5 feminine {easy} touches to add to your home and style
Monday, January 27, 2014 by {darlene}

Having a girl has been so. much. fun. I cannot believe how “pink” my life has become! … and fuchsia.

I absolutely loved being a boy-only mom, and despite my passionate affection for most things girly, I was afraid of having a girl… that I wouldn’t know what to do or how to be girly with my girly… Oh, boy {no pun intended}, was I wrong. Give me all things pink and fuchsia and lavender and such, I say!!!!! And wrap them up in a satin bow. I am a bit taken aback by my newfound love for the girly goods.

Even Valentines Day is looking especially lovely in its Impending Pink-Ness this year {my hubby and I are long time Valentine’s Scrooges}. And I am slowly but surely adding sweet feminine touches to my home, now that this room has thrown me over the edge in to girly-ville and I can’t deny the influence that my friend Christine and her stunning home has had on me. So, in honor of my insane girly streak – which I am thinking might just stick – I give you:

5 feminine touches

5 Feminine {& Easy} touches to add to your Home and Style

There are varying degrees to which we can add the feminine touch to our homes, all out or just a bit. Below is a list of my favorite ways to keep the girl in the decor. Add as much or as little as tickles your fancy!

1. Flowers

A lot or a little, when it comes to making interiors beautiful, don’t forget to add flowers!

They can add the icing on top of an already feminine space:

feminine touches

{image via tobi fairley, design by suzanne kasler}

Or they can soften a more masculine space:

feminine touches

{image via architectural digest}

{money saving decorating tips for incorporating flowers: 1. don’t forget about the foliage in your own yard, which is good for the cutting. 2. Plant a cutting garden specifically for filling your home with flowers. 3. Seek out low cost floral options at the grocery store or street corner. I love baby’s breath {very cheap} when it is displayed all by itself.}

2. Pink

There is no other color more associated with girl-ness than pink.

Try bringing just a splash of this fun color into your home:

feminine touches

{image via lauren stern design}

or you might even have the guts to go over-the-top pink!:

{image via inspiration color}

Do you have any young girls that could use a bit more pink and feminine touch?:

{image via fieldstone hill design, design by darlene weir}

{money saving decorating tips for adding color: 1. To save money long term, don’t commit your large furniture pieces to pink. Just throw in a fun pink pillow. 2. Check discount clothing stores for gorgeous scarves. They can replace the look of a throw when tossed over a sofa or chair. I have a gorgeous one in fuchsia that I love to use around my home.}

3. Sparkle

Sparkle is the fun side of femininity! Every home can stand to have some sparkle in it!

Pillows are great ways to bring in some shimmer:

feminine touches

{image via my thing for sparkly stuff}

feminine touches

{image via bambina at etsy}

My favorite way to add sparkle to a home is by adding a chandelier:

{image via fieldstone hill design’s home tour}

{money saving decorating tip for getting the chandy of your dreams: Don’t pay retail! Our chandelier {above} was purchased from a store called “Good Used Furniture” in the middle of the small-town Midwest. When we purchased it, the shop owner even threw in 2 chairs we were looking at! Never say never – I thought I could never afford a chandelier!}

4. Frill

Frill is the ultimate feminine touch. There are lots of ways to add some frill to your home.


feminine touches

{image via house to home}


feminine touches

{image via dreamy whites}


feminine touches

{image via my home ideas}

{money saving decorating tip: lace, tulle, and pom-poms can all be integrated into your homes via fun and easy DIY projects. Hop over to Pinterest and do a search, and you will find amazing blog posts all over the web that help you add feminine frill to your homes for a fraction!}

5. A throne for m’lady

The lady of the house should have her throne. Do you have a sitting nook that is all your own, or a special place to sip your cup of coffee?

In this design that I did for my client Edie, we had so much fun picking out “her” chair, that we could not decide, and had to put 2 choices into the design. Here are options one {turquoise} and two {yellow zebra stripe}:

{design board images via fieldstone hill design, design by darlene weir}

And then, we added a “throne”  in her all-purpose workroom that houses her desk, a homeschooling space, and a laundry room. The chair really steals the show, and also hints at who keeps this family a-ticking!

{image via life in grace blog, design by fieldstone hill design (see design board here) }

Have you ever thought of having a “throne” of your own?

{money saving decorating tipMy own throne cost only $30! Don’t let money be an obstacle. Get creative {and patient} when it comes to making your home comfortable and beautiful.}


I would love to know! What ways are you inspired to add a feminine touch into your home?







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  • Oh I love the addition of flowers and some pretty pillows too. Great suggestions. Be sure to link up to Inspire Me this afternoon, this is a great reminder to add a little feminity to our spaces. http://www.astrollthrulife.net. Hugs, Marty

  • I’ve never been a huge pink lover!! Maybe it’s because I lived in a pale pink bedroom for so many years and I got tired of it and never wanted to go back. Now, with my 2nd girl on the way Im sure I will be embracing the color eventually. I do love all things girly including sparkles, ruffles, and glitz!!!!

    A throne sounds so amazing and had for me thinking…I MUST have one!!!!


  • Boobs and busts, primammarily.

  • Oh how funny! I have just the opposite problem! While I have NO problem adding feminine touches to my home, my goal for now is to add in some masculine touches. I’m thinking some bold stripes and leather. My favorite rooms seem to have a good mix of both, and I want my home to say “A man with excellent taste lives here – and see how well we compliment each other?”

    Love your suggestions though – my husband is a green thumb so I get fresh flowers in the house from April to October!

  • Great ideas! yes to the flowers and poofs for sure. I also use white fairy lights year-round. Love em. And candles.
    Your style collections always inspire me!!

  • Very pretty! I love being a girl. Living with boys though, most of our home is not too feminine. I just redid our closet though and that is the most feminine space I’ve done in our house. Remember one of the monthly challenges we had with gold? Thanks to you, I have embraced gold in our home and added it to so many things including a gold floral wall in the closet! I’m posting that tomorrow.:) And Edie’s throne (the whole workroom!) is still one of my favorite things on the blogosphere!

  • What a lovely post, some pretty good ideas. Flowers and addition of pink color is my all time favorite.

  • Hi Darlene,
    I love your taste! I am an LA artist and wanted to share my work with you and your readers after I came across your gorgeous site. I have a new series of works in gilded frames not yet posted on my site and I am about to add pricing to the site. I would love to be featured now and or for Holiday Gift ideas etc.

    Keep in touch!

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