Tips for Decorating with Radiant Orchid , Pantone 2014 Color of the Year.
Thursday, December 19, 2013 by {darlene}

Tips for Decorating with Radiant Orchid

The Pantone 2014 Color of the Year has been announced.

Radiant Orchid.

decorating with Radiant Orchid

and I am pretty excited to see this color everywhere, since it is a close, slightly-more-purple-ish sister to my favorite color, fuchsia.

I love Pantone’s campaign for highlighting a color of the year. I helps us to think about color and chat about it, and reflect on what it means to us… a thing we haven’t done since sitting on the playground asking our friends what their favorite color is. It can also stretch our boundaries. Last year’s color, Emerald, was not one of my favorite colors. But as I kept my eyes open for the use of this royal color, I found that there were certain decorating circumstances where I really did like Emerald. Can you relate? {I think you’ll have fun doing the Color Commitment Quiz that I crafted, to help us think about how we want to use certain colors in our own homes.}

So, orchid.

How do we decorate with this vivacious, bold color?

Tips for decorating with Radiant Orchid

1. As a small accent:

Ready to try just a bit of orchid? For most of us, just a splash of this gorgeous color is enough. Fabrics that incorporate orchid, small accessories like pillows or other sprinkles of orchid decor items around the room make for the perfect way to add some Radiant Orchid fun into our homes:

decorating with Radiant Orchid via Fieldstone Hill Design decorating with Radiant Orchid 33 decorating with Radiant Orchid 6 2. As a grand statement:

True Orchid fan? Cover a large upholstered piece, cover your walls, or bust out several gallons of Radiant Orchid paint for a big, gutsy, and gorgeous impact.

decorating with Radiant Orchid decorating with Radiant Orchid decorating with Radiant Orchid2 decorating with Radiant Orchid7 decorating with Radiant Orchid1

3. Bend Orchid’s color to suit your decor whim:

A. Pair with reds, yellows, or oranges to bring out its pink side:

decorating with Radiant Orchid9 decorating with Radiant Orchid4 decorating with Radiant Orchid5

B.  Pair with purples, blues or greens to bring out its purple side:

decorating with Radiant Orchid 3

So, are you a Purple-ish Radiant Orchid lover?

Are you a Pink-ish Radiant Orchid lover?

Is this color a favorite? Should you commit to a large dose of Orchid?

Or do you just want to try a little dash of this fun color?

And most importantly,

what do YOU think about Radiant Orchid?

Remember what I always sing-song around here: Decorate with what YOU truly LOVE!


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