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Wednesday, April 30, 2014 by {darlene}

My ” I Quit Sugar ” Journey

A quick hello to you today! I just wanted to let you know that yesterday, I began an 8 week journey to QUIT sugar!! I am using Sarah Wilson’s book  I Quit Sugar: Your Complete 8-Week Detox Program and Cookbook as my helping hand and motivation. Basically, I will be eliminating all fructose from my diet for 8 weeks, with the goal of rebalancing my sugar intake and enjoying natural sugars {such as fruit} again, in all of its glory.

Why I am quitting sugar via @fieldstonehill

I quit sugar

Ever since I transformed my diet, in order to heal my acid reflux, I have considered myself to be a healthy eater. But the truth is, I am still addicted to that nasty sugar stuff. Granted, I mostly get my sugar in the form of fruit and honey, but, I still get slumps at 11am and 3pm, and I still cannot control myself when faced with a plate of “all-natural” chocolates. Or un-natural chocolates, for that matter.

Things got bad while I was pregnant. They always do. I am a HUNGRY pregnant person. Now, post-delivery, I feel as though I am eating really well, but cannot budge a pound. I know I needed to get back to my SCD diet, or something similar! Deep down, I know…. I need to quit sugar. I need to kick the habit and recalibrate.

In this info graphic below, You can think of me as  “The healthy eater.” The problem is, this is still WAY too much sugar:


{image via I quit sugar}

As I mentioned, I am using Sarah’s book, and since I am a May birthday baby, this diet is my gift to myself. No cake on my birthday. Or pie. Or 10 chocolate bars. Because I am tired of feeling crappy, eating poorly, binging on my “healthy” treats, beating myself up, feeling helpless, and reliving the cycle every day. And if I don’t make a change… the fact is, I will relive this cycle every day until I die. And I am not being dramatic.

I am tired of it.

So, I begin!

I will keep you posted at the halfway mark of 4 weeks, with possible updates on Instagram and Facebook and such. I will be pinning like a madwoman to my I Quit Sugar Pinboard. Join me there!

I will also be helping my process along by detoxing with my oils. Already, I can tell that Lemon Oil in my water is going to be a life saver for me.  And detox baths.

That, and eating copious amounts of coconuts… in general. Because, yum.


Would you ever dare to quit sugar?


Links to get your own “I Quit Sugar” book, plus other items that are helping me to transform my eating:

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  • I bought her book when it was first released here in Australia….it is such a challenge to all of us to change bad habits, her blog is awesome too! Good luck with it, it’s not easy but so worth the rewards.

  • You might find some of the recipes associated with “Trim Healthy Mama” (THM) to be worth looking into. There are LOADS of them on Pinterest and other internet locations. While some of the ingredients may not be okay on your “specific carb diet” regime, THM does not recommend sugar or high carb foods and provides lots of alternatives.

    Good luck! Quitting sugar is HARD. I know, because I’ve done it for weeks, even months at a time. But sadly, I always fall back off the wagon. :-(

  • I’m doing the program, too, and am also a May baby! ;) Good luck!

  • I quit sugar and went gluten free at the same time for about 18 months. Now I just make better choices on both of those things (most of the time). But I was pretty cranky for a good week or two ;) Good luck its a good thing!

  • About 2 years ago I was 5 ft 2 in person that wore a size 18. I weighed in @ 180 lbs! I started a low sugar (no more than 15 grams per day) low carb lifestyle (The Belly Fat Cure) and lost 14 lbs in 2 weeks! In a matter of a few months I lost 45 lbs and was wearing size 10 and some size 12 clothes! I have let about 10 – 15 lbs creep back on this past year (maybe working in that bakery for a few months had something to do with it? Lol)and and am getting back on track with watching that sugar intake. I have worked too hard to ever go back! Good luck on your lifestyle change. Oh how good we will feel when we stop the intake of all that sugar!

  • Darlene – You go girl! If this is something you really want you can totally do this. I had to think for a moment how long we’ve been “sugar free” and it shocked me when I added up the time … more than 12 years :) I don’t even think about it any more, we just are. The transition / induction period was challenging for us but not as hard as we anticipated … we noticed feeling different / better / more energized just days into our no sugar journey which certainly helped to motivate and sustain our commitment. Don’t think you mentioned if your family is coming along on this journey with you; cooking differently for them and yourself would be so difficult I think. When “we” went sugar free my hubby had no need nor interest but I drug him along with me so there weren’t temptations for me at every meal {not to mention the additional effort to cook multiple items} but we both benefited from this dietary change and I think will be life long “converts”. We began our journey strictly following the South Beach diet guidelines and in the first two weeks (their induction timeframe) I lost 8 lbs :) Whole grains are definitely your friend as they keep you from feeling hungry between meals and unsweetened coconut milk and unsweetened greek yogurt go a long way to tricking the brain into thinking you’re cheating! I know you’ll succeed!

  • Joelle Brinkley

    I can’t wait to see your progress. My colleague and I processed this a few months ago and I just couldn’t stick to it even if my life depended on it (hehe). I’m cheering you on my friend!

  • I quit sugar between Christmas and New Years with Sarah Wilson’s book. I blogged about it too! I am just a little bit in love with Sarah. I think she is pretty amazing. I love living sugar free. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Good luck!

  • my husband quit sugar for about 6 weeks and lost nearly 15 lbs! I “watch” my sugar intake, in that I never just add sugar to anything, drink unsweetened iced coffee, and reduce the amount of sugar called for in baked goods where possible – yet I find that by reading labels, so many packaged foods include hefty amounts of sweet!
    thanks for sharing, and I will continue to look for ways to decrease my sugar intake.

  • I have tried so many times to quit sugar. I never last for very long. I think 10 days is the longest I have ever made.
    I know a lot of it is a head game. Hoping to try again soon.
    Best of luck to you.

  • I am trying to quit sugar! I have an excessive build up of yeast in my system….sugar feeds it! But I haven’t been able to. Mainly chocolate! Help!

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