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Wednesday, November 6, 2013 by {darlene}

Ready for another entry in Your Style Notebook Get that gorgeous notebook, your lovely pen, and get ready to dive in with just a few questions to get us going!

{For more on what ‘Your Style Notebook’ is, check out the first post. Then, join the online #StyleNotebook community for the entire series, as we work together to fine tune and/or identify your own personal style.}

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Entry #4: Room by Room

So, are you armed with your style words? Seriously. This is a game changer. It will truly transform the way you decorate, and give you confidence as you make choices for your space. Now that we have ditched your confining decorating words, and we are thinking in the direction of style words instead, it is time to move away from general questions and get down to the nitty gritty specific questions in our notebook.

If we were decorating together, you and I would have a discussion about which room you wanted to start decorating – about which room needs the most immediate attention, and why. Then we would dive in, decorating that room first, then moving on room by room. But since we are doing this like group therapy, we will move through the rooms in a set order. Still, room by room! You may not have all of these specific rooms in your current space, but join us for those you do have. This will be the order we will take:

1. Family Room

2. Living Room

3. Dining Room

4. Bedroom

5. Bathroom

6. Kitchen

Have you ever approached your decorating Room by Room? Do you ever try to tackle the entire vision for only ONE room in your home before moving onto the next? Finding an entire vision for your space is NOT the same as buying everything for that room all at once, or before buying anything for any other room. Finding an entire vision for your space, one room at a time, means:

In your style notebook, we will thoroughly examine how we want the room to look, feel and function. {<- Tweet this}

room by room

Entry #4 in Your Style Notebook

Ready for your fourth exercise in Your Style Notebook ?:


take out your #StyleNotebook and write Family Room at the top of the page. Beneath it make two columns:

1. Things That Work/Things I Love


2. Things That Don’t Work/Things I Don’t Love


Brainstorm! And fill up the page with your thoughts!

Spend some time looking sitting in your Family Room and brainstorming. Write down as many things as you can think to write. We will be diving further into the needs and purposes of a family room, so don’t even worry about being all inclusive. Nevertheless, include as many details as you like. Think about the flow, the colors, the furnishings, the art, the practicality, the way it fits your family, the pillow you have meaning to recover, the drapes still sitting in a box in the attic, the dying plants in the corner….


Our Community Style Notebook

Each week, we will join each other in community, as we share our thoughts. Here are some ways you can be a part of it all!

1. Tweet a sampling from your list of what you love and don’t love, and use the Hashtag #StyleNotebook

2. Share on Instagram, using the Hashtag. Share a picture of something you love or something that needs to GO from your Family Room! #StyleNotebook

3. Head over to the Fieldstone Hill Design Facebook Page and tell the world what you love and don’t love about your family room! You can even use the Hashtag #StyleNotebook on Facebook or Google Plus. Hashtags are going wild, my friends!

4. Leave a comment below. Tell us the #1 thing you love about your family room, and if you dare, the #1 thing that MUST GO!

I can’t wait to hear about YOUR Family Room!!





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  • My family room is also my living room (basement is unfinished). We obviously spend a lot of time there, so it’s gotten a lot of my attention and for the most part I love it. Since I do daycare there are some changes we won’t do until I retire (May???) like changing carpet and furniture. My biggest complaint other than those things is the built-in bookcase. It doesn’t face the majority of the room, has shelves that are too short to display anything on other than small knick-knacks, and they either look empty or cluttered. Want SO badly to tear them and the adjoining coat closet out and create an entryway bench with hooks and shelves!

  • OK, your reply got me thinking…here’s phase 1! I might have a plan for the built-ins, and in the meantime I worked on this!

  • I do not have a family room either. Only a living room. Because we are renting the only things I can talk about are my furnishings and accessories. Well, maybe, the size of the room-between medium and large and the furniture placement-not so good now that the holidays are coming. I hate the recliners but I can’t afford the leather chairs (red) that I want. So I will have to save up. Everything is pushed into the walls and I don’t know how to re-arrange them for a better look? Maybe I will learn how to here?

  • Verónica Domurat

    Ok here we go,

    Things that work/Things I love:
    Toy storage boxes
    Bright open space

    Things that doesn’t work/ I don’t love:
    Overhead lighting (white and gold fan)
    Need to paint back door to match trim and installed door stopper
    Too many different wood tones
    Dark green tile around fireplace
    Dark green leather chair recliners (they are not bad, just powerful presence but good size not huge :)
    TV cabinet (too modern and dangerous corners for a two year old)

    I realized I can work with my existing furniture even though they are hand me downs and not everything is our style. Embrace the dark green, work with it or hopefully you don’t pay as much attention hahaha. Change fan (we live in texas so a fan can be useful besides AC).
    Well that’s it for my family room, that has to bee pretty and useful where my daughter plays everyday and where guests sits.
    Thank you Darlene.
    P.S. do you have any sources where I can look for track lighting pendants for my kitchen? thanks ;)

  • 120″ curtains
    built in shelves painted dark brown in contrast with cream walls
    sofa sofa table
    end tables
    Entertainment center

    fireplace surround
    lack of mantle
    knee wall

    Is this the last post in this series?

  • Things I love:
    – wall and ceiling color
    – floral pillows with all the colors I wanted to mix into the room
    – cream TV stand
    – tray ceiling (courtesy of my hubby!)
    – beautiful 103 year old hardwood floors

    Things I don’t love:
    – lack of entry way
    – lack of places to “display” decor
    – lack of closet
    – lack of curtains
    – lack of artwork on the walls
    – cluttered bay window area
    – I want to mix prints in this room, but I really don’t know how to make mixed prints “work”

  • Is there any more posts? Don’t leave me hanging!

  • Darlene, I loved the first My Style Notebook posts and I keep wondering if I missed the follow up ones somehow. Does this post complete the series? If not, can you direct me to the remaining ones? Or hopefully resume this series in the future? I would love to see more posts on this!

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