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Friday, January 10, 2014 by {darlene}

A few years ago I wrote a post sharing a new category that I wanted to add to this blog: living with beauty.

The category was meant to cover areas that I am passionate about, but don’t fall directly under interior design. Since then I have shared a few posts that fall under this umbrella: Some recipes, wellness posts, fashion posts, and faith thoughts.

I realized the other day that I have been blogging here at Fieldstone Hill Design for over three years! And in that time I have seen things evolve and change with my writing passions. I am starting to realize that “living with beauty” is not a subcategory in my blog, rather it is the main category of my blog. It is the over-arching purpose of Fieldstone Hill Design. It is the heart of the matter.

live with beauty

Granted, the main topic that I share about here is interior design. And of course! I am an interior designer! This is such a passion of mine, and I love to talk about how we can live with beauty with in our homes. But if blogging is sharing a piece of yourself, the truth is, that I think what I really have to share is the concept of living with beauty in all areas of our lives.

So I wanted to let you know about this change that is going on in my heart, and hence, my blog. More Living with Beauty! I don’t really think too much is going to change on your side of the screen – design is all about living with beauty, but I am a realizing that Fieldstone Hill Design is about more than just design. It is about living with beauty, and allowing that mantra to effect how you eat, how you care for your family, your home, your tablescapes, yourself. THIS is the message I was born to share: Live with Beauty!

I often come back to this poignant small moment in my life:

When I was in Italy several years ago, I remember seeing a little old lady tending to some flowers outside of her home. Before I saw her, I had realized that so many things in Italy are filled with simple, classic beauty:  The way they present their meals, the simple table settings, the beautiful homes, the music, the fashion. And it is most often not a result of showy grandeur. But rather an intentional and careful attention to adding beauty in everything.


And it was that sweet little old lady that sealed the deal. She was slow, she was simple, but nothing was going to stop her from pouring her heart into her simple and lovely flowers. This beauty was a part of her every day. It was a part of her skin and bones. Beauty was WHO she was.

live with beauty

This is what I long for. Beauty. And not Beauty that will fade, but Beauty that will endure and persevere and last and be eternal. Beauty that begins here on earth, in the simple choices of each and every day. And Beauty that will last longer than the sunrises and sunsets. Beauty that reflects something more beautiful.

As I feel my battle-cry at Fieldstone Hill Design growing stronger, I ask you:

Are YOU living with beauty?


So much more to come on this as we unfold this question together. Rest assured, if you come back to this place, Fieldstone Hill Design blog, we will be unwrapping the INTENTIONAL adding-of-Beauty into our everyday! Together. With the help of the Maker of Eternal Beauty AND Earthly Beauty.

Join me in making this subtle change in your life, one that will impact everything! {<-Tweet this}

Want to be intentional about adding beauty to your every day? I invite you to start sharing on Instagram and Twitter, the little ways that you live with beauty, using the hashtag, #livewithbeauty . You can see an example of how I have used it here and here.







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  • Hi Darlene..
    What a lovely post. Thank you for sharing. It’s inspiring and touching. We are gifted with so much beauty in this life! I am blessed by the heart of your blog.
    Blessings to you,

  • I was in Italy over 20 years ago and I felt EXACTLY the same ! Beauty seemed to be everywhere, not just in museums . It’s in the architecture, food display, the way people looked and dressed. The language. It was everywhere! just like food is so much a part of the French culture, to me beauty was what Italians celebrated! all the time.

  • Verónica Domurat

    Wow Darlene!! I don’t know what is it that you are doing… but seriously the way you are writing is awesome, full of beauty, deepness….just touching.
    I’d been wanting to comment on every single post because they just keep coming full of love.
    The work you did on your friend’s house living room was beautiful, so you!
    I’d been busy doing my homework, since your post about decorating with that we love in our family room I have been thinking so much about what I like, what works and what doesn’t. And I want to get better not just at my house but how I feel, how I share my life with my husband and how I raise my daughter. So little by little.
    I will write on your other post of the little pretty notebook (that mine is not that pretty haha) about my family room.
    Thanks for inspiring us and to take little steps to reach our own goals.

  • Julia@Cuckoo4Design

    What you mentioned is something that has bothered me here int he US very often and is one of the number one things that bugs my mom and dad when they visit.
    The simple attention to beautiful things in everyday life and living life slower like they do in Europe is missing here. Everything is fast. That table setting is home for me and instantly makes me home sick. In Europe you eat with a table cloth and would never eat from plastic plates. I will still never understand how people can eat from plastic or paper plates and drink out of plastic. You put time into a great meal and then downgrade that meal with how you present it. Or drink beer out of a plastic red cup. Bugs me.
    So I’m done venting now. But this post has truly spoken to me and reminded me of the things that I miss so much :(

  • a thousand times yes dar…BEAUTIFULLY said :)

  • One day last summer I took my camera outside and photographed everything in my yard I found beautiful– the light fixture, the lone hibiscus, the curve of a railing– it’s incredible what you can capture when you slow down and really SEE what’s in front of you. Can’t wait to explore more ways to #livewithbeauty!

  • I couldn’t endorse this post more! I am now helping my daughter design her wedding and that is our mantra: live with beauty. And we are discovering that less is more so that beauty can be most appreciated.

  • Lovely! I want more of this! Thank you, Darlene.

  • What a lovely post Darlene, you made my day. Its really great to appreciate and embrace the beauty surrounding us.

  • […] hats. In all of these hats, I desire to live the very best life that I can, one where I can Live with Beauty in all aspects of  daily living. My many hats? Well, I am Momma of three, wife to a very loving […]

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