pictures, and making a quick list of what you actually love about the space. If you study what you love about a space, it helps you to bring what you LOVE into your own home!}

Enjoy this Idea Packed Corner, and the quick “ditto” list of why I love it.

So. Do you love it?:

idea packed corner

{ via ditto worthy }

WHAT I LOVE {What I would ditto!}:

1. The hutch: painted white and backed with mirrors, topped with library lighting, and filled with horizontal books. Brilliant!

2. The room is painted a crisp white, and filled with architectural detail moulding added to the walls.

3. That coffee table!! Good thing Kristin showed me how to ditto one of my own!

4. The display of antique trophies above the hutch, giving height and impact when collected en masse.

5. The GORGEOUS antique rug! {here’s a collection of some of my fave rugs}

6. The greek key, skirted table. Love how this table is white like the rest of the room, but because of the thick fabric, texture is added to the room.

7. That antique chair. Say… could it possibly be recovered in Vegan Leather????

8. The piles of gorgeous design and style books.

9. A bunch of pink flowers on the coffee table. This always MAKES a room.

10. And yes. The fiddle fig plant. They are so gorgeous. Even if they are impossible to find and keep alive.



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  • Julia @cuckoo4design

    Love the corner too and I totally think the tree is key. I just found a huge one in Philly but it was $100 and like you said I was afraid to kill it in a short time and ended up not getting it. I still dream about it :(

  • You really have an eye for details and design….I appreciate all you pointed out about this space because, on first take, this is NOT my style of room at all…however, your description of things they did help me to think of the style and not the color or even the way it’s put together!

    I prefer a room with similar interest, but all the white just doesn’t work for me….I need warm to feel invited into the space ;)

    Truly, appreciate how you break it down for us though! Thanks for sharing!

  • you got me. I only ever noticed the fiddle leaf fig.. but my favorite thing you pointed out is the hutch.. white with mirrors and the trophies on top. i have a large trophy collection and may try them over my boring unpainted and unmirrored hutch…

  • Whenever I do find a fig leaf tree, the leaves are already showing signs of not being happy. There must be an easy to keep alive tree! Beats imitation trees and grasses any day of the week!

    love the boxes on the coffee table and so hard to find! At least those that look old world and not a trinket I picked up. I need one to hide the remotes!

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