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Copy the brilliant designers, in your own home.

This Amazing Dining Room Alternative

Today’s ditto  post is a token to so many of us who have unused dining rooms in our homes! When I read The Not So Big House, and Creating the Not So Big House (affiliate links. thanks, loves!) many years ago, it completely transformed the way I think about space, home design and how we use our rooms. I truly do NOT believe in wasted space in our homes. This is very important in a tiny home, a small home, and even more of a challenge in larger homes that have superfluous rooms that only get used once a year.

This ditto features Carolina Herrera Baez’s entry foyer to her Madrid home, as shared by Elle Decor. The entire home is amazing, but I see so much when I study the simple entryway. This fantastic space opens the imagination to a creative function for any superfluous space. Like, possibly that under-used dining room in your home…

{Ditto posts demonstrate a great exercise for you as you continue to develop your own personal style: using your own favorite pictures, and making a quick list of what you actually love about the space. If you study what you love about a space, it helps you to bring what you LOVE into your own home! }

ditto of -Carolina-Herrera-Baez-entry

{ design by Herrera Baez and Lopez-Quesada, image via Elle Decor. Follow the Elle Decor link to see more images of this gorgeous home.}

WHAT I LOVE {What I would ditto!}:

1. The use of space. It is impossible to tell from the photos what the original function of this room may have been, but I love how it functions. The room reminds me of so many dining rooms that you see in homes, the ones that are directly off of the foyer and rarely get used. I LOVE this idea as an alternative to a dining room that never gets used.

2. Those walls! I am not sure if the wall is covered in fabric or in paper {probably fabric, as it matches the back of one of the settees}, but the fabric tape border and the nail heads are simply stunning and unique. Gorgeous. And a touch of dressmaker always makes me happy. Ditto!

3. A center table with no chairs, but a zillion books. This immediately gives the room a library feel, and it also invite you to stay a while and find something wonderful to read.

4. Space to mingle and peruse. There is a lot of breathing room in this space. Just minimal seating, and a perch for books. This would be a fantastic corner if you were to host a cocktail party. Which I do all the time….

5. Symmetrical seating. I love some glorious symmetry. The settees appear to be a match, but have differing fabrics. It makes me want to sing: “You may see a stranger….across a crowded room….” Settees that make me sing = ditto!

6. That gorgeous Suzani fabric. The Elle Decor article indicates that the Suzani was given to the couple as a wedding gift, and she had the settee recovered in it. I love that bold and gorgeous choice!

7. Books. books. books. Ditto.

8. Natural carpeting. In a world where hardwoods are king, it is nice to see a gorgeous usage of carpeting. What makes this so successful is that the carpeting is of natural fibers, so it has a textural, earthy appeal.

9. Two fabrics on the same chair. The settee closest to the camera has buffalo check on the seat, and thin striping {that matches the walls!} on the back of the settee. I love this for further decor interest.

10. Grand greens in the middle. Don’t ever skip fresh plants or flowers. They make the space, and add life, figuratively and literally.

11. Pale art to stand out against the patterned walls. This offers beautiful breathing room for the eye when a room is filled with glorious pattern.




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  • i love when you break a room down! I really love the clash of masculine and feminine in the room. the sweet lines of the settee against the really straight lines of the tall table. the pinstripe lines lined with the dressmaker details. such a fun combination!

  • Love the emphasis on reading and enjoy the beauty in all the elements so far mentioned. The design of the light softens the lines in the room, esp the top of the light fixture, and its angles mirror the lines in the rest of the room.

    For me, the table greenery is too high and perhaps the table too. I do like, however, a table heavy with books. The settee looks comfortable (the fabric is lovely) but the matching chairs not so much for extended reading. I don’t think children would grab a book and plop down to read in this room. Nor would I. But the elements of the room are so well managed that I am getting all kinds of ideas from this photo.

  • Gorgeous entry. She has impeccable taste. I love an entry with a table in the center. Perfect!

  • That suzani fabric is gorgeous- and what a lovely idea for a wedding gift!

  • So so pretty!! We never use out dining room but just sit at our Kitchen island. It works now but in the future as the family grows we will be using it.

    I love the idea of redefining a space to fit your needs. The fabric walls are killer and I just love a good lantern chandelier!!!!!

    Blessings sweet lady!!!

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