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Monday, October 14, 2013 by {darlene}

Today is going to be our first entry in Your Style Notebook. So, grab your gorgeous notebook, your lovely pen, and get ready to dive in with just a few questions to get us going! {For more on what Your Style Notebook is, check out the first post}

And I do hope you will join in for the entire series, as we work together to fine tune and/or identify your own personal style. Each week, we will work together – kind of like an online, interactive design session.

Our goal: Identify our personal style so that we can surround ourselves with things we LOVE {not just like}.

style notebook


Entry #1: Out with the Old

In order to make progress in identifying our personal style, we need to clear out some mental cobwebs that could be holding us back. Clear out some mental notions that we THINK are helping us with our decorating, but in fact, they are just keeping us boxed into so-so-ville, and blah-la-land.

May I propose that there is a culprit?

Remember that design quiz you took one day, many moons ago?? You know,

the one that told you that your style was American Country. Or Rustic. Or Shabby Chic. Or maybe Traditional? Or how about Beachy-traditional? What about Minimalist. Or Modern. Or Pottery Barn Style. Or Modern Traditional. Or Transitional? ….. Or my personal least-favorite: Eclectic.

You KNOW what I am talking about.

I call them THE DECORATING BOXES.  And I am here to propose that:

The Decorating Boxes are boxing us in!!! {<-Tweet this}


decorating box

Entry #1: Your Style Notebook

So, your first exercise for Your Style Notebook is:

1. write down “Out with the Old,” and beneath it:

2. write the words that you have always used, or sometimes used, to describe your style. Words that fit into a box. Words that are Specific Decorating Styles. *****Note:  I am not talking about general adjectives here. Instead, I am talking about Specific Decorating Styles with Names; the ones that magazines have given the world. They are the decorating boxes, and we are here to save the world from them!*****

3. Next, I want you to cross those words out! {you might want to do it so you can still read the word/s. So you can remember from whence you came!! Victory!}

There now. Free at last!

And just in case you are afraid you no longer have any guidance in your Decorating Life, never fear. We are going to get rid of our boxes and replace those words with ones that will give you direction…. not fences.

Goodbye, Eclectic!!!! And good RIDDANCE!


Our Community Style Notebook

Each week, we will join each other in community, as we share our thoughts. Here are some ways you can be a part of it all!

1. Tweet your Decorating Box words that you are saying goodbye to, and use the Hashtag #StyleNotebook

2. Share on Instagram, using the Hashtag. You can share an image of your notebook, of an actual box, one from your own home, or from a magazine, or a post, or whatever. No boxes here! #StyleNotebook

2. Head over to the Fieldstone Hill Design Facebook Page and leave a comment sharing the Decorating Box you are tossing in the trash.

3. Leave a comment on this post, with your Decorating Box Words!


Goodbye, Decorating Box!  We won’t miss you a bit!





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