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Tuesday, January 21, 2014 by {darlene}

Today is the day!


Well. I have officially made it through my first week with my Un-word fresh in my mind. And also, fresh in my husband’s mind. Which happens to come in handy. He kept me on my toes.

I reject you, “Guilt.”

So, we were both on high alert for editing the words “I feel bad…..” OUT of my vocabulary.

Not gonna lie. This was particularly hard with the kids, since I never feel like I give them enough of me. Anyone else? Not to mention, over-commitments. And then, there is slew of activities we participate in… they are always asking for more more more. And I just so happen to be in a season where I cannot volunteer for one more thing.

But it really did make a difference to be mindful of the Little Engine Who Hated Herself. I have had it with this “I feel bad. I feel bad. I feel bad” business. It’s reign over me shall end.

Unword2014 Fieldstone Hill Design

The time for the Un-word has arrived!! So many things are going to come to an end. Things that need to be pruned from our lives. Things that need to be Un-worded and UnFriended: Did you read about Angela’s word? Edie’s word? Nester’s word? Some amazingly GOOD stuff.

I don’t want to take on more. Instead, it is time to LET SOME THINGS GO. And I am so, so glad we are banding together on this one.

What is YOUR Un-Word? What are YOU saying Goodbye to this year??? I can’t wait to find out. Be sure to Link up below, or if you are not a blogger, please leave a comment below!

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So, I am IN LOVE with my Essential Oils!! I am into natural choices for my family, and this is the main way I avoided toxins during pregnancy, and also now that I am nursing.

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  • Hi Darlene Thanks for hosting the {un}word link. My {un}word is {un}comparison

  • Hi, Darlene,
    My un-word is “faith.”

  • whoops, I’m NOT saying good-bye to “faith,” I am embracing that word and saying good-bye to “doubting.”

  • Hi Darlene, I have been in treatment for acute anxiety and depression for the last 27 years. It has been a long and challenging journey. Even though my doctor has me on an excellent regimen of medication and therapy, I still have days when my condition “breaks through” my treatment. On those days, I become very AFRAID of everything, even things that seem silly to fear. I know much of that is a function of my disease, but I have decide this year, I am really going to try to work on some new project or something I have been putting off. My UN-word is UN-afraid. Wish me luck!

  • Verónica Domurat

    My un-word is unplugged. I spent too much time in my computer. I read a lot of blogs and is great, I learned a lot and they can distracted me nicely. But is time I do somethings on my own at home and be more brave and work on my art. I also want to work out more. Have more energy and patience for my daughter and be happy and be with my husband more.
    So I am unplugging myself from internet. Sometimes read some blogs that make in courage me to do better and sometimes I’ll share pictures of my daughter to friends and family and I’ll talk with my Dad on skype but we will be better with the time for both of us and not tired us.
    I’ll keep reading your blog of course!! I jusy have to time things better.

  • Hi Darlene! I’m late to the party, but here I am, and I’m excited about my UNword for the year: balance. I know, I know–so many people have chosen “balance” as exactly what they want to embrace for the new year, but I’ve decided that trying to impose balance on my life is not good for me. So this year I’m going for rhythm instead of balance. I think that’ll be a better watchword for my life.

    Thanks so much for coming up with this wonderful idea and for hosting the party! :)

  • Hey Darlene,
    My UN-word for the year would be “can’t”.
    I tell myself this all the time and now is time for a positive attitude. Don’t you think?
    I am even going to build my own website. Do you have any ideas who I might go to for help? A FREE site might be nice. LOL Anyone else can jump in here with advice too!

  • Mine, Darlene, is two words… and hate. I am tired of loving and hating things which don’t amount to anything. I love the Lord so do I love chocolate…I have evil so do I hate liver (yes, but…) I am trying to put them in prospective!

  • Darlene!
    Thank you for hosting this. Such a neat gathering of women. I found some new blogs of mamas I just can’t wait to follow (LeeAnn Taylor’s {UN-Divided} had me in tears and on a mission! My “un” word is un-apologetic.

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