five free things you can do NOW to create a gorgeous room
Monday, February 3, 2014 by {darlene}

 5 Free Things you can do NOW

to create a gorgeous room

five free things

Nearly all of us have been limited by the costs of decorating. Unfortunately, this can give us a terrible case of Decorating Paralysis. And then of course, there are life obstacles and realities, such as finding time. And these sources of decorating paralysis often keeps us from having beautiful spaces in our homes.

What we need is a quick pick-me-up list to motivate us to make some free and immediate changes to your decor…. for the better. Use what you have – and use it well and purposefully – to get a designer look! Here are five, free, pretty-much-instant ways you can add beauty to your space: {<-tweet this}

1. Edit and Remove

five free things {via inspiration living rooms}

I have said it before: “You can’t have a beautiful space if it is filled with junk.” {<-tweet this}

Kind of sassy, I know. But it is very, very true, alas.

Beauty needs breathing room. And I am not talking about starkness or severe minimalism. I am simply talking about

1. getting control of the “stuff” of life, by organizing it – or chucking it, and

2. giving away or tossing the ugly, broken, fix-it-later, sew-it-later, my-great-aunt-gave-it-to-me-and-I-would-feel-terrible’s that are clogging up your home and taking away from you enjoying your favorite things.

3. giving away or selling the extra furnishings that just clog up traffic in your home.

Let the natural beauty of your home shine through, by giving it space to be seen and enjoyed. No more junk {wink}.

2. Find ‘functional art’ for your surfaces

five free things {via the inspired room}

What is functional art? Basically, belongings that you own that both 1. serve a use or purpose AND 2. happen to be beautiful.Some ideas for ‘functional’ art that you can find in your cabinets and shelving, and bring out hiding to display on your tabletops:

1. a beautiful bowl that you have hiding away in a drawer or china cabinet that could be taken out and put on display.

2. a grouping of beautiful books that may currently be hiding in your bookshelves. Pull them out, and stack them from largest to smallest on your tabletop.

3. a bowl of grapefruit or oranges, or nearly any other fruit, makes a gorgeous display.

4. a tray that you usually use for serving can be pulled out of storage and placed tabletop.

5. a stack of pretty dishes or bowls, set out on display, but ready for use.

6. a row of wine bottles and glasses, set out invitingly.

Why hide your favorite things in your cabinets, when they could be decorating your home?

3. Hang ‘functional art’ on walls

five free things {via life in grace, image by BHG}

Again, functional art is something that 1. serves a use or purpose and 2. is also beautiful. But on the walls, you will need functional art that can actually be hung, of course.

Some of my favorite ideas for functional art, that you may just already have around the house:

1. a collection of straw hats

2. musical instruments, gathered and then hung on the wall

3. a display of your favorite plates

and more, I actually did an entire post on this: Check out more ideas and photos here.

So again, go “shopping” in your closets to find treasures that would delight the eye, and work as wall art.

4. Add symmetry

five free things

{via Bijou and Boheme}

This is a simple tip, and you likely won’t need to purchase a thing for your home to accomplish it.

Look for ways you can employ the ‘law of symmetry’ throughout your home, and make an effort to move things around so that your symmetry is emphasized. Get ready to find things in your home that come in two-sies.

1. Do you have any items in your home that come in pairs? Set them out on display using symmetry.

2. Arrange two chairs to flank anything in your room – a dresser perhaps, or a console.

3. Arrange pillows symmetrically, with something in the center.

4. Find a center focal point, and arrange items in your room around it symmetrically.

Symmetry works because it helps create order, allows your eye the breathing room it needs to take in the design, and it emphasizes a focal point. Try this trick for free!

5. Create sitting areas and nooks

five free things {via inspiration sitting nooks}

Want to make your home dreamier? More retreat-like?

This tip is simple, and you can go do it right now. Go ahead, I will be here when you get back!

Gather a favorite chair, a lamp or other lighting, a small table or ottoman, your fave books {here is a list of some of my faves}, a cup of something yummy, and create a new favorite place to sit. This can be done in no time at all, and can really become the highlight of your room. And it will not only look pretty, but it will be welcoming and useful as well. For free.

You’re welcome.


I would love to hear how these ‘freebies’ work for you?

Is your home feeling more beautiful already??


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