My boys room reveal {with sources}
Wednesday, February 26, 2014 by {darlene}

So, in blogland, it seems that people are just cranking out room reveals.Well, if things just-so-happen to “reveal” a little bit slower at your house, you might be encouraged by my post. Because, my lovelies, it has taken me three… maybe four…. actually six years to get this boys room “done.” Like a fine wine.

Six years ago, I brought my darling, little, second, baby boy – the one with the perfect lips and a head full of black hair – home from the hospital. This room was his cavernous nursery, with no window treatments and a painted subfloor. Then, when he turned three, we moved my two boys into this space together. That was three years ago, and I have been slowly and surely decorating it ever since.

Yes, I am an interior designer. And {don’t tell!} I also decorate on a limited budget. And I am also unwilling to settle {at least not without a good fight}… hence, often willing to WAIT for what I want. To the tune of three years. This slow-mo decorating actually happens in real life. Now you know. … or maybe you knew already.

Today, I am finally SO excited to share my boys room reveal. AND, btw, in the works is a rockin’ post that will give you step by step details on how to create your own designer room with a limited budget. Next week, hopefully! {click here to get on my email update list so you don’t miss that post!}

My Boys Room Reveal with sources from Fieldstone Hill Design

{Interior design and Interior Architecture by Darlene Weir, Fieldstone Hill Design}

Yes, three whole years ago, I made this design board, with my vision for this room:

FHD DWeir Boys' Room-1

And then a year-ish later, I refined it after working with some clients with their children’s rooms, discovering Pinterest, and finding some goodies I loved. I wanted it to have a more sophisticated feel, and due in large part to my do-not-buy word, I eliminated most of the “cute.”:

FHD DWeir Boys' Room_edited-border-1 Unbeknownst to my 3-year-ago self, a rug with white stripes is a bad option in a boys’ room. So, that was one of my big changes, that I am still so happy about. I had fallen in love with the Treehouse Rug from Dash and Albert after using it in this client project, so I wanted it for this space as well. I loved how it grounded the space, and matched everything and nothing  – with its fantastic muted, earthy colors. I cannot get enough of Dash and Albert’s cotton weave rugs. I use them in – ahem – LOTS of design projects. So, I knew I would be happy with one of their rugs in my precious boys’ space.

I also adore the idea of trunks at the end of matching twin beds, so I had to add that. Perfect for both storage, and as an extra surface. Also, it is no surprise that I finally give in to my drape obsession. Goodbye cornices. You were never meant to be.

Y’all. I am so happy with this room. It is filled with light, and fun, and style, and two of the dang cutest boys you ever did see. And now that the previously mentioned newborn is six, and just lost his first tooth, what do you say we do a room reveal??

The Boys’ Room at Fieldstone Hill:

Boys room reveal main view Fieldstone Hill Design Boys room reveal Center shot Fieldstone Hill Design Boys room reveal wide view Fieldstone Hill Design Boys room reveal Bookshelf Fieldstone Hill Design Boys room reveal closet long view Fieldstone Hill Design Boys room reveal stone wall Fieldstone Hill Design Boys room reveal Sofa corner Fieldstone Hill Design Boys room reveal sofa Fieldstone Hill Design

Boys room reveal fan window view Fieldstone Hill Design Boys room reveal Dutch door puppet theater Fieldstone Hill Design Boys room reveal open dutch door Fieldstone Hill Design Boys room reveal castle Fieldstone Hill Design Boys room reveal mobile view Fieldstone Hill Design Boys room reveal designer pillows Fieldstone Hill Design Boys room reveal rocking horse Fieldstone Hill Design Boys room reveal rug closeup Fieldstone Hill Design Boys room reveal Dash and Albert Fieldstone Hill Design_edited-1 Boys room reveal barn wood art Fieldstone Hill Design

Boys room reveal Action Bible Fieldstone Hill Design

Boys room reveal train Fieldstone Hill Design Boys room reveal airplane Fieldstone Hill Design Boys room reveal bedding Fieldstone Hill Design Boys room reveal bunny Fieldstone Hill Design Boys room reveal rug car Fieldstone Hill Design Boys room reveal center close Fieldstone Hill Design



The showstopper rug: Treehouse woven cotton rug, 9 x 12: Dash and Albert

Duvet Covers : West Elm {original pattern, mosaic tile}

Schumacher custom designer pillows, fabric Adras Ikat in Caravan: Beckwith Textiles {These pillows are from  an awesome shop of Designer fabric pillows. Loved her quick delivery time and quality handmade pillows, all using designer fabric.}

Pillow Cases : Pottery Barn Kids, {brown dot}

Brown Gingham sheets: Pottery Barn Kids

Whale pillows: Etsy, Contemori shop

Beds: Craigslist

Dresser: Yard sale

Brown Gingham blackout curtains: Pottery Barn Kids

Custom Barnwood Art: 163 Design Company

Wall color: Blue Heron by Sherwin Williams

Solar System Mobile: Pottery Barn kids

Rocking Horse: Baltic rocking Horse

Wooden trucks and cars: Community Playthings

Byholma Gray Wicker trunks: Ikea

Bean bag with sherpa cover: Pottery Barn Teen

Fan: Hunter brushed nickel table fan

Sofa: from a local church youth group room

Door hardware: VanDykes Restorers

Painted subfloor How-to Post

* * * *

My clients, two awesome and fun and wonderful boys, really adore their room. Pillow fights abound, lots of horsing around goes on, and all in comfort and style. It is a place we all love!

Thanks for hanging with me at Fieldstone Hill as I lovingly reshape our house into a home! Stay tuned for my next post detailing how you can create a fantastic designer room on a limited budget.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this space, or any thoughts on your own children’s room projects!

*** this post was sponsored by Dash and Albert. I pursued them {in hound-like style} because I REALLY wanted their rug for my space. All opinions are mine, and I really do appreciate you considering my sponsors for your next project. I recommend items that I would use {and DO use} in my own home. Thank you, lovelies!

* * * * *


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  • It is this VERY room that “led” me to you! The floor, specifically…and then I fell in love with everything about not just your style but YOU. :-) And now I have a little part in it! Pure thrill!!
    ADORE IT…all of it!!

  • Gorgeous! I love the layout of your room. Fabulous job.

  • oh, and can I tell you how much i love the fact that you got that sofa from a church youth group room? score, big time!!!!

  • one of my favorite rooms that you have done- stunning!

  • Absolute perfection-all boy and just the right amount of “cute” touches (love the whale pillows). What lucky boys that they will love that room for years to come. Well done! Oh, and I NEED that rug!!!

  • What amazing architecture you have to work with! Beautiful job.

  • What an amazing room for your boys…Not only is the decor perfect, but the architecture in the room is just wonderful!…I just love the wall with the doors and cabinets and window seat…So beautifully done…you are so very talented!

  • I love it! Darlene, I think what I like best is that it is timeless. Your boys are so blessed to enjoy that beautiful space. I have no doubt they are loving it. :)

    Sometimes I wonder about how things happen so quickly in blogland. And then I remember, it doesn’t matter. We so need to be true to ourselves, our values, our families, and our budgets. You do that well, my friend, and inspire many. (I too, can be a ‘slow’ decorator. In the end it’s a good thing.) ;)

    BTW…I think Holly Mathis would love your boys’ room too. I see a similar vibe going on. ;)

    Best wishes for An Extraordinary Day!

  • Love it! Looks like a wonderful place to play, read, dream, live, grow up!

  • Oh, Darlene, what a precious and cute room with so many grown up details, yet it is still perfect for 2 little boys. You are SO good at this stuff!! I love me some Dash and Albert too.

  • It’s absolutely beautiful! I love the rug. I have a few Dash and Albert rugs and they are wonderful! The architecture of the room is perfect – love the stone. You picked things that will look good in there for many years. Nice job!

  • Just gorgeous! Great colors and patterns, and those stone walls are priceless. I love it!

  • Totally worth the wait! I loved getting to see the other side of the room with that great stone wall and the comfy sofa. I’ve always LOVED the floor, I’m so glad you didn’t change that! And I love how you’ve made it all coordinate without being matchy-matchy and “cute”. Great job, Darlene! One bit of info I didn’t see in your sources: what color blue is on the walls and the floor? Is it the same on both? Forgive me if it’s in the painted floor tutorial that I didn’t take the time to click on (because I read it when you first posted way back when :) )

    • GAH! People ask me that all the time, and I cannot remember the name of the floor paint colors. SO sorry! The walls are Blue Heron from Sherwin Williams., but it is a grayer blue on the floor.
      Thank you for your sweet words about this space!!! xoxo

  • Darlene!! You’ve outdone yourself on this room. I LOVE the fact that you put it together over a period of years. I can well imagine that your post about how to put together a designer room on a budget will be awesome. I employed some of your tricks in my living room, as you know! Let me know if you ever want me to give a testimonial about how one of the best ways to create a designer room on a budget is to get the help of someone like YOU–spend a little to save a lot (a lot of money, a lot of headaches, a lot of heartaches).

    That sofa? Oh my word. ‘Tis good to be able to envision a piece of furniture with new upholstery!

    Thanks for the tip on the Dash and Albert rugs. I’ve heard of that company but never before bothered to look at their products closely. Their prices are very good, so it’s great to know that the quality is good for such reasonable prices.

    Okay, I’ve written enough…when what I mainly wanted to say is three words. You. Are. Awesome.

  • it takes time to do things correctly and you have such great bones in this room..the millwork and that amazing dutch door..i love every details..arent those ikea baskets just this space so should be published!

  • This is an amazing room, with so many wonderful details. Love the couch against the stone wall, the split closet! and the furniture. Well I love it all actually!!! Great job as always.

  • I love that room and everything in it! I would add some woven blind at the windows behind the beds, but that’s just me. Great job!

  • This is absolutely dreamy! I am SO in love! Great job!!

  • That’s a great boy room, Darlene! I like that it isn’t too busy. I also love it that you have such a great seating area- for them, for you to join in… And I always like seeing what books are on someone’s shelves- we have similar titles. :)

    P.S. Dash and Albert rugs are fantastic! I now own two.

  • Love this room Darlene! The bones alone in this space are amazing! I love the stone wall and all the lovely doors and windows! The color scheme is so dreamy with that soft blue and I love the large wicker baskets! Well done lady!

  • This room is utterly fantastic. It is so boy, so home, so understated sophisticated and warm. I love every single thing about it.

  • I love this room! I love the natural feeling, how it’s both calming and a fun place to play, how it’s not focused on cartoon characters… Just beautiful! By the way, where did you get the My Bible Stories series on the boys’ bookshelf?

  • This is just so perfect. I adore the room itself with those vaulted ceilings and stone wall- so so pretty. And what you’ve done with it just takes all of the character and makes it that much more charming. The room is so classically elegant but still comfortable, relaxed and fun…love, love!

  • Darlene, I totally understand your decorating timeline :) I love how it turned out. The beds are my favorite!

  • Three cheers for Darlene! I am a faithful readers of your blog. I don’t often comment as I am currently taking a full load of upper level college classes while still being a wife, mom and interior designer.

    This post resonated because I often tell my clients/readers that it take time to tell a really good design story. While I love the abundance of decorator stores that provide affordable knick knacks as well as blogs and television shows that provide overnight inspiration there is something to be said about collecting and pulling a room together slowly. It is these rooms that are often timeless and star on the pages of shelter magazines.

    Your boy’s room shows that love lived largely in the details. Bravo!

    Also, big kudos for reminding people that slow and steady does with the race.

  • the room is adorable from the beds to the total decor. Where did you get the wall art? Did you make it? I love the little quotes.

  • Darlene,
    The boys room looks GREAT! I just found your blog and am excited to “look around” some more to see some of your other projects and maybe get some inspiration for my own home! Thanks for sharing :) Also, I am the Youth Director at our church and one picture in particular caught my eye… is that the Action Bible I see? Looks familiar :)

  • Thought so… it’s a fan favorite at our church too! Thanks for posting- glad to have found a new blog to follow and learn from!

  • Julia@cuckoo4design

    You outdid yourself. It’s such a special and beautiful room. Every single detail!

  • That’s an ideal little boy’s room. The room is decorated simply and greatly. Thank you for sharing the tips to decorate boy’s room.

  • So here I am, before 8:00 in the morning, procrastinating on the laundry, because the mountain of dirty clothes is just SO! HIGH!, and I found your blog, quite by accident, and SWEET MERCY! Look at this bedroom!! How cool! All of those white doors, and those wooden signs and THE BEDDING and your STELLAR PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS! Wow! I just want to stand up and clap furiously for you and yell out, “Well played! Well played!” Because this room is stinking adorable. So maybe I should invite you over for coffee sometime, so that you can look around MY house and exclaim, “You know… CAN I REDECORATE FOR YOU?!” And I would say, “Absolutely!” And you would say, “Let’s start with these wickedly ugly throw pillows on your sofa. Just dump them in your trash bin, and let’s haul ourselves off to Target to shop for home furnishings!” And I’d be all, “Whoop! Whoop!” Okay… I really DO have to get to the laundry, because the whites aren’t going to wash themselves and because everyone is complaining about a serious sock shortage around here, but I did want to tell you that this bedroom is amazing.

  • First, before I even touch on how your talented hands transformed the room, I have to say what a beautiful character-filled space to start with! The dormers, the closets, the STONE!

    I love your pattern play. And the accessories are just right–perfectly edited. The classic woodsy brown and sky blue pair beautifully with timeless Fieldstone Hill. And, that sofa!

    Good job, Mama! And thank you for the reminder that most decorating is on a real-life time schedule. Your patience paid off!

  • i love it all. especially the couch. and all the room! so spacious.

  • I now have an inspiration room for my soon to be 2 year old! May I ask where you found the trunks at the end of the bed?

  • I love this room! Are the Dash and Albert cotton rugs comfortable and soft. I am due with a baby boom in August and want something soft. I am trying to design his nursery to not be to babyish.


  • Ηaving read thiѕ I thoght it was very informative.
    I ɑppreciate you taking the time and effort to put this information together.
    I once again find myself personally spending a lot of timе both rearing and commenting.
    But so ѡhat, it was still worth it!

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