built-in of the week :: an armoire to die for
Friday, December 13, 2013 by {darlene}

Built-in of the Week ::

An Armoire To Die For

I am a HUGE huge huge fan of Built-ins. Hence the newest series here at FHD: The Built-In of the Week.

For more on why I think built-ins are one of the most brilliant home solutions, whether your home is small or large, check out this list. And without further ado, this week’s Built-in:

Check out this stunning, amazing storage solution:

an armoire to die for

{Design by Linda McDougald, via Inspiration Built-ins}

This Built-in is fabulous because:

  1. Why just have a boring old closet when you can add architectural interest as well? This built-in is from a Master Bedroom and has been built around a beautiful, free-standing armoire.
  2. I LOVE how this entire built-in is custom designed around the gorgeous armoire. It inspires me to consider my own favorite furnishings an how I might be able to highlight them and add to their usefulness and permanence by adding a custom built-in around it.
  3. The ‘feet’ of the built-ins match the ‘feet’ of the armoire, giving them a free-standing and airy feel. These details are what makes this built-in so great.
  4. The detailed moulding and woodwork at the top is added to the original armoire piece to extend it all the way to the ceiling, beautifully.
  5. In a day when there are so many cookie-cutter homes without architectural interest, this set-up could add enduring beauty to an entire wall. It is grand, but it also brings a large space down to size, pulling the walls inward a bit and adding a cozy layer.
  6. Drawers! Not just for hanging clothes, the built-ins add storage drawers that are useful for so many wardrobe storage needs.


Can you dream up a space in your current or future home where this built-in would be beautiful and practical?

Do you have a large wall in your home where you could use this design trick?

Where would you put this built-in? Would it work in your home? Do tell!!






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  • LOVE IT! very cool idea. A fine marriage between a unique free standing piece to the streamline look of built ins. One could take this idea even further. What if you make it look like it’s a built in around a free standing armoire, but in reality you’re using the armoire’s doors, legs and molding for the facade only?

  • Julia@Cuckoo4Design

    So gorgeous! Reminds me of my parents french armoire.

  • I have pinned this look once before and it was not this well done! This is drop dead GORGEOUS! Thanks for sharing this kind of inspiration! Whew….. talk about shooting for the moon!

  • Where can I find plan for my husband to build this? I’m with the first poster, we’d do it all in one project, making the armoire door fronts out of natural wood, and painting the other pieces white, but we need to know who made this and if they offer plans, either free or for sale.

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