Honey, Is It Spring Yet? {goodies to bring Spring home early}
Thursday, February 20, 2014 by {darlene}

I truly hope that you live in a part of the world where you cannot even fathom what I am talking about:


Because, I am about to go C.R.A.Z.Y.

Friends, when I gaze out of my door, I see three to four foot piles of snow circling my car. I see our recycling, which has not been collecting in over a week, balancing precariously on a five foot snow beast. I see sheets of ice because, as I understand, the entire Northeast is out of salt crystals.

Yes. Typically, I am one of those folks who declares, “If it is going to be cold and it is going to be gray, well then, it may as well snow.”

But, “BASTA!!!” {that’s Italian. For “Enough, already!!” Watch out when I start throwing fits in Italian.}

Is it Spring yet?

Did y’all know that I curate a special Guest Picks collection for Houzz.com every month?

This month, of course, I had to daydream about the soft tones of Spring. The sweet smell of Spring. And the gentle buzz of the honeybee. Ah, yes. I nearly hear Vivaldi’s violins starting up in the background.

Goodies to bring Spring to your home early, inspired by the honeybee, via Fieldstone Hill Design
So, in honor of my current obsession with Spring, I curated some honeybee-honeycomb-hive-love, in the event that you are ready to add a little touch of Spring to your home… like, today. These are affiliate links {thank you, lovelies. xo}, but only stuff I think is fun and/or gorgeous. Enjoy:

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Have you been hearing buzz lately about Essential Oils? I love mine for a zillion reasons!

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  • Love your collection! My husband is a beekeeper; we have an affinity for all things honeybee. Spring will come! When I’m impatient I always remind myself that it’s not as bad as the years I spent in Alaska!

  • I am so ready for Spring! These grey rainy days are giving me the blues. I need some sun and vitamin D! A little wardrobe change-up would be nice too! I want to break out my maxi dresses!!!

  • It’s Saturday morning,the house is quiet and I got up early to catch up on your blog with coffee….what fun! Even in SC it’s been a colder-than-normal winter but….it’s about to change. Maybe you should consider a second home back in the South…someday! I noticed daffodils popping up yesterday….can’t resist saying that…love your lilies in the valley and your face/body scrub. I use it, too, it makes me feel a little bit pampered!

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