inspiration: Grandma is Back {floral design}
Friday, March 7, 2014 by {darlene}

Time to get on your Grandma-worthy Floral Design.

Grandma had it figured out all those years ago.

Go floral, go big, or go home.

Gorgeous grandma floral design roundup via Fieldstone Hill Design

Here are some images of grandma-worthy floral inspiration for you interiors, from my own collection of inspiring images.

grandma floral design chair

grandma floral design wallpaper drama

grandma floral design tph floral

grandma floral design grape floral

grandma floral design lumbar

grandma floral design settee

grandma floral design florals

grandma floral design lulisanchez

grandma floral design bamboo bath

grandma floral design anthropologie

grandma floral design bathroom

{via 1//2//3//4//5//6//7//8//9//10//11}


Don’t fight the Grandma.

Give in to the Grandma.



So, would you dare rock some Grandma Gorgeousness in your home?

Time to drop your prejudice against Grammy’s bed and boudoir?




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  • I have always loved floral, now my new favorite is florals mixed with stripes. I am planning on papering my powder room with bold floral wallpaper. I am obsessing over one but it is $300 a roll so no go on that one. And I love the orangerie floral fabric but that is also hard to find and pricey as well. Thanks for showing some beautiful floral options today!

  • I’ve been obsessing over florals lately…scouring the internet for my favorites!!! I might be pinning every image here because they are all so fabulous!!!!!

  • I LOVE florals, and I’m looking forward to bringing some into my home for spring and summer. I think big and bold keeps the look current and fresh. Yes, grandma had it right, I agree ;-)

  • I couldn’t wait to change my Depends and comment on this post! I always have and always will love the florals–I was a Laura Ashley girl in the 80s and 90s and have since graduated to that purdy Designer Guild Amrapali above but in Indigo. Anyway, who can ignore the Master Designer when it comes to flowers?

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