Create your own blissful sitting nook {with just 3 things}
Monday, March 17, 2014 by {darlene}

Create Your Own Blissful Sitting Nook

It is so important to have a place of your own.

But how many of us, even in our own homes, don’t have a spot that is ours alone? A place where you can focus, read, pray, relax. A place where you can read and reflect comfortably. A place that you can count on to be ready for you when you need to recharge. A place that is not covered – ahem, devoured – by everyone else’s crap  stuff?  This notion resonates with me completely:

The sitting nook.

MY sitting nook.

One tiny little corner of decorating and comfort bliss, that is All. Mine.

Ever since I fell in love with the idea of a sitting nook, I have been collecting inspiration pictures with sitting nooks of all shapes and sizes. To me, sitting nooks are a promise of a quiet moment to come. I only need be faithful to those quiet moments, head to my special chair, and spend time recharging my soul and my spirit.

So are you ready for the three things {plus 2 bonus ideas} you need to create this heavenly corner? The best part is, you may already have these things on hand if you just shop your house.

Create your own blissful sitting nook with just 3 things via Fieldstone Hill Design

You don’t need much to create a blissful sitting nook, so get ready to shop the house right now! {<- Tweet this}


A comfortable {and preferably, pretty} chair,


a light,



a small table, large enough to set down one book and a cup of coffee!

* * *

The following ideas are optional, but wonderful:


an additional place to keep your overflow of books-to-be-read {I use a small basket, but you could even stack a tidy pile beneath your little side table.}.


A place to put up your feet. Or kneel.


A pillow. A throw. or both. Creature comforts are the best.


Here are some images of Sitting Nooks that inspire me to make my blissful sitting nook space both practical AND beautiful:

Without buying a single thing, see if you can pull together a comfy chair, some light, and a small table or surface to set your book. You will love having a space to call your own.

Which space is your favorite?


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  • I KNOW (from experience…yes, I’m bragging) that your sitting nook is comfy and relaxing beyond explanation. This is important and I will take it to heart as I am currently having my morning meditation/read on a cushion-less cane chair with no throw on cold bathroom floors. Thank you for the motivation!

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