7 Quick, Easy Ways to Spa Up Your Bathroom
Monday, February 17, 2014 by {darlene}

In the few times that I have been to a spa, my favorite thing about it is the atmosphere.

Candles. Fresh fragrance. Soft Music. Peace and Quiet. Details that Pamper.

And while I am still holding out hope that I will suddenly turn into a “regular spa girl,”  it is probably not going to happen.  Truth be told? I would rather spend my resources elsewhere on most days {read: decorate my house}! Better that I turn a tiny bit of focus toward creating the Spa Experience here at my own home.  Adding a Touch of Spa to my own bathroom seems like a much more effective use of my time and money. That way, the spa is waiting for me… every day.

You can have a spa in your bathroom too! And it is easier and cheaper than you think!! Below is a list of very simple ways that you can add that Spa Atmosphere into YOUR bathroom:

Seven quick and easy ways to spa up your bathroom decor via Fieldstone Hill Design


1. Add white, fluffy things.

White fluffy towels! Fold them beautifully and pile them high. Stack some on a chair. Hang a white, fluffy robe from a lovely hook behind your bathroom door.

But wait, you say. White seems so impractical and high maintenance. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth, or hotels would all have dark towels. Be sure to buy white cotton that you can bleach, so you will never have to worry about keeping your whites clean. White doesn’t have to be fussy!

2. Remove the labels.

Maybe I am the only odd-duck who does this, but have you ever noticed how gorgeous a bottle can be if you take off the labels? Have you ever noticed how nice an entire bathroom can look without a displayed jumble of mismatching, fully labeled bottles? I just KNOW some of you are thinking: Who in the world has time for that? But I promise you, if you remove the “visual noise” from your space , you will enjoy a more peaceful environment. Peel ‘em off when you are soaking in the tub!

The gorgeous bottle in the picture below used to have 2 huge stickers on the front and back, plus a T.J.Maxx sticker, and a clearance sticker. So there. Visual noise: gone!

3. Add a natural sponge or loofah.

The  little ol’ sponge, that you see in the photo above, was less than $2 from Walmart. And there he sits, making my bathroom look spa-like. If you actually use your sponge or loofah {oh, please do! That is what the Spas would do!}, be sure to replenish it when it starts to look drab.

By the way: Loofahs are wonderful for exfoliation. And I can’t think of a single spa treatment that does not include exfoliation! So there you have it, decor that doubles as a fine beauty treatment.

4. Use bar soap on a lovely tray.

Bar soap on a tray adds such an organic look and gorgeous smell to your space. And it is one less label that you have to look at! I recommend purchasing natural, organic bars that have chunks of rosemary or oatmeal or lemon in them. It will delight your senses and add texture to your space.

The silver hotel tray was a clearance item! Keep your eyes peeled and your imagination running.

5. Add fragrance.

By simply lighting a candle and adding some beautiful smelling bath salts to your soak, you will be amazed at how easy it is to get your very own bathroom smelling like a spa. Shop for bargains, and then stock up on delicious fragrances to have on hand.  And for those of you that have read this post, it won’t surprise you to know that I love diffusing my lavender oil into the air when I relax in my own “spa.” When I do, my bathroom is transformed to a spa-like state in an instant.

But my favorite way to add fragrance is with fresh flowers, when I can get my hands on them. Below is a small bundle of Lily of the Valley I picked right in the front yard at Fieldstone Hill. The smell is indescribable.

  young living


6. Splurge on one Spa Product.

Find something that feels and smells divine, makes you feel great, and is not priced at an embarassing rate, and scoop it up. Just one. Just one lovely bit of Spa goodness for you to look forward to. Currently in my bathroom is this face and body scrub , and I am going to have a small pity party when I run out of it.

7. Noise control.

Peace and Quiet is hard to come by in my house. Can you relate? Every once in a rare while, I get the house to myself, and can soak in the silence and really escape to think.

In the meantime, my two tips are this: 1. Find a way, some way, any way to be alone in your space, removed from the regular noises of your week. and 2. Bring some soothing music. May I suggest a Chopin Piano Sonata? And then play it very softly.

If you actually have an empty house, you might consider complete silence. Something not even a Spa can offer.

{all images are taken from my bathroom at Fieldstone Hill}

* * * *

For your own Spa Day in your bathroom, I pulled together some of my favorite “spa-worthy” items to share with you below {affiliate links. Thank you, loves!}:


Is there anything new you are eager to add to your Spa bathroom?

I would love to hear if you have any of your own ways that you love to “Spa up” your bathroom!!

Now, go get yourself some Peace and Quiet, add a few simple touches, and enjoy your Spa Day!

* * * * *

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Have you been hearing buzz lately about Essential Oils? I love mine for a zillion reasons!

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  • I went to my first spa EVER last month. On my wish list is a rain shower head . I didn’t think I would like it , but it was heaven. The second thing I would like to add is a personal attendant to bring me drinks .

  • Great tips to get the feel of a spa, I loved this post.

  • You mentioned candles for fragrance, but also for lighting. A group of candles on the bathroom counter instead of overhead lights on makes the most relaxing bath ever!

    Also, Epsom salts are super cheap at Walmart. For a fabulous spa experience, mix them with Dead Sea salt and baking soda, then add several drops of essential oil (lavender, ylangylang, or sandalwood are lovely and relaxing). A few drops of food coloring and they look gorgeous in an apothecary jar or bail jar on the counter, but even plain, they feel wonderful in a bath. You could sub milk powder for the baking soda or dendritic salt to hold fragrance, or a mix of citric acid with baking soda for fizzing, lots of things that add a lot of bang for the buck!

  • Love the no-label idea! I’ll have to implement that post-haste :) By the way, taking a hair-dryer and holding it over sticky labels heats up the adhesive and they peel off no prob! It’s relatively easy, and kind of therapeutic… LOL :)

    • In my bathroom right now, are lidded jars that originally held candles from, of all places, Kroger. They cleaned up beautifully and look lovely holding q-tips and cotton balls.

  • Great tips! I love white towels for our bedroom also. The labels idea is actually so great, I totally understand what you mean about that. I am going to start looking around for that now!

  • Great tips! Will see what I can put into action in my own bathroom! :) Having a nice shower curtain in front of the bathtub makes a big difference for me.

  • I always love some nice, relaxing music to chill out with while soaking away in the tub.

  • I found a rummage sale chandlier that I painted silver& added remote control tea lights. Also for more calm lighting a salt lamp, fire stone and a pretty glass jar with Epson salt with a flameless candle. Future items will be a spa shelf to fit across tub and Ikea white robes. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Sharon, I have looked for months for remote control tea lights. Do you mind me asking where you were able to find yours? I have sconces high on the wall that hold tea lights. Really need a remote or a tall ladder…lol. Thanks in advance.

    • Mmmmmm those heavenly Ikea white robes & YES to using the hairdryer to take off labels (wish I’d known that trick years ago when, on many Christmas Eves, my thumbnails ached from removing price stickers for Santa!) Light bulb moment: CANDLES instead of lightbulbs – of course – why didn’t I think of that??

  • Thank you for the “to-do” list for the bathroom of our new house which I wanted to create a spa-like atmosphere in!

  • Keep your kids (and all their stuff) out of it.

    • haha! my kids are not allowed in when I soak, that is for sure! But we do have a basket of kiddo toys that are completely hidden from sight – tucked behind our claw foot tub. Sometimes, hiding works just as well!

  • I have a small frame in my bathroom with a quote by Theodore Roosevelt “Comparison is the thief of Joy”

  • I usually do all that you have posted as well as Epsom salts & my favourite essential oil of the moment, or fresh or dried flower petals tied up in a gauze sachet.
    I also keep my silver ice bucket in there for my half bottle of bubbly (the candles always look pretty when they sparkle off the silver), or fresh juice & plenty of icy, lemon or lime infused water, as well as a silver dish for my bite sized fruit or grapes (or chocolates if I’m feeling frazzled), scented candles .. a must as far as I’m concerned.
    I also keep a basket with my facial potions, so that while I’m relaxing, I have my mask on my face & cucumber slices or cold tea bags on my eyes.
    Another must have is my fluffy towelling robe which is always on a pretty hanger in my spa bathroom. I’ve used fluffy white towels, facecloths & floor mat in my spa bathroom for many years now … & I always cut the labels off those as well.
    I also have a few other little spa ‘rituals’ that I enjoy … but most of all … I try to remember to turn the ‘phone off. :)

  • we did a complete remodel of our one and only bathroom. I had the contractor put insulation in the walls. Then I had him take extra 2 X4’s and put where shower curtain rod would be screwed in, towel bars, and lights so they were extra sturdy. Then I had a light sconce put in just above the toilet and right by the tub/shower combination. Just turn off the lights and you have your candle light by a sconce lighting on a dimmer switch. :)

  • Loved every idea you presented.These ideas would work in any type of home.

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