What to Hang on the Wall {besides art and photos}
Tuesday, November 12, 2013 by {darlene}

What to Hang on the Wall

…when you need a fresh idea.

Art and Photos are the obvious. But sometimes we need to shake things up a little bit, have options, and add beauty to our homes in a creative way. And if budget is an obstacle, we can be tempted to hang – gasp – fake art on the walls. Save me! Try these ideas instead.

What to hang on the Wall, a list of 12 ideas from Fieldstone Hill Design

I love the following ideas for “What to hang on the wall.”

1.  Silver Trays: trays

2. Tobacco Baskets or other large, flat baskets: tobacco basket 3. Antique Hammers or Tools: hammers 4. Wooden cutting boards: cutting boards 5. Baskets: baskets 6. Rustic chalkboard: basket bowls and chalkboard

7. Guitars or Musical Instruments: guitars 8. Antique Sporting equipment: antique sporting goods

9. Straw Hats: hats

10. Vintage Needlepoint Collections:

what to hang on the wall needlepoint

11. Framed Scarves or Fabric:

what to hang framed scarves

12. Framed Magazine Images:

what to hang magazine images

Which of these would you hang on your walls?

For more ideas, these images are via Inspiration Display.







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