built-in of the week :: stunning corner bookshelf
Friday, November 22, 2013 by {darlene}

Built-in of the Week ::

Stunning Corner Bookshelf

I am a HUGE huge huge fan of Built-ins. Hence the newest series here at FHD: The Built-In of the Week.

For more on why I think built-ins are one of the most brilliant home solutions, whether your home is small or large, check out this list. And without further ado, this week’s Built-in:

The Corner Bookshelf that rocks my world:

corner bookshelf

{Design by Billy Roberts, via Inspiration Built-ins}

This Built-in is fabulous because:

  1. It adds architectural interest and storage to a corner that may otherwise go unused
  2. It is a perfect display/storage solution for small spaces because it barely infringes on the floor space.
  3. With cabinet doors added at the bottom, this same built-in could offer great storage.
  4. The detailed moulding and woodwork at the top, along with the contrast painting, is just everything with this piece. I love the combination of practical {the storage and good use of floor space} with the beautiful!
  5. It adds layers to a room that might otherwise be uninteresting in structure.
  6. More room for books! Or your gorgeous collection of coral.


Can you dream up a space in your current or future home where this built-in would be beautiful and practical? Do you have a corner that is crying for this beauty??

Where would you put this built-in? Would it work in your home? Do tell!!






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