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Monday, December 16, 2013 by {darlene}

Happy {ditto} Monday!_peacock

You guys have all been so patient with this tardy post-er. My life is filled to the brim with good things, but I always think about my community here! Have I told you lately that I love you?

Well, after a long weekend of egg-nogging and tree decorating and gift wrapping, I am finally in the Christmas spirit. It took me a while, I will admit. I am only doing the basics this year, but I am really soaking in every moment. We usually do two trees… this year is one. We usually deck the halls…. this year, we are decorating the baby. But as always, we made a day of our tree trimming and enjoyed the giddiness of it all. Our boys are 8 and 6, and I know we are in those treasured, precious years that will pass like a breeze.

I had hoped to share some Christmas decor pics, but instagram will have to do during these itty-bitty-neworn days, since it is about 10 times faster than posting for this weary momma. I do so hope to see you there! In the meantime, a little nugget of cuteness for you….

Georgia Lu

Today’s ditto is a tour of a very, very special home. One filled with life and color. I hope you enjoy this collection of photos I took while visiting my very talented friend {and client!} Edie Wadsworth. Most of you know, Edie and I worked together on decorating her home, and then we were blessed with being featured in Better Homes and Gardens. I have shown you my design boards for her home, now enjoy the little detailed vignettes that Edie has created that truly make this a magnificent space.

People, this woman is GIFTED! Her home is like a huge present waiting to be opened. Before I stepped through her doors, I was ready to simplify, minimize, and eliminate. After sitting in Edie’s home, I am ready to drip every corner of my own home in color! And GLAM, oh my! This girl knows how to do glam. It is like my inner girly self had a jump-up-and-down party, as I feasted on every energetic corner of her home. And when you are done peeking into her home, you will agree! So, Get ready to add some joyous color to your home!

Enjoy Edie’s beautiful home:

Edie's house Fieldstone Hill Design living room Edie's house Fieldstone Hill Design lvrm Edie's house Fieldstone Hill Design living room and fam

Edie's house Fieldstone Hill Design hall Edie's house Fieldstone Hill Design bar Edie's house Fieldstone Hill Design plant Edie's house Fieldstone Hill Design bookshelves

Edie's house Fieldstone Hill Design us

Edie's house kids Edie's house Fieldstone Hill Design girly Edie's house Fieldstone Hill Design pantry Edie's house Fieldstone Hill Design entry

Edie's house Fieldstone Hill Design teacups Edie's house Fieldstone Hill Design buffet Edie's house Fieldstone Hill Design tablescape Edie's house Fieldstone Hill Design place setting

Edie's house Fieldstone Hill Design girls room Edie's house Fieldstone Hill Design nook Edie's house Fieldstone Hill Design glam chair

Edie's house Fieldstone Hill Design workroom Edie's house Fieldstone Hill Design boys

Edie's house Fieldstone Hill Design Mrs Tumnus Edie's house Fieldstone Hill Design powder room

Edie's house Fieldstone Hill Design me and Edie

Click HERE to see the design boards I created for Edie, and our article in Better Homes and Gardens.

A very special place, and an amazing woman whom I greatly admire. Feeling so very thankful for Miss Edie and her precious friendship!

I would love to hear your thoughts on her home!

Are you inspired to go Maxi-malistic and Colorful after seeing her amazing place?





From our family to yours! A Christmas card! {and our baby announcements too}. And here’s a free shipping upgrade for you, click on the image below to head over to Minted and order your gorgeous cards.

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  • You posted shots from different angles that I don’t think I’ve seen before. I love Edie’s house. Y’all did a great job.

  • She is so adorable and I love her smile.

    What a gorgeous home and that green dresser and mirror are Pinterest famous. I’ve pinned it ;) and see it all the time. Love

  • Magically delicious! Thank you so much for sharing these. I always think “creative abandon” about Edie, yet she is so classy and focused, too. Love your designs, too, Darlene! Her Reno is how I first found you online. Cheers! xoxo

  • I’m so excited you got to see your designs in person! Edie’s house just oozes her personality right through my screen! Love it!

  • Thank you for taking lots of pictures. I love seeing my inspiration home. The two of you are too cute

  • LOVE!! Edie’s blog is how I found you! I’m confident I could live there and be happy for a very long time.

  • I just Love Edie’s home! It screams of so much personality and makes me feel like I know her just by how he lives! I love that about design!!!

    I’m so happy you are enjoying each and every moment with your family during this busy time of the year! We can wait to see pictures later!!!


  • It’s a busy time of year and so many other things take priority over posting, for sure! I’m with you on that. :) I love following Edie’s blog too and think her house is absolutely amazing – original, colorful, beautiful. I love your photos from your visit, you all look wonderful and Georgia is a Gerber baby doll! Merry Christmas to you, Darlene! Sharon

  • I’ve loved Edie’s home & Edie since I found her years now ago. Her personality oozes right thru & has only become more distinct & apparent over time. While I love bright happy spaces like Edie’s (Meg from Whatever is another that comes to mind)…I’ve found my homey niche is more neutral & richly textured. But I still love seeing Edie & her home regularly.

  • How fun, and great pics. I love the comfort, you can just sense it, it looks welcoming and filled with love – things I feel anyone should feel when visiting a home. I loved the pics of the kids/family. Everyone looks happy together. Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas.

  • OH, how you have blessed me, friend!! And what a joy to have the whole family here—makes me love you even more, if that’s possible! Having you here was such a treat and I LOVED seeing your enjoy it—the work of your heart and hands and mine.
    LOVE you so much and thank you for helping me settle into my style.

  • Very cool home and so much color and texture everywhere. Would be fun to live in that home.

  • What a wonderful job you did on decorating Edie’s home! I love all the paint colors you picked out. I was wondering if you could tell me what color blue was used on the built in bookshelf in her living room. Even though I have the bhg magazine that she was in I just downloaded the digital version so I could see the pictures in a larger format. The blue on that bookcase is beautiful! Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures!

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