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Ready for another entry in Your Style Notebook Get that gorgeous notebook, your lovely pen, and get ready to dive in with just a few questions to get us going!

{For more on what ‘Your Style Notebook’ is, check out the first post. Also, if you missed the previous challenges, write down your Decorating Box words here, and find your new decor identity here.}

Join the online #StyleNotebook community for the entire series, as we work together to fine tune and/or identify your own personal style. Not mine. Not your mother’s. Not your best friend’s. Yours! Each week, we will work together – kind of like an online, interactive design session. Our goal: Identify our personal style so that we can surround ourselves with things we LOVE {not just like}.

style notebook


Entry #3: Style Words

We can’t move on until we get a grasp of your STYLE WORDS. {Veteran FHD readers, hang in there with me!}

What are style words, you say? Excellent question, especially considering we just threw some of your decorating words over a cliff!

Style Words are NOT:

Decorating Box Words, or design words that tidily explain your style in magazine terms: {words such as: ”eclectic” or “country” or “traditional” or “minimalist” or “coastal” or “modern,” etc.}.

Style Words ARE:

regular adjectives or descriptive words that appeal to you on these levels:

These words should describe:

  1. How you want your home to feel
  2. How you want your home to look, and
  3. The purpose you want your home to serve.

For veteran FHD readers, you may have done this one before. If not, now is the time! If so, it NEVER hurts to restate your vision and get your purchasing and decorating and style back on track!

  Style Words

Entry #3 in Your Style Notebook

Ready for your third exercise in Your Style Notebook ?:


take out your #StyleNotebook and jot down the first words that come to mind in reference to the above list of 3 criteria.


After you have written down all of the words that you first think of, refer to the list on this post, and see if any of these additional words help you to refine your vision. It may also help to check out some other readers’ words: There are some really amazing words in the comments on the style words post!


Final step?  Think on it, and then, narrow it down to five or so words that best describe what you want from your home. Write your final five-ish words down in your Style Notebook, of course! Then get ready to rock your personal style as we continue to move forward!


Our Community Style Notebook

Each week, we will join each other in community, as we share our thoughts. Here are some ways you can be a part of it all!

1. Tweet your own list of Style Words, and use the Hashtag #StyleNotebook

2. Share on Instagram, using the Hashtag. Share a picture of something in your home that already reminds you of your Style Words! #StyleNotebook

2. Head over to the Fieldstone Hill Design Facebook Page and tell the world what your Style Words are! You can even use the Hashtag #StyleNotebook on Facebook or Google Plus. Hashtags are going wild, my friends!

3. Leave a comment on the original style words post, joining many others! I can’t wait to hear your words.


Transform your decorating mind with style words! {<-tweet this}

I can’t wait to hear about YOUR style words!!





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  • Verónica Domurat

    These are my 7 words (I couldn’t do five) of how I want my home to feel, look and the purpose of my home to serve :)

    Artistic, creative, cozy, earthy, elegant, kid friendly and organized.

  • Here we go… Organized, welcoming, kid friendly, elegant, bohemian, vibrant, comfortable. I feel like I am all over the place.

  • Right now I’m frustrated with how cluttered our house is—and we’re hosting Thanksgiving this year! My words are neat, clean, and functional. Once it’s neat, clean and functional I want to replace those words with interesting, textured, airy, relaxing and FUN. I have four weeks to get there.

  • ok, I took a spin on the 5 or so style words into 5 word pairings…seems to work to further define them for me, so here goes: soothing/comfy, rustic/industrial, glam/elegant, vintage/old worldly, creative/artsy

  • Having to play a little catch-up here, but I’ve done this exercise before, ages ago. Had to think about it for a little while!

    What’s amazing is how much my style words have changed from then and now — and the ways they haven’t. My current list: textured, colorful, welcoming, playful, light and free. The only ones that made it from last time are welcoming and playful… is it a coincidence we entertain a lot and always have? :)

    I was formerly a lot more keen on words like glamour, vintage, exotic, worldly, etc., but seem to have let that go. I’m sure my 3-year-old and impending baby #2 have nothing to do with that…

  • Kidproof, relaxing, organized, comfortable, and welcoming.

    My husband and I were raised completely differently. His mom was June Cleaver. Stay at home mom, who’s house never had a speck of dust or anything out of order. My family was completely opposite. My mom worked, and nothing is ever in the same place – still to this day. When we got married, our world collided. Made things…..interesting. =) Now, we have finally met in the middle! Hopefully my words reflect that!! =)

  • My words are organized, textured, comfort, warm, welcoming and kid friendly. I am very excited for this series! I have been struggling to figure out what my style is.

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