The drama of Lent
Wednesday, March 5, 2014 by {darlene}

I love me some Good Drama.


gray drama

Lent begins today.
40 days until Easter.

I did not grow up in the church, but nevertheless, I have begun to look forward to this annual rhythm. This time of discipline and purposeful reflection. We dwell on thoughts of what He did for us. and we remember the Ultimate Saving Sacrifice, with a small token of our own sacrifice. And there is a darkness in it.

And dwelling in the darkness for a bit, we wait. For the brilliant light that Hope brings.
I love the season of Lent because I love me some good Drama….



after a season of remembering the days of Gethsemane, sacrifice, beatings, and silent suffering that He endured….

Easter unfolds fresh and glorious and bright.
for you.
for me.
so we can have Hope.For Lent, I am giving up some little things… some normal things,
and refocusing on things that are good for me. that are alive.
So that I can dwell on Him more.So that I can think on Him whenever I have to stop and resist, or make a good choice.

So that I can BE more alive.
So that He can work in me through my list of not-very-spiritual-seeming-sacrifices.So that I can remember the “It is Finished.”  And I remember with the help of the little things.

nisbet drama

and as for Drama?
Let the rich velvet curtains drop down on the stage. For it is finished.
The winter is over and Spring is here.
The sunshine is brightest after the storm, and the sunrise is brilliant every new day after night.

drama3 Images 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 //

Join the drama.


PS I am giving up Facebook for Lent, although my hubby will be helping me check on business things, and I will still cross-post from other sites such as Instagram. I cannot help but think how dramatic it would be if you joined me on my FHD Facebook page during this time? I will see you there… in 40 days.






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