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Friday, March 28, 2014 by {darlene}

Stuff I love. // #livewithbeauty

Welcome to my third edition of “Stuff I love,” Weekend Links. Sharing some of my faves with you today:

Stuff I love {weekend links via Fieldstone Hill Design}

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this before and after //

I love this closet makeover from my talented friend Kelly. This wallpaper is amazing. And I love the chandelier and the necklace display. I am a tad envious of all the matching hangers. That is on my bucket list, y’all. The thing I love about this: A space like this would truly make a difference in your day. Way to #livewithbeauty in your everyday, Kelly! Gorgeous.

View Along the Way Closet reveal


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this friend is amazing. vote for her!//

I have not cheered this hard in a long time. A favorite actress – now friend – is lighting it UP on Dancing with the Stars this season. I got to know Candace while writing for her online magazine, Roomag {you can now find Candace writing at Practically Speaking}. Folks, this girl is the real deal. Watch her first week … she is amazing.


{image via ABC Dancing with the Stars}

And here is the thing. Not only is Candace talented and fierce on the dance floor, she is also heartfelt, down to earth, and gutsy. Imagine yourself, for a moment, being in the CENTER of Hollywood, and then having the guts to proclaim the name of Jesus on Prime Time … setting yourself up for all-manner-of-things to be said about you. Y’all, this woman has guts – and oh yeah, can dance! Not only are we cheering our socks off for her, but our entire family is praying for her. I invite you to watch her on DWTS on ABC, Monday nights. And vote for her!!! xoxo

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this book //

I have been following Sarah’s blog for a long time now. I must admit, I am scared to go completely off of sugar, but after pregnancy – ahem – binging, I know that this is now what I need to do to get healthy again. SO, I JUST preordered her book, I Quit Sugar: Your Complete 8-Week Detox Program and Cookbook , and I am hopeful! I shared about the diet that I typically follow {which allows for honey and fruit}, but I am struggling to get back into it, and I know that I need to go cold turkey on sugar to reset my health. But I also know I can’t do it alone! I REALLY want to do Sarah’s 8 week class, I Quit Sugar, when it comes back around….  so if I do decide to go down that road, I will share the results with you. Is that something you would like to hear more about?



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this Pinboard //

I have been wanting to create this Pinboard for a while! It is just getting started, but the contributors are A.MAZ.ING, and are some of your favorite bloggers. We would love it if you followed along and joined in on the conversation of ways to #livewithbeauty!

LiveWithBeauty Pin Button


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this DIY-worth-doing //

You know how I barely ever DIY. So, I only share DIY’s that truly would be worth the effort. Read: this will look designer when you are done and will be worth the effort. Lacquer trays are amazing, and I think everyone should have trays in their home for decorating because they are both practical and beautiful. They also add much needed layering to any display. Enter Kristin’s super simple DIY. And yes, believe it or not, I have actually done this DIY. Worth it.

DIY Lacquer Tray - Hunted Interior

Little Lights candles Just Be Peaceful

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this healthy deal //

I have shared here, here and here about how I love my oils. In fact, I am typing this post while lavender, vetiver, and cedarwood fill the air {hello. spa in my house.}. I disclose ALL in my other posts {yes, I make money from commissions. and YES, they work, y’all. and Yes, they make my life yummy.}, so check them out. M’kay? But for now, I just wanted to share that any Premium Kit signups in March {that is 4 more days, folks} get a free orange oil from moi. So now you know. wink. Hop here to sign up or for more info.

Essential Oils

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Have a great weekend, friends! Happy Weekend Browsing!






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Sooo…. I may or may not be obsessed with Tea clothing for my little munchkin. See her Tea cuteness on Instagram, here and here and here!

Check out Tea Collection’s Newest Moroccan-Inspired Arrivals!

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  • I like the closet, too. I want to redo my closet, but that is just too low on the priority list right now.

    I’m interested in your off sugar diet, too. I don’t have a sweet tooth at all, but I’m an herbalist and do know people who need help getting off sugar. Sarah’s plan might be a good resource for them that I could recommend, but I don’t want to follow the course myself since I don’t need it (plus I cook for eleven people, including an infant who has her food cooked separately. I can’t see myself cooking three different meals three times a day!). I’d love to hear how it works for you.

  • What great links for my weekend reading. Love the closet and so wish I could get mine to look like this. As a sugarholic I definitely need to order this book. Can’t wait to hear what you think!!

  • Sarah Wilson is one of my current gurus! So love her blog and own a few of her books. I quit sugar following her eight week program between Christmas and New Year. I so absolutely love being off sugar. You can do it! The first step is trying, and seeing as you’ve preordered the book, you’re half way there! good luck!!!

  • Loved all of these links!! Happy Sunday!

  • Thanks so much for the share, friend! I did a Whole 30 this year and cut out all added sugar and it made me feel SO much better! I need to get back to that. Thanks for the book recommendation!

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