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Friday, November 8, 2013 by {darlene}

It is a rare soul who can hear the words, “only 6 and a half more weeks until Christmas,” and not get stressed.

Ugh! The gifting list! It is long. And STRESSFUL {I shall not tell a lie.}. And I know. It is not what Christmas is all about. But we choose to gift-give at Christmas, and despite the stress, it is also a joy.

It is a joy, but it is not easy to give thoughtful, affordable gifts to our loved ones. I for one am majorly in favor of keeping Christmas simple. I try to keep it fun, and between $10-$25 a gift. For my closest loved ones, we might spend a bit more, but we purposefully do not break the bank. Each year, it seems as though we do less and less.

In fact, a few years ago, our immediate family started a new Christmas tradition of giving a gift back to God. We pour through the Compassion International catalog, and Samaritan’s Purse catalog on Christmas morning… giddy as can be. And we select gifts that meet the needs others instead of the wants of our own. It has made Christmas… well… more of what is supposed to be all along.

Nevertheless, we still have the reality and desire to go-a-gifting this time of year. And my heart wants it simpler, and simpler.

So,Here is my simple process:


The main gift. The one that varies.

As I said, we aim for a $10-$25 item that varies per person and is thoughtful.

This year, I went to town at Uncommon Goods and snagged LOTS of goodies for the family. I saw a lot of awesome choices that were fun, but not too pricey, so I am now MOSTLY DONE with my Christmas shopping. Hooray! I can get most of my main-gift shopping done at Uncommon Goods because their selection is huge but VERY unique. You won’t see their items in gobs of other places. Plus, they seem to specialize in carrying things that you can confidently give to “the person who has everything”… you know… ’cause they are “Uncommon,” and all. Imagine that.

The What-you-might-be-getting-if-you-are-related-to-me List:

Uncommon Goods Gift Guide under 20_edited-1 1. Hand Embroidered Napkins // 2. Hidden Animal Mugs // 3. Seed Keeper // 4. Scratch-away World Map // 5. Family Glassware  // 6. Cookie Stamp // 7. Labyrinth Game // 8. Razor Sharpener // 9. Flavor Infuser Water Bottle  // 10. Optimist-Pessimest Glasses //


One add-on item. The same item for everyone.

I often {but not always} add a small and lovely item that I can buy in bulk and ranges from $5-$8/person.

This year {I did this last year also} I will definitely be adding a candle from one of my dearest friend’s candle company: This Little Light of Mine – a candle company that give a portion of the sales to charitable causes. Their candles are AMAZING and top notch and smell like a spa.

Other great add-on gift ideas: In past years I have added on small ornaments or a home-made canned good, or a bag of Christmas cookies. One year I gave a print-out of my favorite holiday recipes.


Lovely gift wrap to seal the deal. The same for everyone, except for the tag!

I also keep this simple. Brown Paper Packages Tied up with String!

Every year I use brown Kraft paper, and tie it up with cotton twine. I love to add holly branches, since we have a holly tree right outside of our front door. Such a classic and simple gesture. And I use these gorgeous and free gift tags from my friend Emily of Jones Design Company.


For others, hostess gifts, and last-minute-gifting-emergencies.

The make-it-by-the-dozen hand-made gift.

I make a zillion of these, and keep them on hand to give to coworkers, the UPS man {the dude knows our whole family by now!}, or any other living, breathing victim who comes close to me at Christmas time!


So here is the summary:

Holiday Gifting, one two three.

1. Select a main, thoughtful gift in a modest price-point.

2. Add on a gift that is small and the same for everyone.

3. Use simple and pretty wrapping


Holiday Gifting: check!





This post has been sponsored by Uncommon Goods in exchange for products. I excitedly did some of my Christmas shopping with them. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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